Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day and Still More Snow to Come!

Hello sweet ladies from our snowy snowy farm.......oh my is it ever beautiful!!!!!!! The snow keeps coming down and they say there is more to come. LOVE IT! 

We tried to leave the farm this morning for work. Started down the lane and it had so many snow drifts. Got onto the road and there was tons more. We started to slide into the ditch and swerved back and forth to get back on the road......we came back home. It is nice to be home, but I feel sorry for those who are having to take our place at work. This is the first time in 3 years we have missed a day of work. The road is just to icy and slick. 

When it got light out we went to see if all the chickens were in the coop. So many times certain ones want to spend the night in the trees. Can't believe they wanted to last night........3 were sitting on a tree with the snow blowing blowing and collecting on their backs. They didn't seem to mind a bit! Silly Girls and Guys! My sweet man kept handing me them. 

Poor Missy Girl was pitiful! She had snow clusters all around her head.... iced to her feathers. She is all dried off now in the Big coop safe from the snow! Loved her "featherdo" though.... don't you? 

The little Milk House is the sweetest little place that houses the little chickens and Cochins. Love it when it is all snuggled in snow!!!!

The snow drifts are forming all over the farm and highways. The wind has been blowing  so much and some are quite high! The kids always liked to make forts inside the drifts! Probably a lot of them are making them today!!!!!! 

My garden will be ready for planting in the spring with all the much needed moisture. So thankful to the Lord for His provisions. In the Blessing Jar!!!!!!

I just went into the kitchen and saw red out of the corner of my eye!!!!!!! Knew exactly what it was. Grabbed the camera. Sweet farmer man took grain out to them this morning. It kept snowing on the grain, but the little birds knew it was there. 

Yesterday the snow was beautiful at the college. This is one of my favorite buildings. Cooper Hall, a few years back it was restored. The windows are huge and are all around the building, so when you go in there is light everywhere. 

There's a statue of Jesus kneeling before Peter and washing his feet in front of Cooper Hall. click on pic and you can see it better if you like. The snow made it even more beautiful!

Well I hope you are enjoying your day.......I am stitching and working on some things that need to get finished. I worked all morning on picking and cleaning the I am going to have some fun......on this wonderful snow day! 

Hugs to each of you!!!!!!! 



  1. Wow Linda...what a snow! We seem to get very little of the white stuff in Ky anymore...YOu guys sure are snowed in...poor chickens...I would have been out in the snow trying to round them up. glad they are safe and warm now..the pics are breathtaking and beautiful...snow just makes everything relaxed and pure....God is good and knows just what we need...Enjoy your careful and stay warm and take care of all your little animals..Blessings!

  2. oh come and live with me you poor sweet chickens. You can live in a house with a bedroom,beds and blankets. ;)


  3. Glad you were able to get back up your driveway and are able to stay home! Your snow is beautiful! Poor Missy girl! Glad you got them hunkered in! The statue at the school is wonderful! Be safe, and enjoy your snow day!
    Hugs and blessings,
    :( still now snow here in WNC! :(

  4. Nice pics!!! So good to see something Biblical out in the public these days.


  5. Oh my Missy Girl what a trooper. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  6. We're not snowed in, we're sleet/iced in!
    We're in SW Missouri near Joplin.

    Sometimes it's nice to have to stay home together.

    Hubby planted seeds and did a little writing.
    I wrote, read aloud to the kids, knitted, crocheted, cooked and sewed.

    I let the kids play outside and read and create.

    What a fun day!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage!

  7. Stay warm and safe and keep those chickies out of the cold!smile....


  8. wow look at all your snow. we are getting rain today and tomorrow. Cardinals are beautiful. Only other time I saw them was in Carthage, MS at the Precious Moments Chapel in June. Stay warm and safe!

  9. I love seeing your photos. The beautiful building at the college campus is wonderful! I love the photo you shared with us. Those poor birdies look so cold! Stay warm!


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