Monday, February 27, 2012

Worked on the Seed Swap Tonight!

Hello sweet ladies,

Thank you for all the sweetness that you sent my way. It is amazing how many of you all have lost chickens also to dogs. Not fun for sure. I sure miss my Shelby, but tonight a follower told me that she is called a Partridge Wyandotte. I knew that she was a Partridge Girly, but that was it. She showed up at our son's house last year and they couldn't find the she came and lived on our farm. She was so so beautiful!

Tonight I asked on fb if ladies would share what kind of chickens they have liked and that are good layers. Wow was it ever fun. Thank you everyone who shared. If you have ideas on what I might get......please let me know here. Over the last 6 months I have lost quite a few chickens and so it was nice to think about some new kind of chickens that I could introduce to my Girlies! 

Tonight I worked on the seed swap. I have some names that I have tried to email and some that I just can't get a hold of. Sooooo I am just putting your names here and if you would contact me please at 

I would so appreciate it. You may have sent it, I just can't find it. 

Everyone is excited to do this!!!!!! 

Anita, who lives in Australia

Aunt Lodi

That's it......please please email me with your 
MAILING address.

Thank you so much.

Hope all is well with everyone......I was able to plant some of my strawberry plants, radishes, carrots, daisies and forget me not (Alaska State flower..a must) seeds on Sunday afternoon. It was warm and beautiful.......a much needed relaxed day. 

Blessings sweet are so so precious!



Sunday, February 26, 2012

His Mercies Are New Every Morning!

Good morning sweet ladies,

Thanks so much for the sweetness left here on my blog and fb. It was an encouragement to my soul yesterday. It sure was a bummer of a day! Waiting for my chickens to come back out of their hiding......was a little nervy! 

My Daddy Mottled Rooster came back last night........precious gift. I was so happy! All my little Cochins except for my Daddy Black Cochin are Home........SWEET!!!! I have a list, to order some new chickens.........the family who's dog came to our farm are buying them for me. That is precious and blessed my heart big time. 

I want to explain something. Yesterday when the dog came back I was angry..........but I didn't want it to rule me. There is a is how I live it out that matters to me. When I was a little girl life was hard.......there was lots and lots of anger in our Home.....then Jesus Christ met me and I learned a new way to live. This morning when I opened my Bible this is what my precious Father gave me.

Be Holy
Therefore, prepare (make something ready for use or consideration) your minds for action; be self-controled (the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, esp. in difficult situations) , set your HOPE fully on the Grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as He who called you IS HOLY, so be Holy in all you do, for it is written "Be holy as I am HOLY". 1 Peter 1:13-16

You can't get much plainer than that! Is it always easy to and the precious thing is He understands that.  I don't always do it the way that pleases my Heavenly Father........but I want to and He knows that. So I have already decided in my heart, that I will try to handle it when someones does something to hurt me, to not do the same to them. I don't want to own the anger........I want to continue to give grace and I do HAVE to call on the Lord to help me do that. Jesus took more loss then I would ever dare to and has given sooooooo much forgiveness, how can I do less? My sin is enough to keep me unsaved, but because of Him He has given me His Life for mine.  Again, I hurt and I get angry, but where will it get me to let it rule me? I have been there and it is not a good place to be. My anger can touch every one and everything it gets close to.  I HAVE to Run to Him and trust Him with the results and He will work out the details.

Last Friday our family went to a concert where Kari Jobe sang..........this song says what I want to live........easy no.......doable..........yes.......only when I stay in His Presence.

Trying to live a Grace giving life........


My sheep hear My voice, and I KNOW them, and they follow Me...  
                      John 10:27

I sooooooo want to be a follower of HIM.
He has a call on my life.........He gave me this verse this last week when at work I had a lot of pressures and life had it hurts......

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God. 
              Micah 6:8

Oh one more thing......I did lose my Shelby who always sat and slept in the tree outside my kitchen window. Well now my little fancy tailed Banty Rooster sits in it and sings.....enjoying!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

When You Live On A Farm!

Hello sweet ladies,

Went out to check on my sweet man had let them out for me this morning.  I went out a little later. Well my my my.... look who we have here...... "Little No Tail Feathers"........was sitting so sweetly in the basket. How nice of her to come......hope she lays me an egg....they are blue and little. 

This morning I had wonderful plans.......I was just getting ready to take a pic of the lilac twigs I am forcing to bloom. I went out the other day and there was green buds starting to bud out on the bushes! So I picked some. A little green leaf was starting to life......even if it is just a little green leaf. Then I noticed out the window was little Miss Fluff.... by herself. She was running around this way and that........and then I saw the dog with my black Daddy Cochin in his mouth!!!!!!!! Out the door my sweet man and I went.......couldn't find the dog anywhere, but we did find feathers! The hard thing was we couldn't find the chickens anywhere. We went and looked. My sweet man came in to tell me that he found Shelby........not alive. I couldn't believe it. Trying to handle it this morning......choices. I am leaning heavy on the Lord......we went and talked to the family. They are the most precious people. Thanking the Lord for them. God is a grace giver.....I am asking Him to make me like Him...not always easy to chose that.Over the years I have seen how time and time again He can take our hurts and uses them. Certainly not always the easiest. thing to do

My fancy tailed Banty Rooster was cock a doodling away!!!! I think he was calling the chickens back........poor thing. 

I am waiting to see what chickens will come back. So far I have  the Blue Girly Cochin, two of the Red Cochin Girlies, one 
Rooster and Girly White Cochin  and the  little fancy feathered Rooster. Little Miss Fluff was hovered behind a tree hiding for safety.  Miss Milly and Missy Thatcher are still sitting on their eggs. I had a cover in front of them for protection. I am missing a Red and Mottled Cochin Roosters.  I will know more by night fall who is safe. If they don't come home I will be ordering some new babies. Special!!!!! 

Today I will be planting my will be a quiet day. I will also be looking on the internet to try and find a Momma and Daddy like Shelby or maybe baby chicks. She was quite unique in her markings. Someone told me she was a Partridge chicken. If any of you might know where to get some please let me know. Shelby was the one that always roosted outside our kitchen window up in the evergreen tree. Loved watching her in the she sunned herself. Made my Saturdays and Sundays special. Life can sure change fast. I know it has for many of you also. Sorry! 

Hugs from my farm......

Thursday, February 23, 2012

500 Cookies.......and 600 Kids Tomorrow To Feed......pray for me!

Hello sweet ladies,

What a day!!!!!!! We baked hard and fast all day long! We are having 200 extra high schoolers at the college on Friday.......that means 600 to feed! I started as soon as we got in on making cookies.......just me baking them. I have 500 cookies  wrapped in baskets.....ready to go! I kept the oven going! We also made cupcakes, brownies and lemon bars. We are ready.......well sorta. Now we have to bake for the Friday evening and for the weekend! Pray for us. It gets really hard sometimes when you have deadlines to meet. I will also be serving chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and a veggie. My arm will be sore by the time I am done. 600 kids will all be at my happens every time! I am not will just be a stressful time! 

I took this is now one of my fav's! Notice the kitty? It is the milk house where I love on all my little chicks and Cochins. It is where Miss Milly and Missy Thatcher are sitting on 12 eggs.........and where kitty cats stay the night with the Cochins. One of my special places on the farm. Used to be the place where Grandpa Jack kept his milk cool until the milkman came by to pick it up!

Now I have put a new way for you to be a "follower of Prairie Flower Farm". It is real easy. My Google Friend Connect has not been working for some time and they are ending it anyway. Sooooo........ now I have what is called "Linky Followers" is on my sidebar on the side up at the top where it says Become A Linky Follower, click on the Follow Me, if you would like. I have used Linky before for other things. Very reputable company. 

I put this pic up the other day......just wanted you to know which horse. 

Our pregnant horse, Juneau has a hurt leg....well really a limp, not good. We will be taking her to the vet on Friday afternoon. Please pray with us, that it is not something real bad. She has a little over one more month to go on her pregnancy. Her baby is really growing and doing very well. Thank you! 

I got this from Delainey's Grammy Sue, my heart aches for this precious family. We will not loose heart ladies......we will keep praying and asking the Lord for help!
Christy (the Momma of Delainey) wrote:
"Heard back from the doctors at Mayo Clinic.  They have decided the best course of action is to do nothing at this point.  They feel the medication would do more harm than good.  Feeling so frustrated.  On the bright side of things, my daughter is now opening her mouth to get food from the spoon!!! Not a lot but every little bit counts.  Believe it or not this is a big deal, before we kind of had to shove (the spoon) in between her clamped lips...LOL.  15 months old !!!"
We love our little girl so much.  Medically, it seems there is nothing anyone can or will do for her.  It's not easy, knowing the facts of a Trisomy 18 child.  Taking one day at a time.  Thank you all for praying, dear Ladies! Grammy Sue
We are thankful for you also Grammy Sue and Christy!

Thank you ladies.......for being such precious prayer warriors! Momma and Grammy need prayer also. You can only imagine their broken hearts. 

You have until Saturday to sign up for the Prairie Flower Seed Swap! Go here and get my email addy. I will then need you to send your "MAILING ADDRESS please to my email addy ! 

Hope all is well with you all.......tomorrow is Friday! Can't wait until later in the day, I will be! 

Hugs to all you precious ladies......know you are me and especially by Jesus!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Warm Day........A Little Like Spring Thyme!

Hello sweet ladies,

What a beautiful day we had here in Kansas.......warm...... sunshine......little bit of a breeze........just perfect. It got to 70 degrees and it was wonderful! Since we have had mild weather, we are having some of the tree's bud. I picked some twigs from the lilac bushes. I have them in water.....I am bringing a little spring in a little early in the house. I will force them to bloom leaves.

Shelby came over to where I was. Caught a pic just in time. The sun was shining under the cedar tree.............thought you might like to see. Her feathers and red head are so pretty. Hope she makes another nest this year! During the spring time and not during the fall.

I hung these old coffee pots the other day in the Potter's Shed.....didn't get a pic until today......makes me think of coffee when I see them. They are real big and old. I enjoy things like this, I put my cut flowers in them during the summer months! 

pinned from Homestead Revival, love Amy who
has this blog.......she loves Jesus and people......wonderful

Speaking of I pinned this pic of holly hocks. I was given some holly hock seeds.......I will try to grow them this year.......just like front of my picket fence that I will be building around the chicken coop! Can't wait! 

pinned from It's About Time

Like this picket.......also the blue flowers. Not sure what they are......anyone?

Couldn't find the blog for this, but I have to paint my big coop. I think this color for my coop and the red door would be so nice. I have a screen door that has spindles......that is green now, but will be red!  Love the gate want it for the backside of my picket fence that will be in front of my garden. Warm weather please come soon!

you will like this blog.....beautiful pic's!

This one will make you smile.......isn't this adorable????? Still asking the Lord to help me find a Momma Sheep...... with a baby in her tummy......that can come and live at Prairie Flower Farm....with me!

Always dreamin' and making plans........I have been writing ideas down when I am working at the bakery. Have a little pad ready to write ideas......helps me make use of my thinking time! 

 Have I told you lately how precious you are to me? I truly thank God for you for being a part of Prairie Flower Farm! You all feel like family! I do pray for you all everyday, that God will bless you and meet your needs! 

Hope you all had a wonderful day! I'm going to go do some stitchin'!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Girly Laid an Egg and I Got It On Video!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Now prepare your brain!!!!!!! I have the neatest thing to show you!!!!! But some (like my girls, daughters)....think it is gross, so if you don't feel comfortable don't watch! I videoed my Girly while she was laying her egg! I can't believe I got it on video!!!!! As I have said, I love farm life!!!!!! 

There is a place out in the Potter's Shed that I fixed up for the farm cats...... 2 Girlies "always" lay an egg a day in there. They usually lay before I get home, but today they were in the coop all day, so when the door was open.......she was out the door ready to go lay her egg. 

I sat down across from her sitting on the ground......and just sat and started taking pictures. I think she's a pretty girl! 

She started moving straw around and then I noticed that she was starting to stand.......when they do that they are ready to lay their egg! 

I started videoing! Amazing!!!!!! 
So good of her to lay eggs for us each day! Even on SONdays! 
Hope you enjoy!

Hope you all had a nice day........tomorrow  will be having 70 degree weather......for only one day and then it will be in the 50 and high 40's for the rest of the week. What a different winter we have had. My lettuce I planted will get a little boost tomorrow for sure!

We received a lot more ladies for the Seed Swap today! Sign up here if you would like!!!!!! 

Blessings and God bless!


P.S. Had some inquires about little Tenlee. Our little adorable miracle baby! Tenlee is doing great today. The staff infection is clear and her lungs look better. 02 is at .5 liter. She may be getting to go home Friday. Kisa and John (her parents) have taken over all care of her and doing a great job. Grammy Regina

Thank you Heavenly Father for answered prayer on this sweet little baby of yours. We won't forget what you have done! In Jesus Name Amen!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sandhill Cranes.........and Thunder!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

When we got off work, a storm was rolling in. It started raining and then there was thunder........loud thunder!  

We really get excited when when we hear thunder, since we had the drought last summer. We didn't get to hear it very much. 

The sky was beautiful. Our daughter was able to take some pictures. 

Talk about a beautiful sky.......not much rain.......but that was okay!

Later in the evening hundreds of Sandhill Cranes came over Prairie Flower Farm. All over the sky from every direction. Absolutely beautiful. They were making so much noise. I was grabbing for my camera and Tressa was out the door before me and captured them. Wish you could have seen them. 

Last night I had taken the plastic off the lettuce I planted. I thought if it did rain, like they said it would.  The little seeds would get some rich nitrogen on them. God's water is so much better for my little seeds.  It is amazing what a little bit of rain will do. It was good that I had done that. 

When I got home I went out to do chores (while the wind was blowing so hard) and gathered the eggs. I saw the sweetest site (of course I didn't have my camera). When I stepped into the big Chicken House a Girlie Hen was in one of the nesting boxes...... with a kitty with her.........together as she laid her egg. Sad I didn't get a pic for you. Made me smile though!

So many ladies are signing up for the Prairie Flower Farm Seed Swap, don't miss out. Just send me your home mailing addy to prairie flower farm at gmail dot com All you have to do is buy or make a card, write a note about yourself. Share, if you have a blog, if you would like. you can use seeds from your own flowers or garden or buy a few packages of seeds. I will give you your partner and then you will send the seeds off. I will take names until this Saturday February 25th, then I will match you up.  Read post below if you want more details.  

 Hugs from farm and may the Lord bless you!!!!!!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

It is Time For Aother Prairie Flower Farm Seed Swap!

Hello sweet ladies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday......I did. Worked on my pattern, went outside and planted my lettuce patch,  got to sew to my hearts content......picked up the house...went to the hen house and gathered eggs.......alllllll day long, did things that were dear to my heart. Grandkids were coming to spend the part of my Saturday!!! Vitaliy was here and he and his brother Ian played the wii. All I heard from V while he was playing was "Dude", "Dude", "wyyy uuuu do dat dude, he is so fun to have in our Home. Please keep praying for his adjustment to school. Thank you!

I was out in the Potter's Shed working and while I was planting my lettuce I thought, "it was about time that we had another Prairie Flower Farm Seed Swap! We had such a sweet time with the Tea swap! ANYONE CAN SIGN UP! Please let me know, if you don't want overseas. If you want to pass the word around you can use the picture at the top. I will be posting this over on my facebook also!

I am just itchin for SPRING, but planting my little seeds is helping! Okay.........all you have to do is put 2nd seed swap in the subject line. If you have a blog please put that info in also, only if you would like. Please... please, if you sign up make sure you send the seeds. I will be including your email addy and if you have a blog to your partner. That will help to stay in touch,  if you get sick or any other reason. We had one lady who was in a wreck and some got really ill, so there are reason and we understand that. 

All you have to do is buy or make a card, add a package or two of seeds and get to know your swap partner.  

 My email addy is
prairie flower farm at gmail dot com 

Just email me leaving me your mail address......and that is it! I will match you with your partner. Easy and fun! 

We will close sign up on Saturday February 25th. 

Thought I would show you what I did yesterday. I went to the potters shed that has the feed trough that I use for part of my garden......remember the place I planted my garlic? 

See how well it is doing? Pure Sweetness.......a gift from our Father.......He thought of everything!!!!! For our needs! 
Thanking Him........big time! 

At the other end of the trough I leveled out the dirt and straw that I had from last year. No weeds! Yeah! I took some potting soil and put a layer on top. 

I first sprinkled my spinach seeds............
then butternut crunch and red lettuce. Sprinkled a layer of dirt on the top. Using my water can I watered over the top lightly. Then I put a layer of straw. 

Now this part I have to explain........have you ever noticed that if you have a glass that is over the ground and then if you lift it even with snow around it, it will have green little weeds under it? It is kind of like a little greenhouse. Well that happened to me last year out in the garden. I thought why can't I take and do the same kind of thing with a plastic box? So that is what I did on top of my lettuce. I am trying it and I will let you know how it works. When it gets real cold at night I will put some plastic over the top of that. I have to put the screens on top so it keeps out my Girlies and Guys.....they can tear up a garden so fast!  It was fun to get some dirt under my nails........spring is so close ladies!

Found this on Pinterest click.........doing it! I tried this last year, but this year I will get bent branches........looks cuter!

One more thing........I found this on the web.........neat idea if you have a small space. 

click and go and listen.

Listening to the scriptures this is traveling through out our home........hopefully landing on little souls........knowing the Holy Spirit is doing what He does best.......He will change the hearts that are listening. 

My grandchildren are so precious to me. I will pour into them while I can. One day they hopefully will look back and "know" their Grammie loved Jesus! 

Please a comment here on this post if you want to do will  encourage ladies to maybe want to also. I can't wait to see who will enter. 

Hugs to your home........from our farm......trusting your SONday of worship is precious!


P.S. I left best for is my sweet man's of my life......will heart him for..........evvAAA! 
Our family is coming out to celebrate his life.........


SWEET MAN, when you read this? 


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Girlie Has a Name!

Good Morning precious ladies,

I awoke early for some reason this morning........maybe it was because I had so many plans for my day! I didn't have to leave the farm at all.  It is Saturday and I could decide what I wanted into my day. Our girls were still asleep.......that gives me some quiet time to myself. Thanking my God for you all! 

My prayer that  I am mediating on today is:

"As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will You, my God, rejoice over me". Isaiah 62:5b

Later in the morning I put on my sweats and sweatshirt...... out the door I went to let the Girlies and Guys out. We had a dust of snow all over the ground from the night. It will melt today!  When I got to the milk house three girlies (who live out in the cedar trees at night) were waiting at the bottom of the stairs.......I couldn't open the door fast enough for them. I knew why they were there......they had business to take care of....... like laying eggs.....for me! 

I checked on Miss Milly and Miss No Name.......but now we have a name. I loved all the names that everyone gave!!!!! The only thing I felt I could do was use Random number generator. 

So the name that was picked was 

"Thatcher" Missy Thatcher 

will be her name.......cute cute!

Thank you!!!!!  

her blog is......(it is a precious blog, she loves Jesus)

Daily Musings on the Hill

I will finishing the your gift and have it in the mail to you next week. Please send me your addy! I will also email you!

Thank you ladies for joining in on the fun. I will be using your names in naming my other Girlies! I will tell you who they are and put up pictures.......when I am on spring break........10 days of freedom!!!!!!!

I filled a galvanized pan of water with celery leaves floating in the water for my 3 ducks. The sun is shining and I thought they probably needed a bath. They didn't disappoint I could bless you with a video! They are such pretty ducks. The ducks that match the green/blue one (can't remember what kind they are) and the kaki (brown) one were killed this last winter. I will replace them this spring......I will just have to go to the farm store!!!!!!! Just have to!!!!!! 

I am planting my lettuce, radish and carrots in the potters shed later today. When I went out this morning to see where I was going to plant heard the geese flying over......I went to click the camera, but I missed them.......the sky was beautiful and the trees were huge!

In one of the trees was a oriole nest........hanging by a thread. She had used some of my string that I tie my tomatoes with in the summer......sweet! You can also see the trees are trying to bud! 

 I will blog about my planting veggies later tonight........I have some ideas for you, if you live in the city. Easy to do! 

A little sneak peek! 

Hugs sweet ladies.......enjoy your I will be working on the is turning out better than I even imagined in my how the Lord blesses my hands.....I have asked and He has met me!

Oh my, mail has is a box from France from Emma from Just Having A Yarn.....squeal!!!!!!!! I must go and see what is in the inside!

Blessings and may you "know" that you are HIM and me,