Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Warm Day........A Little Like Spring Thyme!

Hello sweet ladies,

What a beautiful day we had here in Kansas.......warm...... sunshine......little bit of a breeze........just perfect. It got to 70 degrees and it was wonderful! Since we have had mild weather, we are having some of the tree's bud. I picked some twigs from the lilac bushes. I have them in water.....I am bringing a little spring in a little early in the house. I will force them to bloom leaves.

Shelby came over to where I was. Caught a pic just in time. The sun was shining under the cedar tree.............thought you might like to see. Her feathers and red head are so pretty. Hope she makes another nest this year! During the spring time and not during the fall.

I hung these old coffee pots the other day in the Potter's Shed.....didn't get a pic until today......makes me think of coffee when I see them. They are real big and old. I enjoy things like this, I put my cut flowers in them during the summer months! 

pinned from Homestead Revival, love Amy who
has this blog.......she loves Jesus and people......wonderful

Speaking of I pinned this pic of holly hocks. I was given some holly hock seeds.......I will try to grow them this year.......just like front of my picket fence that I will be building around the chicken coop! Can't wait! 

pinned from It's About Time

Like this picket.......also the blue flowers. Not sure what they are......anyone?

Couldn't find the blog for this, but I have to paint my big coop. I think this color for my coop and the red door would be so nice. I have a screen door that has spindles......that is green now, but will be red!  Love the gate want it for the backside of my picket fence that will be in front of my garden. Warm weather please come soon!

you will like this blog.....beautiful pic's!

This one will make you smile.......isn't this adorable????? Still asking the Lord to help me find a Momma Sheep...... with a baby in her tummy......that can come and live at Prairie Flower Farm....with me!

Always dreamin' and making plans........I have been writing ideas down when I am working at the bakery. Have a little pad ready to write ideas......helps me make use of my thinking time! 

 Have I told you lately how precious you are to me? I truly thank God for you for being a part of Prairie Flower Farm! You all feel like family! I do pray for you all everyday, that God will bless you and meet your needs! 

Hope you all had a wonderful day! I'm going to go do some stitchin'!



  1. Shelby is beautiful, Linda! Love the blue and brown together!:>
    Oh, I love hollyhocks, too! I saved some seed from when I visited my daughter in New York, and now some of them are growing against the fence at the back of my little veggie garden (so the deer can't get them. :~l )
    I love picket fences, too. Your little coop and yard will be so cute! Can hardly wait to see how you do it!

    1. Hello Lady nice to see you!!!!! Do you have any helps on how to get my seeds started? do I just plant directly in the ground or start them early. I will be busy this weekend getting things started. I am going to do a step by step on how i get our little farm the way we want it. When we moved here it was Grandpa's, Grandma had been gone for 18 years. We have a lot of work to do, but we have wood that we have saved when we took down barns. Can't wait! Will have the summer off thankful I just have a winter job and not one that I have to be year round! Hugs sweet friend, sorry I wrote a book! me

  2. Shelby is so beautiful! I've never seen such a vibrant blue on a hen before, sure stands out with the red head! We are supposed to get 69 deg weather tomorrow! The Grands will love it! Definetly an outside play afternoon!
    Enjoy the weather!

    1. She is so pretty. Such an independent girly for sure!!!!!!! You enjoy your day tomorrow!!!!!!!!Love on those grand babies!!!!! Hugs and thank you for leaving a note! I love it when you do!

  3. The flowers might be Royal Cape (Plumbago)
    I did a google search. :)

    1. The blue flowers are the ones I was meaning to help you find the name of. Heehee! I love the pictures of the flowers and especially the one of the little gold house with the red door. That will be one beautful coop! Praying for Tenlee!

  4. What a lovely post, Linda. Love the pictures and the garden inspiration. It's feeling like an early spring up here in northern New England, too, though there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Thanks for sharing so much of your life, faith, and creativity with all of us!

  5. Linda, Shelby is so beautiful! what lovely colors. I am looking forward to seeing the forsythia here in NE soon, once we get through March. The colors you chose seem like they'll be just right for your coop and I love the picket fence too. I pray that you find the sheep with a baby in her tummy.
    Also, thanks for keeping us updated on Tenlee. She's beautiful, and such an answer to prayer.

  6. Linda,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging blog. I stop by every day and it just puts a smile on my face! Thank you for the update yesterday on Tenlee. My Sunday School class (about 20 Jr. High kids) have been faithfully praying for her since her surgery and setbacks. They are so concerned and loving. God is so good! I will pass the news along to them. Have a wonderful and blessed day and a good evening on the farm...

  7. Shelby is a beautiful chicken :) :) I'm going to check out that knitting blog. I love finding cute knitting things :) :) We're having really warm weather today. It's still to warm outside to take my dog for a walk. She's an old dog and like colder weather. So I'll wait a little bit and try later :) :) I'll be praying that you can get a pregnant momma sheep for Prairie Flower Farm :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  8. So happy to hear the news on Tenlee yesterday Linda. God hears our prayers and there have been a tremendous amount of prayers sent up for her. Amen I pray for her often. Your hen just looks gorgeous! I think the light must have been hitting just right. I pray you get your chicken coop and fence fixed just the way you want, it will be so cute. I'm going to repin your pics of the coop. I've got some pics of tiny houses on my boards you might want to see.

    Hugs XX

  9. what a gorgeous girlie!! she's as pretty as a peacock!! loved the knitting girls' blog...esp the sheep & dog pics!! they are like 'gentle giants'!! hope your stitching is relaxing...i can't wait to see the finished project!! am walking for JDRF sat at the mall in Cedar Rapids. my gson has juvenile diabetes. the exercise will fit into my Lenten plan great! colors for your coop look great! wish i could come help you paint! having a rain/snow slush couple of days!! not complaining tho...we need the moisture!!

  10. Hi, Linda! Just wanted to tell you not to count on flowers this first year with your hollyhock seeds. You'll have a beautiful mound of fuzzy leaves, then flowers the second summer! I'm looking forward to seeing my pink ones on the sunny side of the garage this summer!
    Blessings to you today!

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