Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Girlies Switched Nests........Silly Girls!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Thank you for all the sweet names. I will wait until Saturday when I have more time and see who is going to win on the name. I love them all and when I need names for other girls......I sure will have a lot to pick from. 

Here is the second day of the girls laying on their eggs. 

I went out to the milk house to check on the Girlies when I got home! I couldn't believe it.......... Miss Milly was on the right hand side of the nest instead of on the left hand side.  "No name" was on top of a cage eating and drinking away. I went to feel her eggs and they were still toasty warm. They do leave their nest during the day at times. Some will not leave the nest for anything. They must have gotten a little confused when they got back to their nests.

Miss Milly is so puffy don't you think? 

Here is our horse Juneau with a little one in her tummy! She is going to have her colt hopefully the first part of April. 

She is looking so good! She is one big quarter horse for sure. Kiowa on the left is the horse that broke a bone in her ankle. She has been healing real well. 

Well I keep plugging along on the pattern design. It is turning out like I like! I have only one more day and then I can come Home and get more done!!!! That will be so nice!

Anything going on special on your blog or in your life? 

Blessings and may the Lord bless you precious ladies. 



  1. Your hens are so I"m curious about them switching nests. Do they know whose eggs belong to who? Or do hens not care about that kinf of thing? I guess a mama hen will love anyone's baby chick :) :) :)

    Oh, Junea looks great. It will be neat to have a new baby horse on the farm. You'll have to have a party to give it a name :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. hi linda! a very Blessed morning! i received a gift in my mailbox! and my husband asked me if i would be interested in attending a Bible Study group! that is something we could do together! i think Juneau needs an 'Alaskan' name for her colt: how about 'Sitka'?? it's a unique little town we visited on our cruise! has great could be for either male/female!! the 'girlie' video was so fun to watch! have a great weekend!
    ^)^ hawknitr13/lbquilts

  3. i forgot to tell you my suggestion for the about Mary Alice?? that's my gdaughter Charlotte's hamster's name and she is so cute!! good luck picking a name!!

  4. I love seeing all your critters! I grew up a farm girl, and have been a city girl for way too many years now. I want sheep, goats & chickens! I like the name mentioned above for the colt -- Sitka. I named my last goats Libby, LouLou, and Latte. haha You could name her Juneau's Rose.

  5. Can't wait to see the baby bump bumping along beside mama! Have a blessed week-end!

  6. Oh there are so many blessings at your farm! I am glad Kiowa is healing so nicely. Those girlies are something else! Have a beautiful weekend.

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  8. Oh Linda, Miss Mollie is so adoreable! She looks so fluffy! Love the horse pictures...can't imagine how excited you are...having a baby colt on the farm.

    I know you must be loving this evening and then the next two days! Have a blessed weekend!



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