Saturday, February 18, 2012

Girlie Has a Name!

Good Morning precious ladies,

I awoke early for some reason this morning........maybe it was because I had so many plans for my day! I didn't have to leave the farm at all.  It is Saturday and I could decide what I wanted into my day. Our girls were still asleep.......that gives me some quiet time to myself. Thanking my God for you all! 

My prayer that  I am mediating on today is:

"As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will You, my God, rejoice over me". Isaiah 62:5b

Later in the morning I put on my sweats and sweatshirt...... out the door I went to let the Girlies and Guys out. We had a dust of snow all over the ground from the night. It will melt today!  When I got to the milk house three girlies (who live out in the cedar trees at night) were waiting at the bottom of the stairs.......I couldn't open the door fast enough for them. I knew why they were there......they had business to take care of....... like laying eggs.....for me! 

I checked on Miss Milly and Miss No Name.......but now we have a name. I loved all the names that everyone gave!!!!! The only thing I felt I could do was use Random number generator. 

So the name that was picked was 

"Thatcher" Missy Thatcher 

will be her name.......cute cute!

Thank you!!!!!  

her blog is......(it is a precious blog, she loves Jesus)

Daily Musings on the Hill

I will finishing the your gift and have it in the mail to you next week. Please send me your addy! I will also email you!

Thank you ladies for joining in on the fun. I will be using your names in naming my other Girlies! I will tell you who they are and put up pictures.......when I am on spring break........10 days of freedom!!!!!!!

I filled a galvanized pan of water with celery leaves floating in the water for my 3 ducks. The sun is shining and I thought they probably needed a bath. They didn't disappoint I could bless you with a video! They are such pretty ducks. The ducks that match the green/blue one (can't remember what kind they are) and the kaki (brown) one were killed this last winter. I will replace them this spring......I will just have to go to the farm store!!!!!!! Just have to!!!!!! 

I am planting my lettuce, radish and carrots in the potters shed later today. When I went out this morning to see where I was going to plant heard the geese flying over......I went to click the camera, but I missed them.......the sky was beautiful and the trees were huge!

In one of the trees was a oriole nest........hanging by a thread. She had used some of my string that I tie my tomatoes with in the summer......sweet! You can also see the trees are trying to bud! 

 I will blog about my planting veggies later tonight........I have some ideas for you, if you live in the city. Easy to do! 

A little sneak peek! 

Hugs sweet ladies.......enjoy your I will be working on the is turning out better than I even imagined in my how the Lord blesses my hands.....I have asked and He has met me!

Oh my, mail has is a box from France from Emma from Just Having A Yarn.....squeal!!!!!!!! I must go and see what is in the inside!

Blessings and may you "know" that you are HIM and me, 



  1. "Missy Thatcher" is cute name...maybe her first name could be "Maggie" ..Missy Maggie Thatcher :) :) No matter...that's a great name for the hen :) :)

    I'm going to check out those two blogs you mentioned here :) :) They sounds really delightful :) :)

    Your ducks playing in the water are so cute :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Oh I love the name"Missy Thatcher" ...she is such a beautiful hen! Oh those ducks are adoreable!! Love your rooster in the background! I'm so glad you are enjoying your day!! Can't wait to see pattern!


  3. I do like Missy a matter of fact, I agree with Heather, the name Missy Maggie Thatcher is beautiful!!
    hope your day is joyous!

  4. Well! Miss Thatcher! What a great name, for a grand Lady! Thank you for the pictures, never seen an oriole nest (that I know of before). Loved the movie of the ducks!
    Thank you Linda,
    Have a wonderful week-end, your project is coming along!

  5. Cute name! Makes me think of something from Beatrix Potter!

  6. That was such fun, and THANKS, Linda for doing it! Thanks too, because a few people came to Darling Hill after your mention of the blog. Keep up the beautiful work with your blog. I so enjoy seeing all that goes on at the Farm! Will send you my addy in a bit!


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