Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Words.............they can make a difference!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

Thank you for all the sweet was such a fun day had by our guests. They sat for hours under the dark stars........alone with their Lord. I am going to take my sweet man out there some evening.......every time I try we get grand children.......heehee! The little refuge cabin is being used in a sweet way makes my heart dance for JOY! Asking the Lord to continue to bring those He wants to experience it! Are you one? Oh and please pray that the Lord will provide electricity out to the cabin. It will have to be a we just ask Him! Thanks for joining in with us. You ladies are my favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD!

For sometime I have wanted to write on "our words". Yesterday I received a comment from a precious lady. After reading it my heart was so sad for her........and at the same time I knew that the Lord would grow her during this time. She can come out of this more sensitive towards others and use "words of kindness at all times".  The key when things like this happen to us though......... is to not let bitterness enter our heart towards that person!!!!!!!! Best to tell the Lord about the situation and let Him work out the details. He is always waiting for us to run to Him in situations that hurt us........... to do only what He can do and will do when we ask! 

I am sure all of you have had situations that have happened in your life just like this. I know I have and my prayer time seems to grow in those times and my need for help!!!!! I am so thankful for a Father in Heaven who is always there to help get us through the rough situations.......and will get us on the other side. I saw the verse different this morning as I read it........I thought of the words "unwholesome talk".........that could be untrue  accusations (who knows what is going behind closed doors).......unkind words........I thought it was talking about profanity......but it is more! It is how I might talk to my sweet husband or precious children...... anyone for that matter. I have this memorized, but now I will think differently. 

Ladies we can change our world for the good with our words.......let's think on this...........this SONday!!!!!!!! There will
be very hard times here on is how we choose to handle
them.......our way or HIS! God please help us to choose You every time!!!!!!

Oh..... one more thing..........someone told my husband that he should be doing something different with his life the other day. Said something different than flipping hamburgers and cutting is the Grill Man at the college.......not not glamours at all and he knows it...............but he is in the will of God Almighty! I think of Hudson Taylor who was a missionary to the Chinese people and he dressed just like they dressed so they would listen about his Jesus.  Last night we went to a basketball game at the college we serve at.........after........ the young men started coming up one by sweet man has been serving them one by one......making the hamburgers "just right"for each of them. One told him it was better than Applebees!!!!!!!  They love him a lot........he was encouraging them, told them about a book on Spiritual Leadership and if they wanted a devotion of His Utmost For His Highest devotional....he would send it to them. The job may not be what he would have chosen to do..farming was his heart........but grill man at the college is where he has our family. God has used it to make him into a SERVANT OF CHRIST not to please man, but to please God! I am so proud of him and to think the Lord lets me still be by his side being his helpmate...... when ever he needs help and to watch the amazing things that only Christ can do. I hope he can keep flipping burgers...........for the ONE AND ONLY and have JOY in his heart as he serves his Father with his best! Had to say that words........ even if they are not kind can be turned into beauty in the LORD'S economy of life!!!!!!!! 

Hugs from my farm for one more day.......then it is off to serve my God who loves our college kids more than we ever could imagine!

Have a sweet day sweet ladies!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

They Came.....And They Left With Happy Hearts!

Hello Sweet Ladiessssss!

I am Home today and I have so much work to get done! I can't wait to start organizing and getting some much needed cleaning done!!!!!!! But before I do, I must telllllllll.......... last night we got Home from the bakery and we started getting ready!

We ran out to the refuge cabin.............opened up the window and started in cleaning! We had company coming........a young married couple who we were able to witness their marriage this summer. We have known his parents for years.......and the Lord has he and his precious little bride as dorm parents at the college were we serve at..........and did we have a surprise for them!

We love to have parties!!!!!!!! Really for any reason and today there was going to be a special surpise!  I had talked to Mel at the college the other day while I was putting bakery items on the line. I told her that when she and Josh ever needed a break to let us know and we would get the refuge cabin ready for them. She wanted to surprise him.........and she did.......but we surprised her also! 

We started sweeping....dusting....... and picked the only flowers I had in my galvanized containers......... vincas.......they last forever it seems.....even through a freeze. 

My sweet man brought me over some bales of straw........this is what we made........a straw COUCH! Threw an old flannel blanket on it. Saw this on Pinterest  for a wedding now is it adorable or what? The possibilities with this are endless! It would be so adorable more shabby! 

Ran back into the house and started packaging their dinner......a cook out........under the stars......sitting on their couch : ) consisted of

Paper plates and plastic cups
mason jar filled with forks and serving spoons
Hotdogs and buns
potato chips
homemade canned peaches
a jar filled with macaroni salad
a bag of potato chips
2 beautiful apples (the best at the store we know)
s'mores are a must for a bon fire! 
a candle and a feather clip for her hair as a little gift!

Warm wash clothes in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon........always handy!

We don't have electricity 
The showed up and we were so excited.......things like this excite our family!!!!!!!!!

Is she adorable or what! Happy I would say!

A little horse riding........kept Tay a little busy riding to rescue the riders..........

then it was Josh's turn............we giggled and laughed so hard.......good medicine for all!!!!!!!! Juneau the horse gave him a ride!!!!!!

Then the Lord blessed them with a Kansas sky and a sliver of a moon! He was telling them He loved them..........they got the message loud and clear!!!!!!!!

We also started the fire for them.......

See the cross in the center?

The Lord says to search for HIM..........He can be the details of life!

We left them..............but before we left my sweet man prayed

blessing over their life and their time. 

They woke up this morning to breakfast that consisted of

Apple Maple French Toast 

Vanilla yogurt with fresh cut strawberries and grapes

and Coffee..........

blessings were had by all!

You can serve the Lord with the simple things of life!

Hugs from our farm to your HOME! Oh and if one of you sweet ladies would like to be encouraged..........we can get the cabin ready for you and fam!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi.......It Has Been a Chilly Windy Day~and it is our girls birthday!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Talk about a cold day. It is going to be colder on Thursday. Some on the western side of Kansas got some flurries........but not here. I don't think I am ready for that yet! It was so cold though and the wind blew. Took some more warm water out to the girls! Hope they keep laying! I will be sad if they don't. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

I have to say that this Momma is a little sad. Our Tressa will be 20 tomorrow,  Thursday October 27 not a teenager anymore. Can't believe it has been that long since she was born.........what a blessing the Lord gave us on that day. I remember leaving the hospital on the 28th.....they said that we would have to bring her back the next day.......she was a little gaunduice. We had to go in a snow storm and drive a half an hour there.......with an adorable PINK bundle through the snow to the hospital to have a test done. Now you have to understand when I say PINK I was one happy Momma. I had already had 3 precious boys.......they were 13, 16 and 19 at the time. I was 38 and we had to tell them that Momma was pregnant (I have to say I was a little embarrassed). They were excited and then in the world were they going to explain this to their friends they thought. I was thinking the same thing! How were we going to explain it to our friends? We walked into Sunday school class and one person said, "Only you guys.......only you"! God knew we could handle it.........He planned it from the beginning of time. My sweet man and I LOVED CHILDREN so it was fine with us! We were always borrowing others little people so their Mommies and Daddies could go out on dates. Now we had our own little one. Dressing her in little girl things after having the boys was a prayer come she is 20 and I am thinking where did the time go? She just traveled half way around the world......alone.......loves the Lord with all her heart......she is confident that the Lord has plans for her..........what more could a Momma want. 

Father....thank you.......for thinking up that we can trust You with Your Word and pour it into their they can know the Truth that will set them free if they will choose to follow You. Thank you for our precious girl who has made that commitment. May you continue to guide her Father in the way that she should go......and I ask that you continue to use her to bring JOY to many, as her Daddy and I have prayed from the day we named her after her Grandma Jo......... Tressa Joy Stubbs. You have been so good to us and we thank you for her life! Use her in a mighty way to bring You Glory. In Jesus Name we pray.......Amen

If you have a birthday wish or a prayer for her can leave it in the comments! I will surprise her!

Blessings and hugs,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Feel Like I..............Have Not Blogged Forever!

Dear Sweet Ladies.........I know it hasn't been forever, but it feels like it to me! I do love writing on my blog journal and when I don't I miss it.....and you............kind of one of my favorite things to with you! 

Talk about one busy lady!!!!!!!!!!! That has been me!!!!!!!!!!! Serving at the life......harvest......having our grandchildren out..........all weekend.........chores.........baking and more baking...........need I say more? BUSY is the word for it. I also have had some orders that I have had to get the little snowflakes! So glad that the little mitten has gone over well........the one that was in Create and Decorate Magazine. 

Like I said the grandkids were out this last weekend. Vitaliy has fit right into the family just perfectly.

He LOVES HIS POPPA! Wants to be a part of everything he is doing!

He also loves our little filly Koko..........just his size! 

Vitaliy and his brother and sister were able to go to the zoo. I am sure it was his first one! He is definitely loved! 

I thought I would show some pic's for those of you who have been praying. He is doing well adjusting to our family.........he is learning  what it is to obey! 

Isn't this the cutest log cabin block?

As you know I find much enjoyment pinning on my Pinterest (along my side bar if you would like to go there). Here is a few of my finds! 

sweet quilt block used as a mug rug! 

Sew up a burlap bag.......fix up an apple tag, apple pie recipe card.......and 
 fill the bag with apples.....simple!

I bought the apples..........ribbon and pins........making this when
I can carve out some time! 

If you would like to have some homemade recipes for is the place to go. HERE

I have this in will one day will be 
RED! Surprise you?

Hope you enjoy some of these ideas. 

Thank you to all of you who asked for have been prayed for and I know that the Lord is answering them according to His purposes! 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Most of you know that I was born and raised in Alaska. Well one thing that always was a part of my life was the Northern Lights. They were always so beautiful. Last night the girls had some of the college kids out for a bon fire.........well up in the sky it was red with streaks going through the red. It was amazing and very beautiful! It kind of looked to me like the Lords return!!!!!!! Did you hear about it or see it? So many in the states did from what we understand.

Hugs to you sweet ladies.........know that you are thought of........a lot each and every day and that is true!

Blessings and may the Lord bless you all so much!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

She Watches Over Her HOUSE...

Dear sweet ladies........

it is Saturday......and I am HOME and what a sweet day I am having! It will be a busy day getting things in order! Now that our family is out serving the Lord at the time at Home seems so big at times. I want to do the things that I love to do, but time is limited..The girls and I stay busy doing the best that we can.........anyway this morning I was thinking as I was working and cleaning, of the verse "she watches over the ways of her household"........Proverbs 31:27.........some days are better than others.........right......but it doesn't mean I can't keep trying. Because I can get discouraged! Not often, but it does happen........ever happen to you? It is an unending job when you live in a very old farm house and the wind is blowing......need I say more? SMILE! I am not complaining, it's just life. It is Home....... a gift........given! 

I had laundry hanging on the line and when I walked by it the verse came to my mind! I remember when I had little ones that needed so much care......and the house work didn't get done, but that was okay......I was taking care of my household!!!!!! Now I have the memories of those precious moments.....but I thought...... now that I am outside the Home some of the day......making a living along side my sweet man and daughters to help support the farm.........I can find pleasure and then offer what I do get done as an offering to the Lord. He knows my days.......and He understands my HEART. I will be content in whatever situation...........and so sweet ladies how are you doing today? If you need prayer please email me (top right hand corner).......I have time as I work.

If you have never left a comment, please do...... 
I would love to meet you!  

Welcome all the New have been soooooo me!

Hugs to your day........from my I


and finding the JOY........HE has for me,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Thyme!!!!!!

Hey all you sweet ladies!!!!!!!!

Just came in from doing the chores............gathered the eggs. I love the color of my eggs that my girlies lay for me each day and even on rest for them! It got way down to 27 degrees last night so I am going to start giving them warm water. It helps the girls  so they keep laying even when it gets cold outside. Really works. 

ABC news picture

Okay, this morning I had the CHRISTian station on in the bakery and was listening to a news cast.........have you heard about this? I am not kidding......I listened.......and then went in the storage room......and lost it! I was so touched by this story. 

I have been able to work along side my husband all of our married life...on the farm and now in the college kitchen......I am is he! We love doing things together! A Gift we believe from the Lord! Any way here is the story. They were a Gift to their children.....I hope they know that! 

Iowa Couple Married 72 years Dies Holding Hands, an Hour Apart

click here and read!

after the station told the story then they played this song....

really lost it this time!

This story is just PRECIOUSNESS!


Hugs from my farm and God bless your day


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winter Is In The Air!!!!!!!!!!

Hi sweet ladies,

Oh man is it ever cold outside.......and tonight it is going to be even colder. We saw that it was going to when the girls and I got home from the bakery, we hurried and got into our warm clothes and went headed out to the garden to pick all the tomatoes. We have been waiting for as long as we could so they would get as red as the could get before picking them. We picked all the green ones so we can make our favorite recipe of Green Tomato Relish for CHRISTmas gifts. Tie a red ribbon and hang a tag put the jar in a basket with a bag or corn chips and you have a nice gift. Maybe you could put in some packages of cider and some decorative napkins. Has anyone else been thinking about the gifts they are going to make for CHRISTmas? I have been pinning some pics to my Pinterest for months. Thought I would show you some of my finds in case you might like to do the same thing. I also have some decorating ideas I would like to do to make the house festive.

CHRISTmas and Winter is one of my very favorite times of the year. I love starting early to get the gifts I will be starting real soon.

Here are a few of my ideas! This is from........ 

used this one picture by permission

One more thing.............

I just think this is the cutest! I want to make heart shape marshmallows wrap them in cellophane bags with a red check homespun ribbon tied with a tag......also homemade hot cocoa mix in a jar. Cute idea? Oh and you could put all in a basket with come cute mugs........perfect.......going to do it.......can't tell who it is for......they might read my blog.

Well, if you have any ideas send us over to your blog..........I would love to see and I am sure my sweet Prairie Farm Girls would love to see also!

One more we had over 3000 visitors.......thank you Gooseberry Patch. Now.......... if any of you come back......please leave a comment. We would love to meet you. I had about 70 downloads on my tea cozy! 

Welcome New Followers!!!!!!!

Blessings and hugs..........


Monday, October 17, 2011


Sweet ladies!!!!!!!

This weekend we were on a mini vacation...........and it was wonderful I must say.......the drive was so beautiful with all the autumn colors and lots of trees! We had some of our college girls taking care of the farm while we were gone..........what a precious gift to our family. We worked at the college bakery on a lot of catering's the week before. It can be very stressful to say the least. Last week as we were baking I thought a lot about how my life used to be............ so peaceful living on the farm and how it has changed for me now. In the kitchen there are so many loud noises........I mean a lot.  Lots of clanking, humming, crashing, kids talking almost 500 voices!!!! I so miss the quiet of the farm, but just knowing that we were going to be at our precious friends place in Lawrence was a gift for me that I could wait for.  When we walked into our friends home we were greeted with hugs. We sat at the table eating crackers with homemade jellies and a little spread of cream cheese.  Two sisters care for their elderly Aunt. One has the Aunt all week and the other sister takes over on Saturdays. and Sundays. I think that is wonderful that they can love her like that.  The sister's Momma was also there visiting. They all love the Lord and their Home is so peaceful.  For us it is a place where we get our cups full. Life and it's cares can sometime get the best of when you can carve a little recharge time, it makes a huge difference on how you see things when you return from your trip. Saturday morning was no different for us. We got to sleep was wonderful. 

Came upstairs sat at their table with the two sisters, Auntie who was sitting on one side of the table with her necklace (red beads), pj's, robe and purse hanging on her chair! She is 91 and adorable!!!!!!!! 

Momma Ruth was sitting on the other side of the table...... she is 94 and equally adorable!!!!!!!  She was wearing these cutie her to bits! We enjoyed talking and sharing the morning away with the Suzanne, Sally, Aunt Polly and Momma Ruth. For us to just sit and not have to do a thing was so nice! 

Tressa and I went out to the fenced in backyard with a deck filled with trees and flowers in pots. Beautimus!!!!!!!!!

One tree was a ornamental crab apple tree with beautiful red berries allllll over it......I took some Home for decorations for CHRISTmas.   Little birds were hiding in the bushes. A very pretty and quiet place to spend some time. Auntie started playing the piano. She is amazing. She gave us a gift! I think it blessed her to bless us. It was a much needed rest. 

Oh and we did go for Late Night in the Phog at KU and did a little shopping. Also spent some time with my sister in love Linda and Tressa talked about her trip to Ukraine. God was good to us.

Have you seen the free kindle download from Gooseberry Patch their Thanksgiving Classics? It is free and beautiful for a limited time!  

I was wondering if you had a place where you like to go and visit for a restful time, where would it be? I love to hear other's stories.

Well I am not feeling well this evening........think that the weather change is going to give me a cold. Ugh. Not good. Don't want it. 

Please keep my Tonya in your prayers. Since she came back from Ukraine it has been a new adjustment with our Vitaliy. Now she is the Momma all day long..... with, need I say more? He is a sweetie , just trying to see what boundaries he can push. She won't disappoint him!!!!!!!!!!! She is a good Momma! Thank you so much! 

Blessings and hugs, 


Sunday, October 16, 2011

We have a Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Sweet ladies, 

I am so excited to tell you that we have a winner of the HOMECOMING of Vitaliy..........our Create & Decorate/Prairie Flower Farm Party!!!!!!!! They were suppose to be home from Ukraine today, but as you know they got to come home a whole week early!  Thank you for all the fun comments about one of your favorite CHRISTmas memories. I enjoyed reading each one of them and I know a lot of ladies enjoyed the comments also! 

Now are you ready to hear who won? 

Each lady will receive

Holiday 2011 issue

handmade Buttonhead Wool Mitten stitched by me!

Congratulations Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. T. 

Crystal Jo
She does not have a blog. 

Thank you ladies for signing up for the party! Enjoyed having you all and all your sweetness! You are truly the sweetest ladies on earth and I mean that!

Now the Create & Decorate magazine is still on the shelves at all the supermarkets and also saw some at WalMart. 
If anyone buys the magazine, wants to make the mittens, sees the little sweet snowflakes in the materials needed and can't find them?

They are for sale here!  
$1.00 each

paypal or check
You can email me with your order if you need some 
(look up at top on the side bar for our email)

Blessings to your day and may the Lord bless you and keep you! He says He will and He does.......even when it doesn't look or feel like it...........He is FAITHFUL

Love and hugs,


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello sweet ladies,

Talk about a long week! We have been baking up a storm in the college kitchen. It has been really busy, but we have had such a fun time the girls and I also. We made the cutest desserts today and I would love to show you, but I left my camera at work!!!!!!!! Sorry! They really were the cutest. I will show you when I get it back. They were key lime pies. The presentation was the best, but I won't tell you until I get the pictures for you. I think you will like. I will share the recipe also. Today we also made Carmel Pumpkin Cheese Cake, Maple mascarpone Cheesecake.  

Here are some pictures I took of the farm life around the farm........hope you enjoy!

An old milk can that was from the old dairy!

Isn't this the sweetest farm kitty? She is going to make a good mouser for sure! 

So thankful for the new wheat straw........will keep my chickens cozy this fall and winter! Makes me feel better!!!!!!! 

Well it is time to say good night.........going to be a really busy day tomorrow!

Oh don't forget to sign up for the 
Create & Decorate/Prairie Flower Farm Party

if you haven't already!

We will be choosing a winner on this Saturday at noon!

Hugs from my farm and may the Lord bless your day!