Saturday, October 29, 2011

They Came.....And They Left With Happy Hearts!

Hello Sweet Ladiessssss!

I am Home today and I have so much work to get done! I can't wait to start organizing and getting some much needed cleaning done!!!!!!! But before I do, I must telllllllll.......... last night we got Home from the bakery and we started getting ready!

We ran out to the refuge cabin.............opened up the window and started in cleaning! We had company coming........a young married couple who we were able to witness their marriage this summer. We have known his parents for years.......and the Lord has he and his precious little bride as dorm parents at the college were we serve at..........and did we have a surprise for them!

We love to have parties!!!!!!!! Really for any reason and today there was going to be a special surpise!  I had talked to Mel at the college the other day while I was putting bakery items on the line. I told her that when she and Josh ever needed a break to let us know and we would get the refuge cabin ready for them. She wanted to surprise him.........and she did.......but we surprised her also! 

We started sweeping....dusting....... and picked the only flowers I had in my galvanized containers......... vincas.......they last forever it seems.....even through a freeze. 

My sweet man brought me over some bales of straw........this is what we made........a straw COUCH! Threw an old flannel blanket on it. Saw this on Pinterest  for a wedding now is it adorable or what? The possibilities with this are endless! It would be so adorable more shabby! 

Ran back into the house and started packaging their dinner......a cook out........under the stars......sitting on their couch : ) consisted of

Paper plates and plastic cups
mason jar filled with forks and serving spoons
Hotdogs and buns
potato chips
homemade canned peaches
a jar filled with macaroni salad
a bag of potato chips
2 beautiful apples (the best at the store we know)
s'mores are a must for a bon fire! 
a candle and a feather clip for her hair as a little gift!

Warm wash clothes in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon........always handy!

We don't have electricity 
The showed up and we were so excited.......things like this excite our family!!!!!!!!!

Is she adorable or what! Happy I would say!

A little horse riding........kept Tay a little busy riding to rescue the riders..........

then it was Josh's turn............we giggled and laughed so hard.......good medicine for all!!!!!!!! Juneau the horse gave him a ride!!!!!!

Then the Lord blessed them with a Kansas sky and a sliver of a moon! He was telling them He loved them..........they got the message loud and clear!!!!!!!!

We also started the fire for them.......

See the cross in the center?

The Lord says to search for HIM..........He can be the details of life!

We left them..............but before we left my sweet man prayed

blessing over their life and their time. 

They woke up this morning to breakfast that consisted of

Apple Maple French Toast 

Vanilla yogurt with fresh cut strawberries and grapes

and Coffee..........

blessings were had by all!

You can serve the Lord with the simple things of life!

Hugs from our farm to your HOME! Oh and if one of you sweet ladies would like to be encouraged..........we can get the cabin ready for you and fam!



  1. You are sweet and special and encouraging. Have had a difficult year....3 passings of family members(FIL, Uncle and other) Now for a month or longer my dad in another state very ill and "A CLOSE FRIEND" telling us not to pray and she needed to set me straight and other hurtful language in a card handed to me in church.I refuse to say prayer doesn't count and is not being serious. I find inspiration all the time in Christian blogging women. God Bless you and all your efforts. I have hope and prayer.

  2. What a blessing you were for these two young people. I can imagine visiting your little cabin would be an encouragement and inspiration to any and all who visit. God is definitely using you and your family in a special way here on earth:) May he continue to bless you!

  3. Love the cozy refuge cabin and the basket of goodies you fixed for them. And the little cross in the flame. Simple things are the best. I know it was a blessing to them.
    Have a wonderful weekend ~
    It's beautiful weather here, cool and blue sky and sunshine.

  4. Hey, Jueau saw those barrels, so she was supposed to run!

  5. Mrs Linda, will you please share the recipe for the apple maple french toast - that looks SO yummy!

  6. Wow, you are great hosts, they must have loved their visit, straw sofa, horses, cook out and all.

  7. Okay, I'm on my way!

    Linda, you are just about the coolest person I know!


  8. Oh have no idea how I would love to spend a night in your refuge cabin! How amazing this is! your family is such a blessing in this life!

    I hope you had a blessed day and got lots of things done! We enjoyed our day..time at the Farmers Market then a family dinner!

    xoxo Gert

  9. PS Love the picture of the Kansas evening sky, with the sliver moon!

  10. How wonderfully nice of you! I know you had so much fun putting this all together!!!!!! What a blessing to this young couple.

  11. This is SO sweet, Linda! What a blessing you are!

    Have a lovely Sunday,

  12. OH LInda.. your family has got to be one of the sweetest. I'm sure the couple love ya'll so much! What a wonderful retreat you gave them.

  13. Oh Linda, thank you for stopping over to my blog and praying for that sweet man with me! I know I don't pray as good as you but God still knows the love in my heart doesn't He? Have a blessed day!


  14. Good Morning my precious friends,

    Thank you all for stopping was a fun time had by all for sure. I am just so grateful to the Lord that He has provided a place for us to love those who can never pay you back if you know what I mean! God is the one that put this in my heart a long time ago. We still served using our Home.......a good place to it is a different chapter of our looks different.......but it is important that we still start with our HOMES.

    Emelia thank you for the so sorry of your loss. It is so hard to live with that kind of sorry.You keep isn't between anyone else by you and would hurt HIM more. That was ungodly advice! Sorry you got a hurtful card. I too have had very unkind things said to me..........believe truth.......that all that matters really at the end of the day that HE loves and dances over you! That is truth. You are so right on that prayer counts and like you say it is serious, because it is about your love and relationship between you and your Heavenly Father. Enough said, love you sweet friend.........please email me at anytime!
    Hugs, Linda

    Hey Angee, it was a pleasure.........Jesus is just using my heart......hands.......and feet! Come and visit!!!!!!! Hugs!

    Hi Camille.......wasn't that little cross amazing? Yup.......Simple things are the best! Hugs! was soooooo funny! We all had some wonderful giggles.....and if Juneau would have taken him around the barrels......oh my we would have been rolling on the ground!

    Hi Sweet you know I sent you an email last night.....for others I will put it up on the blog this morning. So nice to see a comment from you Charity.

    Terra, they did have a wonderful time. It was very dark that night so the stars popped all over the sky!

    Prairie you said next Spring.......I will be waiting at the end of the drive! You are the coolest person! Heehee!

    Hey Gert........I want you and your sweet man to come! You would love it! Now it doesn't have electricity yet other then CHRISTmas lights on by a long long cord from the works. Pray with us that the Lord would provide electricity.......if He thinks it is needed! I was so excited that I got the moon! It was a sliver for sure!

    Hi Elaine........we enjoyed them so much.....the horse ride was definitely the best!

    Hello are so sweet too! I know that you are a blessing also......all the love you show others, by your beautiful creations!

    Hey Sweet Sister! Pray that the Lord will give us more to encourage for Him!

    My sweet are thinking more highly then you aught of me!!!!!!! It isn't about is about how we talk naturally to our Heavenly Father.....our relationship personally with HIM.......I am sure He finds much pleasure with your talk about the needs of others.....and your own needs. I love it that it isn't about us......and our fancy doesn't matter how we is about are we on bended knee in need of our Father. Yes He does know the love of your heart!

    Love you all and thank you again for being such precious friends! Me

  15. Good morning Linda! What an amazing gift you gave this young couple. Thank you posting about it. I too would love the recipe for the french toast you pictured. It looked so yummy!
    Blessings, Nancy


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