Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Feel Like I..............Have Not Blogged Forever!

Dear Sweet Ladies.........I know it hasn't been forever, but it feels like it to me! I do love writing on my blog journal and when I don't I miss it.....and you............kind of one of my favorite things to do.......talk with you! 

Talk about one busy lady!!!!!!!!!!! That has been me!!!!!!!!!!! Serving at the kitchen........catering..........farm life......harvest......having our grandchildren out..........all weekend.........chores.........baking and more baking...........need I say more? BUSY is the word for it. I also have had some orders that I have had to get done.........like the little snowflakes! So glad that the little mitten has gone over well........the one that was in Create and Decorate Magazine. 

Like I said the grandkids were out this last weekend. Vitaliy has fit right into the family just perfectly.

He LOVES HIS POPPA! Wants to be a part of everything he is doing!

He also loves our little filly Koko..........just his size! 

Vitaliy and his brother and sister were able to go to the zoo. I am sure it was his first one! He is definitely loved! 

I thought I would show some pic's for those of you who have been praying. He is doing well adjusting to our family.........he is learning  what it is to obey! 

Isn't this the cutest log cabin block?

As you know I find much enjoyment pinning on my Pinterest (along my side bar if you would like to go there). Here is a few of my finds! 

sweet quilt block used as a mug rug! 

Sew up a burlap bag.......fix up an apple tag, apple pie recipe card.......and 
 fill the bag with apples.....simple!

I bought the apples..........ribbon and pins........making this when
I can carve out some time! 

If you would like to have some homemade recipes for soap.......here is the place to go. HERE

I have this in green........it will one day will be 
RED! Surprise you?

Hope you enjoy some of these ideas. 

Thank you to all of you who asked for prayer..........you have been prayed for and I know that the Lord is answering them according to His purposes! 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Most of you know that I was born and raised in Alaska. Well one thing that always was a part of my life was the Northern Lights. They were always so beautiful. Last night the girls had some of the college kids out for a bon fire.........well up in the sky it was red with streaks going through the red. It was amazing and very beautiful! It kind of looked to me like the Lords return!!!!!!! Did you hear about it or see it? So many in the states did from what we understand.

Hugs to you sweet ladies.........know that you are thought of........a lot each and every day and that is true!

Blessings and may the Lord bless you all so much!



  1. Oh it is so wonderful to hear from you...It seems as though we have the same thing in common these days... BUSY!!!! :) Thanks for sharing the Pictures of Vitaliy and his brother and sister.... Blessings and Hugs to you my Sweet friend...

  2. I just heard my computer ding..........you will never guess this........I was on your blog at the same time.......took a much needed break to come and say hello..........YOU WERE SAYING IT TO ME! IS THAT NOT JESUS PROMPTING US AT THE SAME TIME? Okay so I am a little bit excited!

    Love you and now I am going to comment on your blog! It just always gives me the sweetness I need in my soul! ME!

  3. Hi sweet sister! See your red pantry door that you like on this blog? Check out the handles! Cute idea for my dilemma. hehe

  4. Linda ~ so nice to hear from you! Thanks for making the time to post. You are indeed one busy lady and I can truly relate to that.

    It was so good to see the family photos with Vitaliy in them. Such a blessing to see how the Lord is answering prayer.

    Thanks for sharing your Pinterest finds. That place can be addictive, I'm finding, but so far I have used it mostly as a place to keep links to things I want to be able to find again. I've actually tried a few recipes already!

  5. Linda~So good to see your blog ...I miss you and think of you & your family daily. But I know it takes "time" to blog and it doesn't sound like you have much time.. Thank you for being such a good grandma, worker & friend!

    Love all your pins ... They are the most that get repinned...and I know why! Smile!!

    So glad V is adjusting so well...I can't imagine how hard it's for him...but one thing for sure he knows he s loved!

  6. Love the pictures of Vitaliy with family. I have missed you the last few days but know how busy it can get.
    I love Pinterest too. Have found some good recipes to try.

  7. Glad you eeked out some blogging time Linda!! I love the updates on your sweet family and praying for Vitaliy and his salvation. What a beautiful picture of how God adopts us all into his family :)


    P.S. I am SO making burlap bags for CHRISTmas gift wrappings :)

  8. Hi Shanny, so glad I could help you! Didn't even notice the little fork for a handle. Cute idea.......I just like that door so much! Used the green one on the girlies coop! They will let me borrow it I am sure!

    Hello Mrs. T. Vitaliy is having so much fun with his family. He is helping his Momma during the day........cleaning and loves it! He is a good little helper! Glad you like the finds......I enjoy Pinterest and treat myself a few times a day!

    Hey Gert, you are so precious......thank you for the encouragement! It is sooooo fun to pin! Yes V is doing so well. He has his days and times of being all boy! Bothers their cat!

    Hi Camille.......loved your email today! So glad for you both. I will have more pic's of V as we have him out!

    You are so right Gail.......God is so good to take us when we decide we want Him!!!!!! I can't wait to start on my CHRISTmas things......getting them all organized as to what I want to make!

    Hugs and thank you ladies for leaving a comment! Makes my day!


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