Monday, October 17, 2011


Sweet ladies!!!!!!!

This weekend we were on a mini vacation...........and it was wonderful I must say.......the drive was so beautiful with all the autumn colors and lots of trees! We had some of our college girls taking care of the farm while we were gone..........what a precious gift to our family. We worked at the college bakery on a lot of catering's the week before. It can be very stressful to say the least. Last week as we were baking I thought a lot about how my life used to be............ so peaceful living on the farm and how it has changed for me now. In the kitchen there are so many loud noises........I mean a lot.  Lots of clanking, humming, crashing, kids talking almost 500 voices!!!! I so miss the quiet of the farm, but just knowing that we were going to be at our precious friends place in Lawrence was a gift for me that I could wait for.  When we walked into our friends home we were greeted with hugs. We sat at the table eating crackers with homemade jellies and a little spread of cream cheese.  Two sisters care for their elderly Aunt. One has the Aunt all week and the other sister takes over on Saturdays. and Sundays. I think that is wonderful that they can love her like that.  The sister's Momma was also there visiting. They all love the Lord and their Home is so peaceful.  For us it is a place where we get our cups full. Life and it's cares can sometime get the best of when you can carve a little recharge time, it makes a huge difference on how you see things when you return from your trip. Saturday morning was no different for us. We got to sleep was wonderful. 

Came upstairs sat at their table with the two sisters, Auntie who was sitting on one side of the table with her necklace (red beads), pj's, robe and purse hanging on her chair! She is 91 and adorable!!!!!!!! 

Momma Ruth was sitting on the other side of the table...... she is 94 and equally adorable!!!!!!!  She was wearing these cutie her to bits! We enjoyed talking and sharing the morning away with the Suzanne, Sally, Aunt Polly and Momma Ruth. For us to just sit and not have to do a thing was so nice! 

Tressa and I went out to the fenced in backyard with a deck filled with trees and flowers in pots. Beautimus!!!!!!!!!

One tree was a ornamental crab apple tree with beautiful red berries allllll over it......I took some Home for decorations for CHRISTmas.   Little birds were hiding in the bushes. A very pretty and quiet place to spend some time. Auntie started playing the piano. She is amazing. She gave us a gift! I think it blessed her to bless us. It was a much needed rest. 

Oh and we did go for Late Night in the Phog at KU and did a little shopping. Also spent some time with my sister in love Linda and Tressa talked about her trip to Ukraine. God was good to us.

Have you seen the free kindle download from Gooseberry Patch their Thanksgiving Classics? It is free and beautiful for a limited time!  

I was wondering if you had a place where you like to go and visit for a restful time, where would it be? I love to hear other's stories.

Well I am not feeling well this evening........think that the weather change is going to give me a cold. Ugh. Not good. Don't want it. 

Please keep my Tonya in your prayers. Since she came back from Ukraine it has been a new adjustment with our Vitaliy. Now she is the Momma all day long..... with, need I say more? He is a sweetie , just trying to see what boundaries he can push. She won't disappoint him!!!!!!!!!!! She is a good Momma! Thank you so much! 

Blessings and hugs, 



  1. what a truly delightful time.
    thankful for this needed refreshment.
    may the effects last long through the week!

    praying for vitaliy .. and all concerned. :o)


  2. What a wonderful trip.
    This summer I had the wonderful pleasure of going to my aunts 90th birthday in Kentucky. We also went to Ohio. I spent the week visiting and meeting family. Talking ,eatting and laughing. Learning about my heritage and my precious grandmother. It was the best trip of my life.
    Praying for your dear daughter in love and new grandson.
    Love & JOY Trace

  3. So glad you were able to take a break and be with some wonderful folks whom you love. Ours will, God willing, be a trip to Florida over Thanksgiving to visit my dh's sister and my sister. You are loved!

  4. Linda,

    I am praying for Tonya and the rest of the family -- and especially for Vitaliy that he will soon come to understand God's love for him and trust Jesus as his Savior.

    So thankful you could get away for a restful break.

    My favorite place to recharge my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical batteries is a small lake way up in northern New Hampshire. We have been there in every season (even with ice on the lake) and love to rent a cabin where we can just rest and renew. We love to sit on the dock by the lake for our time with the Lord and just soak in the beauty of His creation. It's quiet and beautiful and we think it's the most restful place on earth!

  5. Just found your blog,love it, thank you !!!!

  6. Prayers for your sweet family and prayers that you are feeling better too! Your visit with your friends sounded WONDERFUL -- what a blessing! Take care!


  7. Oh Linda I am so glad you were able to "get away" for the weekend. This is something a person needs every so often and to be blessed by such lovely and godly people is amazing to say the least.. Yes, we use to go and visit a couple who were just so lovely and kind. They greeted us with open arms and a warm 'home cooked' meal each time we entered their house. She raised the most beautiful flowers I ever saw in my life. So effortless it seemed. We both miss them, one has gone on to be with the Lord, the other is in a care facility and we still visit her whenever we can. But I still can close my eyes and escape to their home whenever I want some peacefulness in my life.

    Bless you dear all continue to be in my prayers...

    xoxo Gert

  8. So glad you could get away for a rest, Linda.
    When I need to get away, we usually go to the hill country of Tx. I love to sit by a shallow river and listen to the water rushing over the rocks or to wade in the stream if the weather is right. Then go to a little country town and into the old country store there. It takes me back to a peaceful time.
    I will pray with the other ladies for your family. God bless ~

  9. Linda,

    So happy that you had a fun, relaxing weekend :) The pics of the sweet ladies are so cute.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon so you can enjoy your weekend at home :)

    Will definitely pray for Tonya. That is quite an adjustment, but know she is a great momma.

    Talk to you soon :D



  10. I am praying for your family. Vitaly will push the limit as far as he can! We know we raised children ourselves. He is a beautiful child and God will work in his life. You knwo that already!
    I am glad you had your mini vacation. What a blessing!
    Love to you! Anne


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