Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KoKo Is Growing Up So Fast!

Good evening sweet ladies.........thought we were going to get some rain tonight...... so I ran around trying to get some things done with the animals before it did. 

Momma and baby

I was sitting out in the hay shed watching Echo and Koko a bit. They were standing in front of me and this is what I saw. Notice the whiskers? I love Koko's. Thought you might like to see how Koko is growing up so fast! She is going to be a big horse Taylor said! They sure look alike don't they? 

Not much happenin' tonight.......real peaceful evening. Hope same was for you!

Really enjoyed getting to know everyone on Prairie Flower Facebook tonight a little bit better. Thank you for all who joined in. I think I need to do that more often. Enjoyed allllll the comments!

God Bless and hugs from my farm to your HOME!



  1. Koko is precious. Isn't it fun to watch them grow??

  2. I pray God blesses your family and your day Linda! Koko is really growing up.

    I'm using anonymous to sign in cause blogger isn't working here.

    Hugs XX

  3. I LOVE horses! They do look a lot alike and I love, love, love their whiskers :D

  4. Oh Linda I just love this picture... Koko really is growing & yesnshe looks a lot like her Mommy! So glad you are finally having some peace on the farm! You deserve it !


  5. Hi Sisser! Love the picture of Koko and momma. So precious. You won't believe this, but I shave my horses whiskers. I know I'm crazy, but they love it. I think it is the vibration that they like. If you try it....you should be really careful. Just turn on the razor and place it on them backwards at first. I now shave my friends horses whiskers too! He thinks I'm crazy. First started shaving the horses when my girls were "showing" their horses.

  6. Wow, Linda, love the photo, so sweet!

    Is Tressa about rested up?


  7. Hi Linda
    Your horses are just lovely! I've been meaning to visit here for the last week to see how the travellers arrival went ~ unfortunately it's only now that I've found the time ~ as they say ' better late than never'. Just wanted to say "Hi" before I scroll down!
    Have a lovely weekend

  8. Those horses are beautiful. My middle daughter has always wanted to ride a horse. She is such a character. She spent four hours preparing and baking three pumpkins pies from scratch! She is a good kid.
    Your farm is such a good life. You are so happy! :)


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