Monday, October 10, 2011

She is Home!

Hello sweet ladies,

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It is so nice to have our girl home. We have enjoyed her pictures and her stories. It was different for her..... no dryers to dry their clothes and outhouses at different times (they were something else)....they were something she was definitely not used to! 

She found a water pump right on the side walk in Sumy.

She did well and enjoyed her time so much and would have stayed longer if she could have! I thought you might enjoy one of her last posts on her kind of sums up her time and what the Lord had impressed on her as she was there. Blessed her Daddy and this Momma. I think we all changed big time on Vitaliy's adoption. I know I see things differently now from the stories she has shared and just what I experienced as she was not with us. I truly am so thankful for all the prayers that went up on our families behalf. I was not once scared that she was there. Amazing to me! I thought I would be. Here is a post from one of the last days she was going to be in Kiev.

"A Little Babushka" 

Whether it's the orphan without a family, the beggar looking through the dumpster in Sumy. Just looking for food to make it through another day or the sweet little babushka sitting on the steps of a beautiful cathedral with a small cup with a few coins in the bottom. Or the ramshackle houses in the small villages. So many times I have an urge to look away. To close my eyes. Innocence is bliss after all. Or so they say. Every time I have the urge to look away, this song (she had written out the lyrics to a song by Needtobreathe, called Keep Your Eyes Open) comes to mind. So I'm learning to keep my eyes open. I can't always do anything to fix what I see, but I can sure pray. I can smile. Even if they don't smile back.

So keep your eyes open . If you don't, you'll miss out on what God has to show you.
In Him,

Tonya, Vitaliy and Tressa

This pic is one when they were leaving to go to Kiev and soon to be coming Home. 

Well I think our girl grew closer to her Lord. It is always exciting when a parent can see the baton being handed over. I knew that He would do something special...........we can always count on Him when we pray!

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Thank you for all the sweetness that was left on the last post. I sooooo appreciate it!

Hugs to your day!



  1. What a blessing it was to be able to be here from the beginning to the FINAL homecoming...Praying that all continues to work according to His will and good purpose...
    Hugs to you my Sweet friend

  2. I like that song. Help me Lord to keep my eyes open - Thanks for the great post from you daughter. Blessings from Wisconsin

  3. What a lovely post from Tressa! And that is such a sweet pic of the three of them. :-)

  4. Sweet pictures and post from Tressa. So happy your family is home, Linda.

  5. I am so glad you have all your family together.
    Many blessings to you and yours!

  6. Oh is such a blessing to have your family home and to be able to share some of their experiences with all of us!! Love the picture of all three of them!!!!

    xoxo Gert

    PS I used one of your pictures from last year on my blog tonight...thank you!!!

  7. Beautifully shared ~ thank you!

  8. This was very beautiful. Thank you Linda, for sharing with us!


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