Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winter Is In The Air!!!!!!!!!!

Hi sweet ladies,

Oh man is it ever cold outside.......and tonight it is going to be even colder. We saw that it was going to freeze.........so when the girls and I got home from the bakery, we hurried and got into our warm clothes and went headed out to the garden to pick all the tomatoes. We have been waiting for as long as we could so they would get as red as the could get before picking them. We picked all the green ones so we can make our favorite recipe of Green Tomato Relish for CHRISTmas gifts. Tie a red ribbon and hang a tag put the jar in a basket with a bag or corn chips and you have a nice gift. Maybe you could put in some packages of cider and some decorative napkins. Has anyone else been thinking about the gifts they are going to make for CHRISTmas? I have been pinning some pics to my Pinterest for months. Thought I would show you some of my finds in case you might like to do the same thing. I also have some decorating ideas I would like to do to make the house festive.

CHRISTmas and Winter is one of my very favorite times of the year. I love starting early to get the gifts done......so I will be starting real soon.

Here are a few of my ideas! This is from........ 

used this one picture by permission

One more thing.............

I just think this is the cutest! I want to make heart shape marshmallows wrap them in cellophane bags with a red check homespun ribbon tied with a tag......also homemade hot cocoa mix in a jar. Cute idea? Oh and you could put all in a basket with come cute mugs........perfect.......going to do it.......can't tell who it is for......they might read my blog.

Well, if you have any ideas send us over to your blog..........I would love to see and I am sure my sweet Prairie Farm Girls would love to see also!

One more thing........today we had over 3000 visitors.......thank you Gooseberry Patch. Now.......... if any of you come back......please leave a comment. We would love to meet you. I had about 70 downloads on my tea cozy! 

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  1. Hello Sweet friend...
    We are still in the high 90's low 100's... Can you believe it..It makes it a bit difficult to get into the Season... : ) but you sure have helped that a bit with all these delightful holiday treats and designs....

    Blessings to you and yours

  2. Love the headbands, Linda! I'm sure my 13 year old will love making these for friends.

  3. Love you, and will be calling you. thanks for the inspiration...miss you.

  4. Such cute ideas! Love the headbands too! It's cold here too. But I rode my horse in cowboy boots and capris!(that doesn't look like it's spelled right, but you get my drift right?) Gene didn't dare laugh at me, but I think my horse did. Love you guys. Shanny

  5. What great ideas! :) I'm making a few gifts. New aprons for my oldest daughter and daughter in law. Along with some homemade dish cloths and some towels for the kitchen that I've embroidered. Putting it in a basket that will fit nice in there kitchen to hold them by there sink. Hope you have a wonderful day, thank you for visiting my blog.

  6. Love the ideas, Linda! Those pumpkin pin cushions are adorable! You find the best ideas! **hugs**

    Carmen at Old House Kitchen

  7. You've shared some wonderful ideas today. PLEASE! Don't say winter is in the air. I want to enjoy FALL. ~big smile~

    I always enjoy visiting you here at the farm.

    It's cold this morning in Carthage, MO; but, no frost yet.

  8. It's chilly here too Linda, but we haven't had an actual killing frost yet. In the high 30s is as low as we've had so far.

    I try to craft for Christmas all year long, and even have a Christmas blog for that purpose. You can check it out here:Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen. Love your ideas, especially the headbands ... think my older two granddaughters would love them! And love the hot cocoa/homemade marshmallow idea too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cute, Cute Pins....I am just now getting into this and still have a lot to learn...

    It's a wee bit cooler here, (which I am loving)
    Stay warm....

  10. Praying for Tonya and V....it will all be fine! Time time time! Adjustments will work out.
    Love all your cute cute ideas for Christmas!! So adorable.
    I can't believe how cold it has got! I'm not ready yet! But warming up next week...YIPPEE!
    I have exciting news....come visit my blog! I'm tickled!

  11. Love the cute ideas, especially the pin cushions, they are darling, and the heart shaped marshmellow. So cute!
    Temperatures here are dropping. Love the nice cool air. I am airing the house.
    Love you ~

  12. Oh Linda...how I love your posts!! This is the cooler time isn't it?? We went for a walk this morning and saw frozen water on a neighbors bird bath. I'm putting a picture up on my blog tonight of it:) Your picture ideas are so fun!! Love the camera holder as well as those pin cushions.. (cute!) Can't wait to see your green tomatoe perserves! I'm sure they will be 'cute' too, when you dress them all up!

    I'm hoping to can some bread for Christmas gifts. My daughter sent me one last year, it was amazing and I'd never heard of it before. Once I type up the recipe I will share it on my blog with you!

    xoxo Gert

  13. LOVED the headband and the double oven mitt. So wish I could sew!

  14. Thanks for pics and those links Linda. I have to try to figure out the Pinterest thing. Of course I love the oven mitts, perfect for gifts and the hope chest too. I've made shaped marshmallows for chocolate and Miss Abigail thinks they are wonderful. It certainly dresses up a common breakfast drink at our house. We're still enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer at home in NM, but we're in Idaho awaiting the birth of our second grandson. It is chilly here!

  15. Love your blog & freebies! I have been wanting to try making marshmallows, what a great idea to make them into heart shapes! What a great CHRISTmas gift idea with one of my hot cocoa recipes! Put them in a basket & poof! Gift done! Whats more special than a homemade gift!

  16. Linda you are a generous soul. I love that pumpkin pin cushion! So Sweet! Do you have a pattern for a tea pot cozy?
    Hugs and Blessings to you and yours


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