Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Words.............they can make a difference!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

Thank you for all the sweet was such a fun day had by our guests. They sat for hours under the dark stars........alone with their Lord. I am going to take my sweet man out there some evening.......every time I try we get grand children.......heehee! The little refuge cabin is being used in a sweet way makes my heart dance for JOY! Asking the Lord to continue to bring those He wants to experience it! Are you one? Oh and please pray that the Lord will provide electricity out to the cabin. It will have to be a we just ask Him! Thanks for joining in with us. You ladies are my favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD!

For sometime I have wanted to write on "our words". Yesterday I received a comment from a precious lady. After reading it my heart was so sad for her........and at the same time I knew that the Lord would grow her during this time. She can come out of this more sensitive towards others and use "words of kindness at all times".  The key when things like this happen to us though......... is to not let bitterness enter our heart towards that person!!!!!!!! Best to tell the Lord about the situation and let Him work out the details. He is always waiting for us to run to Him in situations that hurt us........... to do only what He can do and will do when we ask! 

I am sure all of you have had situations that have happened in your life just like this. I know I have and my prayer time seems to grow in those times and my need for help!!!!! I am so thankful for a Father in Heaven who is always there to help get us through the rough situations.......and will get us on the other side. I saw the verse different this morning as I read it........I thought of the words "unwholesome talk".........that could be untrue  accusations (who knows what is going behind closed doors).......unkind words........I thought it was talking about profanity......but it is more! It is how I might talk to my sweet husband or precious children...... anyone for that matter. I have this memorized, but now I will think differently. 

Ladies we can change our world for the good with our words.......let's think on this...........this SONday!!!!!!!! There will
be very hard times here on is how we choose to handle
them.......our way or HIS! God please help us to choose You every time!!!!!!

Oh..... one more thing..........someone told my husband that he should be doing something different with his life the other day. Said something different than flipping hamburgers and cutting is the Grill Man at the college.......not not glamours at all and he knows it...............but he is in the will of God Almighty! I think of Hudson Taylor who was a missionary to the Chinese people and he dressed just like they dressed so they would listen about his Jesus.  Last night we went to a basketball game at the college we serve at.........after........ the young men started coming up one by sweet man has been serving them one by one......making the hamburgers "just right"for each of them. One told him it was better than Applebees!!!!!!!  They love him a lot........he was encouraging them, told them about a book on Spiritual Leadership and if they wanted a devotion of His Utmost For His Highest devotional....he would send it to them. The job may not be what he would have chosen to do..farming was his heart........but grill man at the college is where he has our family. God has used it to make him into a SERVANT OF CHRIST not to please man, but to please God! I am so proud of him and to think the Lord lets me still be by his side being his helpmate...... when ever he needs help and to watch the amazing things that only Christ can do. I hope he can keep flipping burgers...........for the ONE AND ONLY and have JOY in his heart as he serves his Father with his best! Had to say that words........ even if they are not kind can be turned into beauty in the LORD'S economy of life!!!!!!!! 

Hugs from my farm for one more day.......then it is off to serve my God who loves our college kids more than we ever could imagine!

Have a sweet day sweet ladies!



  1. I can see that you and your husband are spreading the Good News and caring for people you meet. You sound so nurturing, it would be fun to meet you in person. Your refuge cabin sounds like it is a blessing for all who visit or stay there. Your hubby is right where he is meant to be, flipping hamburgers and sharing wisdom.

  2. Your blog is so inspirational. Everytime I read it I am so touched. You are truly serving the Lord, your blog touches me and I feel his love around me. Thank you for your blessed blog. I read it every day and you are a godsend to me. God Bless you

  3. I agree with the ladies above. You and your hubby are right where God wants you and what better place to be! Your blog is a ministry too. So many times I come here sad, and read, and my heart is made glad! It is truly a blessing from the Lord. Hope you have a blessed Sunday and good week ahead....

  4. Linda, I really needed this today. I am struggling with my words. I was raised to be stubborn and to speak my mind. I have used my words to hurt someone I love; it was done out of fear and selfishness. Now this person is constantly reminding me of what I said and how I hurt him. I have apologized, and I have confessed. I will continue praying that God will help me hold my tongue when I should be quiet; that the words I do use will build up and not tear down. This is all I can do now, all the rest is in God's hands.

    On another note: I love what God is doing with your family!

  5. My Dear Linda... first off I love your new are so gifted in so many ways! This post shows how much love you and your husband have in your heart and in your heart.

    God be with you all and keep you safe.

    xoxo Gert

  6. I just recently found your blog. It has been such a blessing to me to find someone praising God and talking about loving the Lord and using words of kindness at all times. May God bless you and your sweet husband and family and keep you all in His care!

  7. Hi Linda, although I dont leave many comments on your blog, I visit often and *so* enjoy reading all about your beautiful family! You are truly serving the Lord in such a practical, loving way and making a real difference to young people's lives.

    I'm hoping to find my way back to church, but am struggling with not finding a church where I live (in the UK) that "feels right" - guess I should just be patient?!

    Thank you for this post today, it has given me much food for thought.

    Love from Willow xx

  8. Hi sweet friend,
    Happy Monday/Happy Halloween....what an exhausting day at school with 19 little ones excited!
    Loved your post! My feathers got ruffled when I read that someone had said something so hurtful to Phil....phooey on them! They have NO idea the edifying he is doing and that God is smiling down on Phil as a servant of his and a proclaimer of Jesus Christ! The Bible says we will be ridiculed, huh? Blessings to you and Phil for the impact you make on those college kids. (And me!)
    Thank you for your encouragement every time you sit at the computer!
    Big Hugs to you,

  9. Loved, loved your post. And you truly are a great example of it. Good for your hubby being where the Lord wants him...and not where he maybe would choose. I live by and preach those words often to my kids in all kinds of please God and not man. They might be telling a little white lie about something...and I remind them they are doing it to please man instead of thinking about God and pleasing him first and foremost.
    So thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.


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