Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Create & Decorate Holiday 2011 Issue!

Hi sweet ladies,

It has been a few days since I have blogged. Lots has been going on here at the farm, with family and at the bakery, but I have missed you all bunches!!!!!!!! Thank you for the comments and emails! They make my day!

Some may know that I had a mitten design put in the Create & Decorate Holiday 2011 issue magazine. They are still out on the racks at the stores or if you would like to contact them they will set you up with a subscription. There is something in their magazine for everyone who likes to craft! Here is their blog that you can sign up to, really a fun place to visit. I have needed to put up a post so they can link their followers to my blog so they can buy the snowflakes.......so here is how to order, you are welcome to order also. 

Here is the Buttonhead Wool Mitten that is featured in 
Create & Decorate Magazine. 

I am the supplier for the little grungy snowflakes, so if you are interested you may email me. Please look on my side bar for my email addy. Put Grungy Snowflakes in the subject line please. Thank you!

Today at the bakery we baked with fresh strawberries. Thought I would share what we made. It is super easy to make. I cut the strawberries and added some sugar to taste. Set aside. 

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

I baked a white cake mix and used muffin tins to make into cupcakes. Cool Cut the cupcake in half, still leave in the little cupcake liner. 

Spoon some strawberries in the center and a dollop of freshly made whipped cream. It turned out really delicious and the kids loved it! Keeping everything right in the cupcake liners makes it easy to serve. 

With snow maybe coming tonight or tomorrow, I was trying to get all the girls into their pens this evening.........some decided they liked the tree better. I think they will be okay since they are high up and I don't think there will be much snow. 

Heard tonight that 1.7 million are without power during the snowstorm on the east coast. Please keep them in your prayers. That is a lot of people without electricity. We are already getting prepared for the winter months here at Prairie Flower. Make sure you have some extra food in your pantry and extra water! Just trying to think ahead of time.

Welcome New Followers..........you have been noticed!!!!!!!

Blessings and may the Lord bless,



  1. Hello Sweet Linda!
    It has been so very long since I've stopped by to "see" you....I have missed your posts! I stepped away from blogging (reading and writing) for a while to make time for other things that needed my attention. What a cute idea with the cupcake strawberry shortcake (one of my fav. desserts). Your snowflakes are so cute too, you are so creative. We had a light dusting of snow over the weekend, it's early for us on the East coast, so I wonder if that means will be a hard winter this year. Stay warm...I'm off to catch up! Thanks for sharing. Take care,

  2. Your mitten is adorable...congrats! Your shortcakes delish and so cute!

  3. your glove is beautiful and worthy of congratulations. I have read here in the newspaper about the snow in East Coast and so many people are without electricity there. Thanks for the good advice to stock up food and water just because we see that it is possible that the onset of winter. Although it's especially warm for this time of year in our country.

  4. Hi, Linda: The Buttonhead Wool Mitten is just adorable! Congratulations! Love your blog....miss it when you are busy! Your photos are so beautiful!

  5. Love the mitten, Linda. I'm not sure you'll have time to check your email, but thought you might look at the comments, so I just wanted to say please don't hurry with sending out my gift from the giveaway. Take your time. We are going to be out of town anyway.

    I have a very busy and stressful life myself so I completely understand you can't get here to post as often as you would like. This blog of yours is a delight to so many ladies. Thank you and may the Lord bless you for all you do.

  6. I absolutely love the photo of 'your girls.' Aren't they the sweetest things! I hope they did well in the tree, avoiding the cold.

  7. WHOOT! Congrats!!! Your designs are always so very cool. Hmmm...I see cupcakes in my near furture! '-)

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  8. Hi Linda, thank you for your most kind and generous comments regarding prayer. Yesterday, we celebrated 25 year wedding anniversary. We are truly blessed and thank you for giving me encouragement and inspiration to continue this difficult walk. God Bless you and yours and your blog efforts!Thank you so much, hugs.

  9. Hi Miss Linda,
    I wondered, since it's been so long since it was published, is it possible to do a tutorial or pattern for the button head mitten? I still need to make some ornaments for my kids.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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