Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Busy Day!

Hello all you sweet ladies,

I didn't get to blog last night because I had some sweet little guests on the farm. Two little sisters, one is about 7 and the other is 4. Two little sweeties that love our horses and any kind of party. I thought since I had some leftover chicken rice soup made from Sunday, I would invite the two little girls and their Aunt for dinner. I also had some brownies that Tay had fixed for our Sunday evening snack. Perfect! 

The sun was starting to go down and the sky was so beautiful!!  I had an oil lamp at the entrance of the Potter's Shed. They of course loved that and so did their Aunt. We stayed with the horse and they enjoyed petting him. 

We picked up the lamp and walked in the dark with the lamp guiding our steps. Course we had some little kittens that followed close behind. When we entered the cabin I lit some candles  and then we all sat around the table. We bowed our heads, held hands and thanked the Lord for our time and food. I prayed for their little lives.......and for their future husbands, that were being trained by their parents at this time. Some may ask why? My sweet man and I have prayed for all our children's spouses from the time they were little. It is so important.  The little girls were so pleased even though we were just eating soup and crackers. They kept saying, "oh this is so good"! Eating with the lamp and candles gave us all memories we were not going to forget.  The little chatter that went on was priceless.  One of the girls sang me a song....precious. It was about a little Eskimo girl......we talked about my life in Alaska and if I had ever seen an igloo. A night enjoyed by all. 

Hope all is well with you all. I have 3 more days left and then we will be on vacation. Can't wait! Lots planned to get some much needed things done. 

I will also be getting the house ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. Are you all getting to stay Home or will you travel?

Blessings from my farm to your Home and may the Lord bless you! 


  1. What a beautiful post. I love that you prayed for the little girls future husband. ~Violet~

  2. Linda you are such a blessing! Those little girls were so blessed to be ble to visit you and your farm. The blessing before your lovely meal had to just make God smile!

    Your picture is so beautiful...just shows how great our father is!

    I know you can't wait for some time on the farm!


  3. Linda this is such a sweet post! I'm teary eyed reading it. Your saying that you prayed for their future husbands...this is something my Dad (now passed) did every night for his children and grandchildren. It was so important for him to know we found "Godly" and good mates. I too have been praying for my girl's future husbands since they were tots.
    Thanksgiving plans: will be here at the farm with my inlaw side. Blessed in Wisconsin!

  4. It is always such a blessing to read our posts! I am going to wish you an early Happy Thanksgiving, we are leaving the end of this week to fly to the west coast to spend the week with my daughter and her husband and her west coast family! We are really looking forward to it!

  5. I enjoyed that post so much. Time spent with others is so special, people just don't seem to care to take time with or for others. Thank you for your reminder. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are all so blessed.

  6. What a lovely evening. We are staying home for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to having my kids and grandkids here. Blessings!

  7. Hi Linda
    What a beautiful visit with your little friends!
    I also pray for my children's future spouses ~ they are such an important part of their futures ~ my mother also prayed for mine. It brings a smile to my face to think of Mum praying for Dave when I was all of 5!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ I've got a busy one!

  8. What a blessing you are for so many! what a beautiful time we had. I can picture it in my mind!
    I am anxious to get my pretty red dinner plates out for our Thanksgiving dinner!
    Hugs Anne


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