Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Precious Day and we have 3 winners!!!!!!!!

Dear sweet ladies,

What a fun Girlhood Home Companion and Prairie Flower Farm party we had. Thank you to each one that made it so special. I did the drawing and I drew three ladies names. I will be contacting each one. 

The first winner is Sue D, won on her second vote. Sue does not have a blog. 

The second winner who also won on her second vote. 

The third winner was 

Thank you so much for each one of you who signed up! I enjoy promoting other companies that I enjoy and hope that you find enjoyment also!!!!!!! Jill at Girlhood, said that they can send the magazines out in digital form if you need. You may contact her here

I am working on the craft item for the next magazine. I will let you know when it is available!!!!!! It is turning out sweet~

What a fun day we had yesterday..... the weather was beautiful, warm and the grand children played out all day long. They have made a fort for themselves of sorts out in the woods on the back side of the farm. They have cleared it out and each has their own special space. We have had printers and old old computers out there to take someday to get recycled. 

The grandchildren are learning what it looks like on the inside of each! I am journaling their day for them. 

They called their station the "Science Lab"........

complete with their make shift Ipod Touch.......thought that was pretty cute!

Ethan built a table.........
                                         one of their Momma's provided snacks. 

Suction cups for..........

hmmmmmmm, not sure.......notice the apple in left hand...... a Grammie has to pray for protection from germs!!!!!!

Add Vitaliy and smiles! Memories being tucked in their precious hearts. Trust one day they will bring their babies back to the take over where they left off. 

Notice the toolbox? That was their gift last CHRISTmas. They have used it over and over again!!!!!!

A must.......clean the floor up before you leave. A note: to my grandbabies......thank you for being mine! You are truly my treasures and gifts from the Lord

Hope all is well in your homes. What a busy time of year! 

Enjoying my last few days at home. It has been wonderful. I started some baby chicks in the incubator. Turning the eggs twice a day 
(my favorite part).  I feel like a Mom! Went to candle them last night.....little tiny babies being formed on the inside of that eggs!!!!! They will be ready in time for CHRISTmas.......God is so good to me!!!!!!!! I love that He thought up CREATION......and He lets me be a part of it.......truly amazing~

Hugs to your you sweet ladies.



  1. So excited to have won! V looks like he is fitting right in.Hows his english coming along? I still visit grandmas farm,we all gather on sundays for dinner there.Such special memories of childhood and now the great grands are still having the experiance.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. The grandchildren will always remember these happy days on your farm. Love to see their smiling faces.

  3. Oh, congrats to all your winners :) :) I know they'll enjoy their prizes.

    thanks for hosting such fun giveaways :) :)

    Oh, yes, baby chicks are so adorable..little fur balls with legs :) :) Can't wait to meet the new batch of chicks :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Congrats to the three winning ladies, and it looks like your grandkids are having a whole lot of fun on your farm.

  5. Linda...congratulations to your winners! (lucky girls!!) Oh, your grandson's just had to have an amazing time...I just know it! smile... They will always remember these times with Grandma and Papa!! Oh and baby exciting! Can't wait to see them!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Congratulations to the winners. What a day your scientists had -- memories added to the memory bank for each of them -- riches!!



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