Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is Snowing right NOW!

Hello sweet ladies, 

It is wonderful is snowing outside and I am loving it. It is kind of dark so I can't really enjoy it, but just to know it is snowing is good enough for me. I read on facebook that some of you are going to get some also.  Please keep praying for the families on the east coast who are still without electricity. We were without electricity a few years back for 3 weeks. It was so hard!!!!!

Tonight I could hardly wait to get Home and start crafting. I picked up around the house.....finished the kitchen up a bit......and ran to the table to get started. I got all the little snowflakes down from where I had them hanging from last night and today so they could  dry. They are the sweetest little things......I want to make some for one of my little trees. Maybe put a little glitter on them.........I think it is a must! Do you do anything special that you make for your tree? I know it is early to be talking about CHRISTmas, but since I make so many of the gifts I have to get started early. It is my favorite time of the year! I just love thinking about the best gift........JESUS!

I will have my tree look like this again this year. I like to have it just white sometimes. I use an old galvanized big bucket to hold my tree in. It is my favorite thing to use to hold our tree up.  I found some fun little stars that I am going to make up for my tree also. I will show you when I get them done. I think you will like! 

Today at the bakery I made what I called

Snow on the Pumpkin Cupcakes

I found the recipe HERE
I used a shaker and shook some powdered sugar on the top of each cupcake............
so it looked like was so nummy and looked pretty also! 

Tressa made this for breakfast for the bakery for tomorrow.............recipe here oooohhhh my.... for CHRISTmas morning this is going to be a must. It was delicious and very very easy. Tress thought that it needed a cream cheese, butter,  whipping cream, powdered sugar and a little cinnamon drizzle for the top. It did add a lot to the taste. 

WE are so thankful for our work at the is so nice to be able to try out all the recipes that we would like to and we are getting such an education at the same time. The girls and I day dream about opening up a bakery ourselves. I would love for it to be on our that is a fun dream to think about. I know it is just a dream, but we can ask the Lord what He wants to do with our dream.  We have been using the computer to teach ourselves a lot about all that we don't know. Today Taylor was making Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. She didn't add enough yeast to the rolls. I did that one time when I made some bread that didn't rise. I got on the internet and looked up what I should do. It said to make a paste and then brush it onto the the dough fold it in and do it a few more times. I did that today for her and it worked perfectly.  Just a little tip that might help you sometime. 

Thought you might like to see this. The Hutch News found out that our family was building bee boxes and that we needed some help doing so. We have a chance to build 5000. It has been harder to find work then we thought. Anyway they came and did a story on their family and did a video and a story on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper. I thought you might like to see the video. Really sweet of V and his new Momma Tonya. Where it says Local Video scroll down to Ukrainian adoption fundraiser. Click on the words. You will have to wait a little bit for it to load. Click Here for the Hutch News! 

So nice to have some new followers today! Welcome!!!!!!!

Blessings and may the Lord bless you and your HOME!



  1. Dear Sweet Linda, you can keep the snow, please :) LOL, I s'pose a little bit might be pretty? The first one always is! The baked goods look delish! And I will check out the video. We will need some more bee boxes before next Spring! Had a wonderful first honey harvest this Fall! I'm hooked on my bees! Blessings to you and yours... Tammy

  2. That sounds so nice that it is snowing there. I actually got snow (6") this past Saturday, and many around here sitll don't have electricity. Wow!! 3 weeks without electricity , that must have been hard!! But it was so amazing to see snow so early in the season!! it was so beautiful!! I really like your blog. It looks so warm and friendly!!

  3. Hey Linda,

    Your pictures are making me hungry! And I love the pic of your girls roosting in the tree (from yesterday :) Your new header pic is pretty, too. Your blog is a feast for the eyes and the soul :D

    Wish we had some of your snow. We received over 3 inches last week and it made it feel like the holidays :)

    Love you,


  4. What a cute idea - snow on the pumpkin cupcakes! It's so interesting that the snow is going south of us - and so wonderful! We'll get plenty of it soon enough, and it won't go away until April! Still, those first snows are so beautiful and exciting and make me put the Christmas music on. :-)

  5. Your Apple Puff Pancake photo looks much more delish that the links photo :) Great idea for the frosting drizzle. You gals should be recipe testers for Martha! Wouldn't that be fun ? !

  6. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Some new cold weather recipes! '-) Don't you just LOVE to bake when it's cold? Thanks for the recipes.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate what you had to say and I can't wait to really dig into your blog and try out a few of these recipes. God bless and hope you have wonderful upcoming holidays.

    Many thanks from Southern Indiana

  8. I think your emotions in your blog are completely honest to you and your friends/readers. Thanks for sharing.


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