Saturday, November 19, 2011

It is a Good Day......Because the Lord Made IT!

My sweet Ladies! 

I feel like I fell off the face of the earth. When we have caterings at work it feels like my life is on hold!!!!!!! I had to make so many things because it was the President's (of the college) birthday. Plus we had to make a Thanksgiving Dinner for the kids at the college. 20 pies, and two huge (I mean huge) pans of Pumpkin Pie Crunch. They devoured everything! The girls and I were so exhausted when we got home...... every night. 

Yesterday I had to make two German Chocolate Butter Cream Tortes. Now I have never made such a thing, so off to the internet I went to find a recipe! I did it!!!!!! I can't believe I did it. I was so nervous. Now, if I was just baking for our family that would be fine, but the President? A whole lot different. If you would like the recipes that I used, here is the Chocolate Buttercream and German Chocolate Frosting if you would like the German Chocolate Cake this is the recipe I used. It is really easy. I put the coconut filling in between two layers and on the top. I also shaved white chocolate and sprinkled on the top. 

This morning was my first day of my vacation.  I was filling the sink with soapy water in the kitchen. Out side I could tell that Mr. Rooster was chasing Miss Shelby! Such a ruckus going on! Looked out the window and she had hopped up on the ladder to save herself from HIM! Heehee! Had to run and get the camera! We have the ladder up by the kitchen window so the animals can escape if the mean dogs come back. Plus the kitties always sit there in the evenings looking in. I sooooo love farm life. "Thank you Father for letting me live on a farm!" I am grateful, but of course you know see my heart!"

The wind was blowing major this morning when I went outside to open up the "Girly Hen's Coops" to let them out to rummage around the farm!

I came around the corner of the house, the sun was rising in the sky! BEAUTIMUS! 

Went out to the big coop. KJ was sitting in one of the nesters. A chicken walked by and pecked her in the eye. She started caring for herself, poor thing! 

Thought this one of her little tongue was so cute. I will check on her today! That mean Chickie Girl, not a nice way for KJ to have to wake up this morning!

 After I cared for the Big Girls, I went to the little Milk Barn (one of my favorite places on the farm) to let out the banty cochins. I was so surprised........look what I found .........

this little egg in one nest a girly made.........

and two eggs in a planter bowl I made up a few weeks back, just hoping that the girls would start laying. They did not disappoint me this morning. What a gift from my Father.......who is in the details of my life. I am going to start up the incubator today. They will hatch during CHRISTmas vacation. Not as good as the gift of a BABY a long time ago, but a gift from that Baby........LIFE! Amazing. Trust your day is special, I will have had you on my lips before the Father before you read this! Know whatever is in your days.......He has you in the palm of His hands and He has loved you from the beginning of time. 

Wonderful thing..........plain and simple!

"Seated where I don't belong" day I will be seated at HIS table! Imagine what a day that will be!

Heard this song yesterday, a favorite of mine! Enjoy

I love you precious ladies....because of Jesus! You make my days special that is for sure!

Have a blessed day~



  1. Oh Linda...what a lovely post! You know how much I love the farm life! We use to have a milk house like yours! Right next door to the brooder house! Wow! What great memories... Love your girlies and those eggs they layed!

    That cake looks amazing! And I know it tasted as good!

    I am so happy for you..that you are home for 14 glorious days! smile...


  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. I am so thankful to the Lord for leading me to this page. Sometimes the thought of seeing my Lord and Savior, to be at His feet, my heart just overflows as the tears stream down. I dream of living the farm life. My daughter who is four tells her Daddy that when we have a farm she wants to raise chicks and unicorns. I love the feeling of being close to God that a farm brings to my heart.

  3. I love to read your posts. They are so well written and inspiring. Thank you. How do I get an invitation to Pininterest? Thanks. Donna

  4. Hi Linda! I have just been wandering blogland this evening and somehow I happened onto your beautiful blog. I can't say exactly how I got here, except that HE lead me here. I'm always watching for blogs who's owners love the Lord. I hit the blessings jackpot when your blog opened up. Thank you so much for sharing both the beauty of your farm, your life and your love for the Lord. I'm going to wander a little longer now and I will be back often for refills. Hugs...

  5. Hi Linda...
    The cake looks so yummy....I do want to try making it..
    I love your farm life...I think it is so very interesting.. Get some rest and enjoy your vacation..
    Hugs to ya

  6. Good evening ladies,

    Going to be a fun week Gert!!!!!!!! Today was so much fun and it has just started! made me cry! Thank you for coming over and leaving a comment. I love it! I sure hope that someday you all can have a farm. It truly is wonderful!

    Donna, you have to send me an email and then I can invite you! send it to prairie flower farm at g mail dot com. I will get it sent to you. It is sooooo fun! Treat myself a few times a day!

    Stitched With Prayer, Thank you so much for writing and I am thankful that you found me!!!!!!! I hope you come back and visit. If you want you can get my blog emails sent to you every time I put one up. Just look on my sidebar. It is easy. Thanks for the sweetness!

    Shug, hi.......thank you!!!! I am going to have a wonderful time for sure! Life is interesting on a farm for sure!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of you!
    Hugs, me

  7. Your uplifting words were just what I needed today. I've bee sick with an horrible cold and needed the spiritual boost. I love hearing about the animals on your farm and how you care for them. I'm back to bed, but with a little smile because of you.l

  8. Lovely post Linda! I so enjoy seeing photos of your farm - especially love the little hen sitting outside the window!

    Blessings to you,

    Willow x

  9. Darn blogger wasn't letting me comment when I was in Arizona!
    I am grateful here because my son Nick made fresh chocolate chip cookies!
    I am grateful that you and your family have some time to rest.
    Blessings Anne


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