Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sweet Boy And He Is OURS!

Good morning sweet ladies,
Thank you to all who have come to join in on the Girlhood Home Companion Party. I have so enjoyed seeing each one sign up!!!!!! If you haven't already, please do!

Yesterday Vitaliy (our Ukrainian adopted grandson) was brought to our home. His Momma wanted to get some things done and so we got to have HIM!!!! He was going to stay the day and night (if he wanted). He is a little worker and loves to be close to his Poppa. He had to do work at the orphanage, so it comes natural to him. He helped his Poppa put up a huge gate that we had brought over from our old farm. V came up to the house to get me so I could see what they had done. He was so excited with his work! 

His other favorite past time on the farm is to catch the big old tom turkey. 

I have been cleaning.....moved a piano out...... Vitaliy thought it would be funny to make the turkey play it! Silly boy! 

Sorry not the best picture.....but you can see that their are lots in the Kansas skies during this time of year. They lit into our fields. Some are white Snow Geese. 

While we were outside you could hear the geese flying over our farm. They were going back to water. It is always so beautiful to watch them fly and listen to their chatter. You can listen to them. It is a beautiful sound!

This morning I had scripture going through our home. Vitaliy was listening, but I thought he is only understanding a part of it. I thought to look on the internet for Bible Reading in Russian. I found it HERE! Vitaliy listened and kept turning it to the next one and the next and the next. Blessed my heart as a Grammie to be able to pour into his little soul his Father's Words for "true" Life. You can go here to listen, if you have someone in your life that needs to hear the Word of God in Russian. Here

On the left side you will see the books of the Bible, click on the one you want to hear and it will take you to that book. Amazing! Thank you Lord that you areeeeee in the details of my life!

Well,  today I am off to go pick up those mason jars I was telling you about. 12 boxes!!!!!!! Can't hardly believe the goodness! Just when I needed new jars too! Hmmm, love it!!!!!!!

Don't forget to sign up for the party, if you haven't already!!!!!!! It would make a wonderful gift for CHRISTMas!!!!!! If you win it! 

Hugs precious ladies to your day, 



  1. I have been following the story of Vitaliy's adoption and pray it will bring joy all around. He looks happy on your farm. How brilliant you found the website that has the Bible in Russian.

  2. Vitality sure does fit right in, just like he's been there all along :D What a blessing he is!

  3. Hi Linda...Hope you are enjoying a super swell day..
    He is certainly a good looking guy. I know he loved it there on the farm. Blessing to each of you..

  4. I've been cleaning too...moved my piano yesterday - by myself with help from the Lord and a rug. It didn't fit where I wanted it...so I had to move it back. I've been on my 10 days without complaining...I didn't complain, just thankful I could move it and clean behind it. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family. Thankful in Wisconsin.

  5. Hi Miss Linda -- does my heart good to see and hear about how V is settling into his forever family :)


  6. Blessings on your all! I'll never forget the day our Darling came home to us. Such a miracle. I love adoption! I just wish I could bring home a hundred!

  7. Oh my gosh Linda, what a fun and wonderful post. Of course, I'm finding that your blog always lifts me up in some way. First to see Vitality, as I'm new to your blog this is the first I have known of him. What a precious blessing he is. I was smiling at every picture. I'm going to have to go back and find the story of how he came here. Then I watched the video of the geese, I love to hear the geese flying over...we had so many last month but they came over in smaller groups. Several hundred a day but I've never seen so many as you had in your video, WOW!!! Then I started watching other videos of the ducklings. They are so adorable. I especially loved the one of the duckling hatching...God's miracle of life always fills my heart to bursting. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Hugs and blessings...

  8. Hi sweet sweet friend,
    I'M ON VACATION FINALLY! I have been so neglectful in blogging and reading and commenting! But I have 5 days off so I'll get caught up! I know you have been loving your week and having a blast! I'm so happy for you. I'll be over to email SOON! But I wanted to wish you and your special family a very blessed Thanksgiving together. I know you are celebrating and giving thanks for that special V!
    Hugs Hugs Hugs

  9. Oh my dear Linda (Luba)...my heart just melts when I see little V! And oh how he does love his Poppa! I know it just does your heart good to have him there with you! Is it hard for him to learn English? I can't imagine..but young people are resilient aren't they? And bless you for reading the Word to him each day!

    Blessings & love..

  10. Love the pictures of V. What a beautiful smile he has.

  11. Love to you Linda! You are amazing and your family is so blessed to have you ! Your grandson Is delightful. What a boy! Blessings all around you! Anne

  12. Hi Linda,
    Aren't canning jars just some of the best things ever? I have a drinking glass that looks like a canning jar. It has a handle on it. It's really cute :)

    Oh, LOVe the photo of Vitaliy holding the turkey over the piano. I noticed the sweet, orange kitty sitting on the left-hand side of the piano, too :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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