Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cooking with Cast Iron

Hello sweets.......oh my what a fun time I am having with my littles that are in my family!!! They have brought so much joy and blessings!!! It sure has given me busy times and for that I am grateful!!! They are such sweet blessings!!! 

I have also been baking from scratch.....I cooked so much in the coffeehouse I was kind of burned out I think.....but now it is coming back!!! I have been using my cast iron pans so much more and love how they bake and cook up!!! Today and yesterday I made  rolls and Chicken Pot Pie!!  So so delicious. Wasn't sure if I would like the onion in the rolls......but they were amazingly good!! I really enjoyed baking them in my cast iron pan.....the bottoms were really soft and so were the top. 

Learning lots more about baking and cooking with Cast much better for our bodies!!!

I so enjoy the magazines called Cast Iron Baking and
Southern Cast Iron They are beautiful on the inside and the recipes are wonderful!! Here are one from an old Cast Iron Baking that you might enjoy. 

Cheddar and Onion Yeast Rolls Cast Iron Baking Fall 2016

4 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
1 cup minced onions (I only used a half a cup)
1 1/2 cups warm milk divided
2 1/4 tea. of yeast
1/2 cup of sugar
1 large egg, lightly beaten 
1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 3/4 cups bread flour
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese.

1. in a 10 inch cast iron skillet heat 2 t. oil over medium heat. Add onion cook stirring frequently, until tender. Remove from heat and let cool. 
2. In a small bowl stir together 1/2 warm milk , yeast and 1 teas. sugar. Let stand until foamy, about 5 minutes.

Bread flour Recipe
The recipe asked for bread flour.....I didn't have any and the roads were so icy I couldn't leave to get some. So I looked up a substitute for what I needed. 1 cup plus 1 teaspoon of gluten = bread good to know for future recipes. 

3. In a large bowl, stir together egg, Cheddar, salt cooked onion, yeast mixture, remaining sugar, remaining 1 cup warm milk, and remaining 2 tablespoon oil. Gradually stir in flour until a soft dough forms. Turn out dough onto a lightly floured surface, and knead until smooth and elastic, about 5 minutes.

 4. Spray a large bowl with cooking spray. Place dough in bowl, turning to grease top. Cover and let stand in a warm, draft free place until double in size about an hour.
5. Punch dough down. Cover and let stand for 10 minutes.
6. Divide dough into 13 portions, and roll each portion into a ball. Spray same cast iron skillet and cooking spray and place dough balls in skillet. Cover and let stand until double in size for about 1 hour. Mine rose in a half an hour. Preheat overn to 350 degree. Brush with water and sprinkle dough with Parmesan Bake until lightly browned, 10 to 12 minutes. NUMMY!!

Chicken Pot Pie

Perfect Pie Crust Recipe

Friday, January 18, 2019

It's a foggy day.....and snow is coming!!!

Hello sweet was so nice to hear from so many on you!!!! So here I am back on the and my dream......farming.....gardening.....remodeling......baking......knitting......asking the Lord what He has for my sweet man and myself. For me my NUMBER 1 is helping my that the house is just us in it. We are enjoying our time.....working and cleaning up outside when the days are good......working on buildings that need repaired....helping our kids with their children whenever we can and just daily life!!  We have lots of plans when it gets to spring....!!  Soooo that catches you up a little on what is going on at Prairie Flower Farm! 

Look what happened to our world yesterday........I have a shepherdess farm friend who has had five of my Momma sheep for some time to help build her flock. She sent me a was Momma Olivia......and her two adorable baby lambs. I hopped in the car and off to her farm..... it isn't very far from mine. I could hardly wait to get out of the car....she said they were over in the shed and that there was another Momma in labor so we needed to quiet for her.......we walked up and there was Momma Olivia with her patchy black faced babies....she had a little boy and girl!!! I started to cry.....I know stupid but I was overwhelmed with Farm Momhood to these two littles!!! I so miss having children.....I know that might be weird.....but I do miss having someone to nurture and so my animals are what I care for now and I love it!! I will get to have them back here on the farm this next week!! You will find me out in their shed getting it ready on Monday when it is warmer!!!

Before CHRISTmas I visited Rosa and Aunt Ella to take one of my frozen chicken that I raised this fall. After feeding them they ended up being 10 pounds. I knew they would love this gift...because a fresh hen is wonderful especially when you know what they are eating....better then the store. When I got to their sweet farm......on the table Rosa had a jar of her own canned was so funny that we both thought the same!!! When I got back home I placed my gift on the shelf for a special meal! The other night I put the chicken in a pan.....added a cup of milk with 1/4 cup of flour. Salt and pepper and let simmer with the chicken and broth until it was thick. 

Rolled the dough.......see my little heart.......????

I whipped up a  nummy 1/2 batch of egg noodles......having fresh eggs and a food processor makes the work so much in 5 minutes you can have them made up and rolled out it.....easy to start cutting. I made mine pretty......used a cracker cutter!!! 

Then I made mashed potatoes.....we love our chicken and noodles on the top!! It was so has been years since I canned chicken.....before spring I will try to get some done! So nice to grab a pint off the shelf for a fast meal. Chicken is easy to put up too!!!

Well I hope all is well.......a storm is coming our way.......rain and snow........I will be in the house working on my craft room......a never ending job!!! So foggy outside but so nice and warm inside!!!!!

I have 5 more calendars available if anyone is interested. Please email if you are......prairie flower farm at gmail dot com. They are  $24. and 4 for shipping. I do paypal so I will need your email address to process. If you want to send a check please email me that you are interested and put calendar in the subject!!!  Please do not feel any presser....I am just making them available to those who have shown interest.  I have a goal at our farm to build a small building....for woman and I am trusting the Lord to help me do that! 

Thank you so much for writing and leaving was so good to touch base with each of your lives again.....!!!! 

God bless your day and know that you are loved!!! 


Sunday, January 13, 2019

A New Year!!!

Hello sweets........a new year......and I can't wait for it!!! Life has changed for myself and my sweet man! 

We are back on the farm and it is wonderful. God has been so good to us!!! Trying to get things done that we couldn't when we inherited it. Got to work on the big coop and decorated it for CHRISTmas!! A favorite for to do!!! Looks so cute!!

As you know we did sell the we have been home since May.....we got to put in a garden and I canned lots of tomatoes!!! We harvested our regular potatoes and sweet potatoes......we got so many and our family is enjoying the bounty!!!

For CHRISTmas I was able to do a lot of homemade gifts and one that I did for my girls were littles was these adorable pompom garlands. So cute and easy. I wrapped my yarn around my three fingers 50 times. Took it off real easy and laid it on my lap.....took a long piece of yarn...tied it from the back to the front and tied in a knot. Then cut the loops all around. After all the loops are cut start shaping the ball by cutting and making it a round ball. They are so cute and so easy to make!! Decide what string twine you want to use......I used red and white can lots of strings now in all the stores. Thread with needle....poke needle into the middle of the can add as many as you want....and make it as long as you like. I made each of my littles a set. Just an idea!!

I do post a lot more on my facebook site. It is a little faster for me to get something up.....but I do want to write more here on my blog also for those who don't follow on fb. I have know idea how many from here still follow since I haven't been able to post due to life and working outside the home.  I would love to hear if any are though and  so if you could please just leave a comment in the comments to let me know you are still out there I would love to reconnect? No pressure!!!!! Also I just put up a post a week ago about selling a Prairie Flower Farm Calendar. I reordered because they sold so fast and have some still on hand. I also want to make them available to any of you if you would like one. You can email me at and let me know. I can do PayPal or check. I sold some 4 years ago and thought it would be fun to do one again. They are $24. and $4. shipping. I have 12 picture photos on the inside that can easily be framed. Please put calendar in the subject please. That will help me a lot!! Thank you!!! No pressure honest.......just want you to know they are here and available!!!

Thought you might like to see my Blue Ameraucana!!! She was a little last spring and she has blossomed into a pretty Momma!!! She lays blue eggs......which are so pretty! I decorated their coop......thought it turned out to fun for the girls and the Roo!

They love it!!!!

Well hope all is well......the Lord has been faithful as we walk this new adventure out!!! We are always asking what is it that He wants us to do. Praying about some things and He will lead!! Can't wait......and until then we will just keep doing what He has in front of us!!

I personally am praying for a building.......a Gathering building to do ministry with ladies and young ladies....or whoever the Lord has. I know there is a need for learning to start your seedling......planting a garden......sewing....knitting......building start a green house....cold frames......I have had lots of interest.....just need a place. God has the plan.....I want to be in it.....He provides. Can't wait.....the calendar is my start.....small start but we have to start somewhere. I am sure you have dreams also.....lay them before Him.....He wants to be a part of our everything!!! I want to be a part of His......He delights in that. 

Praying for each of you today......lots of hugs sent your way!!!


Friday, August 24, 2018

Friends that last a life time!!!

Good morning sweet ladies.......been a very busy last week filled with grand babies, grand children, gardening, canning and friends!! We had two of our grand sons and a friend for dinner.....I have decided that I am inviting them to our farm......I will feed them and we will get to hear what is happening in their life......they stayed for 5 was wonderful!!! I have time now that I have not had and it will be so fun to invest in their lives......they need us and we need them. Then one of my granddaughters has gone to college...2 hours will take some commitment on our part to go and see her!! We will!!! Can't wait.....I am painting her a chair and building her a bench. That will keep me busy!!! I know is it is rough out there and it scares me for her to be far away...but I am thankful for the Lord and how he hears this Grammies prayers and He will be all over in protection for my girl!!! She wrote me...she found a good Bible believing church.....she wrote how the Lord touched her that first night.......I cried through the whole message.......God had heard me...and He answered!!! Such a precious Lord I serve!!! I will continue to keep her covered along with all the other grands we have!! It is important that we pray for our family and friends!!! 

His smile.....her little hand!!

She thought she would just take his kerchief!!

Now how do I get up?

I also got to spend two days with these two littles and their Mommas!! We went to a was beautiful and the girls got pics of our time......they are so so precious!!!

Started picking and canning my tomatoes. I use a very simple recipe......Here it is from a past post years back. 

 I picked two big containers full!!!

Super easy, tomatoes, garlic, green peppers and celery!!!! Used my food processor.......ladled in jars!!

Pressure cooked them!
Here is an old pictorial Here

Cooled and they are ready for the shelf!!

Yesterday was a day for me to go visit my sweet friends that live down in the Beachy, Amish/Mennonite area. They are adorable ladies!!!

I walked into their kitchen.....memories hit me....dinners with the family right before Grandpa Yoder died.....Marian, Rosa's sister and my best friend sitting on the floor shucking corn while she was battling cancer....Grandma Yoder telling me that I had a problem with pride because I wouldn't take Rosa's fresh whole wheat bread....I took it and told her I was sorry......coming at CHRISTmas time to go to the tea room and get it ready for their family to have dinners and our tea party!! They all made me their own.....I was English and they were Beachy......perfect fit!!! How I miss all of those days!!! Thankful for the memories though. Rosa  had a jar of homemade pickles and a jar of just made fresh homemade pizza sauce!! She gave me the recipe!!! She also let me taste the finished sauce.....oh my delicious!!!

Here is the recipe......she sent me home with the bag of all the spices I need.....I will return when I am done!!! Love how she takes care of me!!

Their pickles were beautiful!!! Didn't get to try....but one day I will after they sit to ferment!!

I was invited to sit at their dining room table for tea......and homemade chocolate cookies......and I noticed the teapot......galvanized white and black........cutest!!!

Rosa went out on her porch and cut off some "fresh mint tea" as she calls it....and pressed it down into the boiling water to let it steep.......

videoed the she is stirring the tea........

our cups were ready!!!!  Aunt Ella brought in the cookies.......
now to laugh and share.......together all afternoon.......was so so fun for all of us!

 As we went out the front door I noticed all her beautiful white roses in front of their porch. It was beautiful. She had about 7 all across the front. Her daughter buys her the small miniature roses in the little see them on Mother's Day a lot.....someone had told Rosa that inside one of those pot there are 6 to 7 individual plants......she broke them up and planted each one. I AM DOING THAT!!! They are beautiful!!! Big too!!! I have so much work to do on my little rose garden and I can't wait to get some plants and start planting!!! Not sure if it should be in fall or spring!! I will see!

We walked over to the tea wasn't the same.....since Marian died life changed for all of more Tea Room parties......I am going back.....we are going to clean it up!! She has grands that need to have fun in there! It won't be the same.....but we can make it for the next generation!!!

The vegetation has taken over.....still looks pretty!!! 
I had not yet picked out my tea cup yet they were Marians. We had washed them a many times after having some kind of party!!! Oh the chatter that went on.....or the prayers that we prayed for our children that we lifted up to the Lord. She was a sweet sweet friend!! It was so hard to give her up....she died on the night before our youngest daughter got married. Marian wanted to so bad come to the wedding. It was a sad night for me.......but one day we will be together again!! She loved me deep.....I did the same with her. 

Lots of little stitches!

Before I left Aunt Ella wanted to show me her room. It was precious.....very neat and orderly!! Her dresses hung on a post.....with her bed clothes.....simple life! On her bed was a quilt.....her  Aunt (I think she said) made her the two color (my favorite kind of quilt) quilt. Precious.....worn and loved.......a long the top in some of the squares was written......Never to busy to Pray.......a reminder!!!

Then she handed me this blue rag.......she said would I like.....of course I would was the best dusting rag she said......I will treasure it and I will use it!! Prayers for Aunt Ella and her precious family will be said!! 

Do you have a sweet friend that you love and loves you back? It is a treasure for sure!! 

I would love to hear if you would like to share!! 

God bless each of you.....I know this is long......but I had to get my week journaled or I would forget!! One day I want still want to write a book.....hope my dream comes true.

Hugs to your day and know that you are loved by me,


Tuesday, August 14, 2018 has been awhile!!!

Hello sweet ladies.......oh my it has been forever since I have been on here......I have started some other posts......and then life happens......and when that happens.......I don't get to finish them. I have missed blogging for sure......and maybe this will get me started on a roll. We sold the coffeehouse......we are thankful that we can now give time to help our family and to be on our will find me in the garden and putting up produce and picking zinnas. I am so grateful the Lord has allowed this in our life again!!!

                It is wonderful to be back  H O M E and not working                                            outside the HOME!!!

For the last 2 and a half weeks we have been out with my sis in Idaho......and what a sweet time we had......I picked plums......then we put up plum jam. It was delicious and I got to bring produce and fruit back home!!! I will put it up when I have time after I get the things in the garden put up. 

Went to OHANA Farms a no-till while in Idaho........had such a sweet time.....picked blackberries and weeded an area for them to replant. We loved the place and the precious people. It was such a delightful time seeing how they farmed! Lord willing we will go back and we told them we want to help again!!! 

When we came back from Idaho we took a few days and went to Estes Park beautiful are the mountains!!!!! Loved it. It was such a sweet time. First time we have ever gone with just each other......different......but ever so sweet!! Usually we have traveled with our family!!! It is different not having kids in our home......we are learning! Not always easy still......but the Lord has been with us!! He is enough. 

We have been building things.....using my tools.....I love it. One item was a long long dining room table 9' 9". I have had the chairs reupholstered for so nice to have a table again. We will use it much with college kids back and for our family and friends!!! 

I started to build this little porch area.......we had at the coffeehouse and now I wanted it at the farm. My sweet man helped me put up the top I love sitting.........stitching or knitting! It is peaceful and a quiet place to sit at the end of the day!! 

This last weekend I bought a cupboard that was 7' tall x 4' wide.......lots of shelves and perfect for what I have been wanting. I have to paint the will be white......and I will try to change the look of the doors.....maybe build some new ones.....we will see. I couldn't wait to start organizing love cupboards!!! 
Like a lot!!! Behind each door there are 3 big size shelves.....perfect!!! I still have more sorting today of things to go on each shelf......I know it is going to help me a lot!!! Oh and it cost me $10. Now that made me really happy!!! 

For the last 2 weeks we have been getting rain......lots of it.......I am not sure on the whole amount.... over 7"at least.....we have so needed it!!! This morning we had a literal pond in our yard. The geese were all to happy!!!  It was a beautiful rain......took my umbrella and went out to the garden......I dug some potatoes for breakfast. So nice to have fresh from the garden! 

I hope all are well.......I hope I can hear from some of you and hear what has been going on with you......I love hearing from you too!!!! God bless......and lots of hugs to each of you, 


Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring is coming!!!

Good morning sweet ladies......just have to say I have missed you much!!! I do keep up on my facebook because it doesn't take the time that doing a blog does....just in case you want to come over. It has been a while......since I have said hello! Life can get so so busy for me. First off I want to apologize fort the photobucket square that is so not nice on my blog. If I want it off I have to pay a lot of money or take all my photos off. I will trying to figure what I can do or start a whole new blog at some time. Just not now in my life....but I am sorry!! 

We still have the coffeehouse and our children and grandchildren that keep us busy. Started my sweet potato slips in January and they will be ready for spring.......been sharing them with some of the old time farmers in town......they remember when they were young doing this with their their stories!!!

Our little is learning to be a barista at 4 months of age with her has been such a gift the last months since she was born. We love her and pray for her precious life!!!!

The coffeehouse keeps me busy baking, making up soups......made egg noodles and a pot of chicken soup when the flu was going around.......they went over well.......serving food......loving on Momma's and their littles.....makes for a busy life....

coming H O M E on the weekends are my sweet gifts from the Lord!! 

Love love love taking care of my chickie girls.... puttsing around the my greenhouse ready for my plants!!!! Can't wait to bring them home from the market when they are ready!!!

Some weeks back I started getting my seeds planted......learning a lot this year about transplanting. Have regular shop lights at the shop and everything is doing fantastic under them!!! The key this year was to learn about worm castings...... to buy if you are interested here  and learn about worm casting tea go here . I am not kidding this stuff is like pure gold!!!

The Roma plant on the left I had transplanted two weeks ago using worm castings in the soil. I had only so much soil to plant half of all my seedlings. I bought some more seed starting soil and had to get the seedlings transplanted....still waiting on an order for worm castings. The one on the right was when I got transplanted one week later in seed mix without worm castings. It showed me what I needed to know. I am amazed. 

Then I got to thinking what if I could make up some worm casting tea.......I researched and sure enough. So when my castings came in the mail...... I bought what I needed. Now I have done more research and if I really want to do this right I will invest in a bigger air bubbler........but I am more then satisfied on a small scale what I have accomplished so far. On my second batch....went around the farm and put some on my little bushes and trees. 

To make some tea up you will need to drill a hole in the top of 

2 cups of well composted worm castings
2 tablespoons of unsulphured molasses
5 gallon bucket filled with water.....or rain water. 
follow instructions above in link. 

I am going to show some who have asked how I start seeds.

Starting seeds is very simple. I was running out of space and cups and thought I would try using my plastic milk jugs that we go  through in our coffee shop. Turn on side so label is on the bottom. Keep lid on!!!! Starting cutting from the back top of jug "leave about a three inch space that you will not cut" in the back so it can have a flap. 

Fill  milk container half-full with seed transplanting soil. You can add some worm castings if you would like. It really is amazing stuff!!! Pat the soil down a little bit. 

Sprinkle seeds on top. Cover seeds lightly with your soil. Spray with a spray bottle filled with warm water.

IF you want to learn how I do my tomatoes 🍅 seeds go Here

I wrap anything I am starting in plastic bags and put in a warm place. I can used the top of my shop light.....I have also used the top of my refrigerator. Works great. Now wait until it grows. After the plant gets about 2" to 3"tall you can transplant into a small paper cup or I am using the milk jugs and putting space of about 1 1/2" in between seedlings. I think it will work great until I can get everything outside!! 

I have also been knitting for our new grandson (still in his Momma's womb)....still need to make him his hat. His name is Jackston and due in May close to his Momma and Daddy's wedding anniversary!!!!!!! We are so excited!!

The chickie girls are doing so well.......I am sooooo waiting for someone to start sitting and going broody!!!! Been spouting seeds for them......easy easy!!! 

I have been sprouting alfalfa, wheat, lentils and quinoa. Staggering them so every other day they get fresh sprouts!!!! It isn't hard to do ......just need a large mouth jar or containers especially for sprouting. Mesh lids or cheesecloth/a canning jar wide mouth lid ring works great too!!! Fill jar with water and let seeds soak for 8-10 hours. Rinse and allow water to drain out. Everyday two times fill jar with water and rinse....draining water out each time. Place jar on it's side in a slightly sunny spot. Watch little life happen!!!! Your girlies will love you!!! You are giving them good food and it only takes a few minutes each day!!!

Well......this is a little update on what is I am quilting and making some hen quilt patches and sheep and can't wait to get into my craft room to is a fun day......just know you are so thought of so many times!!!

Please leave a comment if you still follow. I know it is a wonder if anyone still does....and I so understand!!! 

Hugs and God bless your day!!!!!!