Friday, August 24, 2018

Friends that last a life time!!!

Good morning sweet ladies.......been a very busy last week filled with grand babies, grand children, gardening, canning and friends!! We had two of our grand sons and a friend for dinner.....I have decided that I am inviting them to our farm......I will feed them and we will get to hear what is happening in their life......they stayed for 5 was wonderful!!! I have time now that I have not had and it will be so fun to invest in their lives......they need us and we need them. Then one of my granddaughters has gone to college...2 hours will take some commitment on our part to go and see her!! We will!!! Can't wait.....I am painting her a chair and building her a bench. That will keep me busy!!! I know is it is rough out there and it scares me for her to be far away...but I am thankful for the Lord and how he hears this Grammies prayers and He will be all over in protection for my girl!!! She wrote me...she found a good Bible believing church.....she wrote how the Lord touched her that first night.......I cried through the whole message.......God had heard me...and He answered!!! Such a precious Lord I serve!!! I will continue to keep her covered along with all the other grands we have!! It is important that we pray for our family and friends!!! 

His smile.....her little hand!!

She thought she would just take his kerchief!!

Now how do I get up?

I also got to spend two days with these two littles and their Mommas!! We went to a was beautiful and the girls got pics of our time......they are so so precious!!!

Started picking and canning my tomatoes. I use a very simple recipe......Here it is from a past post years back. 

 I picked two big containers full!!!

Super easy, tomatoes, garlic, green peppers and celery!!!! Used my food processor.......ladled in jars!!

Pressure cooked them!
Here is an old pictorial Here

Cooled and they are ready for the shelf!!

Yesterday was a day for me to go visit my sweet friends that live down in the Beachy, Amish/Mennonite area. They are adorable ladies!!!

I walked into their kitchen.....memories hit me....dinners with the family right before Grandpa Yoder died.....Marian, Rosa's sister and my best friend sitting on the floor shucking corn while she was battling cancer....Grandma Yoder telling me that I had a problem with pride because I wouldn't take Rosa's fresh whole wheat bread....I took it and told her I was sorry......coming at CHRISTmas time to go to the tea room and get it ready for their family to have dinners and our tea party!! They all made me their own.....I was English and they were Beachy......perfect fit!!! How I miss all of those days!!! Thankful for the memories though. Rosa  had a jar of homemade pickles and a jar of just made fresh homemade pizza sauce!! She gave me the recipe!!! She also let me taste the finished sauce.....oh my delicious!!!

Here is the recipe......she sent me home with the bag of all the spices I need.....I will return when I am done!!! Love how she takes care of me!!

Their pickles were beautiful!!! Didn't get to try....but one day I will after they sit to ferment!!

I was invited to sit at their dining room table for tea......and homemade chocolate cookies......and I noticed the teapot......galvanized white and black........cutest!!!

Rosa went out on her porch and cut off some "fresh mint tea" as she calls it....and pressed it down into the boiling water to let it steep.......

videoed the she is stirring the tea........

our cups were ready!!!!  Aunt Ella brought in the cookies.......
now to laugh and share.......together all afternoon.......was so so fun for all of us!

 As we went out the front door I noticed all her beautiful white roses in front of their porch. It was beautiful. She had about 7 all across the front. Her daughter buys her the small miniature roses in the little see them on Mother's Day a lot.....someone had told Rosa that inside one of those pot there are 6 to 7 individual plants......she broke them up and planted each one. I AM DOING THAT!!! They are beautiful!!! Big too!!! I have so much work to do on my little rose garden and I can't wait to get some plants and start planting!!! Not sure if it should be in fall or spring!! I will see!

We walked over to the tea wasn't the same.....since Marian died life changed for all of more Tea Room parties......I am going back.....we are going to clean it up!! She has grands that need to have fun in there! It won't be the same.....but we can make it for the next generation!!!

The vegetation has taken over.....still looks pretty!!! 
I had not yet picked out my tea cup yet they were Marians. We had washed them a many times after having some kind of party!!! Oh the chatter that went on.....or the prayers that we prayed for our children that we lifted up to the Lord. She was a sweet sweet friend!! It was so hard to give her up....she died on the night before our youngest daughter got married. Marian wanted to so bad come to the wedding. It was a sad night for me.......but one day we will be together again!! She loved me deep.....I did the same with her. 

Lots of little stitches!

Before I left Aunt Ella wanted to show me her room. It was precious.....very neat and orderly!! Her dresses hung on a post.....with her bed clothes.....simple life! On her bed was a quilt.....her  Aunt (I think she said) made her the two color (my favorite kind of quilt) quilt. Precious.....worn and loved.......a long the top in some of the squares was written......Never to busy to Pray.......a reminder!!!

Then she handed me this blue rag.......she said would I like.....of course I would was the best dusting rag she said......I will treasure it and I will use it!! Prayers for Aunt Ella and her precious family will be said!! 

Do you have a sweet friend that you love and loves you back? It is a treasure for sure!! 

I would love to hear if you would like to share!! 

God bless each of you.....I know this is long......but I had to get my week journaled or I would forget!! One day I want still want to write a book.....hope my dream comes true.

Hugs to your day and know that you are loved by me,



  1. Hi Linda, so sweet to see you here. I wish we lives close so you could show me how to can. Next year, God willing, we will plant a garden . We put the grass in last weekend. ENough left over to put under my clothesline. I am so happy. Very hot out today so I hung my sheets. Ahhhhh........the most precious smell. I love a good tea party. Going to host one now that the grass is in. My grandgirl has two daughters and one son. My grandson Colton 's Jacey will come and my three girls and my grandson Andrews wife Tarrah. They have boys, three, so she needs some girl time. Hee Hee Hee! MY daughter-in-law and grandgirl Addy too. WHat fun we will have. I have been buying loose tea and have the cutest tea strainers. to make memories. You are very blessed with your sweet friends. My lifelong friend Lynette is 120 miles away. Since age 3 we have been friends. HaHaHa! Oh the memories, many precious ones with her too. we are hoping to put a cover on our patio next Spring. Then I can host all the dinners out there. My grandson Andrew works for UPS but he works with his father-in-law learning the electrical business too. They can come install an outdoor ceiling fan for me. LOts to do always. I don't have a lot of good luck with roses but I do have one from the Home depot store that was clearanced at $17 and it puts out the prettiest red/pink blooms. I bought some other ones that failed. So sad. I want a flowers only area next year. Oh I am always dreaming of what else we can do. LOve you my friends. SO happy you are here. HUGS

    1. Hi
      Anne.......thank you so much for writing!!! Sounds like you have been soooooo busy!!! love reading your you too!!!!

  2. It is so good to have you back and to see your grandbabies. I'm glad you are in a new season of life and can enjoy the farm again. I thought it was wonderful how God designed it for you and your husband to go out in the workforce together. I love hearing about families working together. We need more grandparents that cover their grandchildren in prayer. Thank you for sharing your life with us once again and giving us encouragement in life and faith.

    1. It is good to see you also our babies!!! I am so so thankful for the farm! Yes.....the Lord has always used us together and I am so thankful! We love it!!! You are toooo sweet!!! Hugs!

  3. Totally enjoyed reading about your adventures my favorite was the Beachy girls. How much fun they must be! Pizza sauce sounds delicious!

    1. The girls are totally adorable!!! They are fun and I love it when I can go be with them. More often now that I can be home!! The pizza sauce is delicious......will be making some for sure!!! Hugs to you Terri!

  4. Your grand babies are so cute! Mine are two, seven and ten now. Moved a bit closer to us! Thanks for sharing your time with your beachy Amish friends. I have one as well but she lives in PA and we keep in touch once in awhile, not writing many letters as usual, which I miss. I have a good friend who's my sweet friend forever and we try to meet a couple times a month, when her work schedule permits. I'd feel lost if she ever moved. Mentors and friends and feel so comfortable with her and thankful to have Tamara in my life. I made applesauce this afternoon, froze the 4 qts I made...plastic containers. Still have alot to use yet, so will try and cut up the rest tomorrow afternoon and freeze for pies. I'm glad your back blogging. Hop over and visit me! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Hi Becky, thank you......I am sure yours are also!!! Love having littles in my life.....makes it so so fun!!I love these ladies.....they make my so special.....we laugh so hard when we get together!! I just had a friend for 40 years out to the farm yesterday......she got to see our Jackston. Such a sweet time!! Applesauce is the best to have during the winter months....great on ice-cream!! Thank you so much for stopping by.....I will hop over!!! Hugs!!

  5. I left a comment but it isn't here. Precious pics of those babies. Enjoy all you can because it passes way too quickly.

    Charlotte Moore

  6. Dear Linda,
    Your dollies are absolutely adorable! What a blessing to have little ones in your life.

    You've been productive as usual!

    How wonderful to spend a day with friends like that.

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. Loved reading this, Linda, but just hadn't found the time to comment. Life is just too busy every day.

    I always enjoy your posts ... so encouraging and such a blessing to read. Glad you are still able to blog now and then.

  8. Missing your posts! Please update us!

  9. I want someone to build me a bench. Nice gift.

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