Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hello.......it has been awhile!!!

Hello sweet ladies.......oh my it has been forever since I have been on here......I have started some other posts......and then life happens......and when that happens.......I don't get to finish them. I have missed blogging for sure......and maybe this will get me started on a roll. We sold the coffeehouse......we are thankful that we can now give time to help our family and to be on our farm.......you will find me in the garden and putting up produce and picking zinnas. I am so grateful the Lord has allowed this in our life again!!!

                It is wonderful to be back  H O M E and not working                                            outside the HOME!!!

For the last 2 and a half weeks we have been out with my sis in Idaho......and what a sweet time we had......I picked plums......then we put up plum jam. It was delicious and I got to bring produce and fruit back home!!! I will put it up when I have time after I get the things in the garden put up. 

Went to OHANA Farms a no-till while in Idaho........had such a sweet time.....picked blackberries and weeded an area for them to replant. We loved the place and the precious people. It was such a delightful time seeing how they farmed! Lord willing we will go back and we told them we want to help again!!! 

When we came back from Idaho we took a few days and went to Estes Park Colorado.......how beautiful are the mountains!!!!! Loved it. It was such a sweet time. First time we have ever gone with just each other......different......but ever so sweet!! Usually we have traveled with our family!!! It is different not having kids in our home......we are learning! Not always easy still......but the Lord has been with us!! He is enough. 

We have been building things.....using my tools.....I love it. One item was a long long dining room table 9' 9". I have had the chairs reupholstered for months......is so nice to have a table again. We will use it much with college kids back and for our family and friends!!! 

I started to build this little porch area.......we had at the coffeehouse and now I wanted it at the farm. My sweet man helped me put up the top part......now I love sitting.........stitching or knitting! It is peaceful and a quiet place to sit at the end of the day!! 

This last weekend I bought a cupboard that was 7' tall x 4' wide.......lots of shelves and perfect for what I have been wanting. I have to paint the outside...it will be white......and I will try to change the look of the doors.....maybe build some new ones.....we will see. I couldn't wait to start organizing love cupboards!!! 
Like a lot!!! Behind each door there are 3 big size shelves.....perfect!!! I still have more sorting today of things to go on each shelf......I know it is going to help me a lot!!! Oh and it cost me $10. Now that made me really happy!!! 

For the last 2 weeks we have been getting rain......lots of it.......I am not sure on the whole amount.... over 7"at least.....we have so needed it!!! This morning we had a literal pond in our yard. The geese were all to happy!!!  It was a beautiful rain......took my umbrella and went out to the garden......I dug some potatoes for breakfast. So nice to have fresh from the garden! 

I hope all are well.......I hope I can hear from some of you and hear what has been going on with you......I love hearing from you too!!!! God bless......and lots of hugs to each of you, 



  1. We are on the same wave length, my current post shows the bureau I painted Heirloom white. I used two coats of primer and 2 coats of spray paint for the top coats. I like your porch area which looks very inviting.

    1. I went to your site Terra.......it is sweet!!! I love my porch area also. It was so simple to put up and can't wait until winter to decorate it a bit with lights along the top!!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.....it will be good to catch up with old friends!! me

  2. what joy you'll once again bring to the college kiddos in gathering 'round that huge table, which was built with love and will extend love w/o measure. bless you dearly... :) thankful you and your hubs were able to enjoy a snippet of travel and togetherness. ♥

  3. good morning Sherry.......aww...you are always so sweet! it will be good to have them back in our lives.....different when we had the coffeehouse.......we were spread so thin!! Life is more relaxed......well a little more relaxed.....I find myself now so giddy and running in circles because there is so much to do that hasn't gotten done!! It was a sweet time.....first time in 45 years of not having a child living with.......all married.......getting to know each other. hugs to you!

  4. So Happy to see you back here blogging.

  5. Good to hear from you, and, that all is well! Blessings.

  6. Hi Linda! So good seeing you here. I am slowlt getting back to my blog. My days so by so quickly, I start a post and have to save it. So at least I have lots to write about. I love blogging so much. I like to think of it as an open dairy so my grands can see this long after I am gone. My sweet hubby has the next 6 days off so we are going to be working hard. He and Rebekah are going to put some sod down. I like having him here with me. I hear ladies say their hubbys bug them. Oh my gosh, I think I am like my mother was. She loved my daddy's company and they did everything together. He adored her so he was always grateful she was right there with him. We have a bunch of projects to finish before the cold weather settles in. Grateful we have Zach and Rebekah with us too. Life is good. The weather is hot but at night it is nice and cool. Love it. Enjoying each moment. COme back here soon. Love to you. HUGS

  7. What a wonderful surprise to see this post. WOW!! You sold the Coffeehouse! So will you be going back to visit with the people you know there? When did you all sell? I always thought how I would love to see it.

    Enjoy all your projects that will be be doing now. The travel would be nice to do whenever you had time. When you have a garden you can't just leave without someone taking care of it.

    Hope to hear from you a lot more now.

    Charlotte Moore

  8. What a blessing to get to read this today! I just love reading your precious words from your loving heart! My goodness you have so many gifts and talents! Thank you for sharing! You are one of the reasons I check my Facebook page. I love to see what you share. You make me feel like I know you and I am your friend, even though we have never met. God bless you and your family!

  9. Your post was a pleasant surprise this morning. Nice to hear from you again. Love your table and chairs and the porch sitting area. Beautiful.

  10. I was so happy to see this post, Linda! I had been praying for some time that the coffeehouse would sell, and am thrilled to be able to add a "PTL" to that answered prayer!

    That little porch sitting area is just lovely. I can just picture it with little white lights added.

    The empty nest is very nice, isn't it? I love being able to reconnect with one another.

    Hope to see another post from you soon!

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