Thursday, November 29, 2012

We have Two Winners......and A Juniper tutorial

Hello sweet ladies,

I am so excited to tell who won the soaps. 

The first winner is 
She said, Good morning Linda! What a lovely give away! I would like CHRISTmas Morning and CHRISTmas Tea!

The second winner is
Nanny Rae
I need your address....please email me. 

She does not have a blog but she said, 
After reading the descriptions, I would like to have Christmas Thyme and Figgy Pudding, but any of the four would be a real treat. Thank you for having the party.

So it looks like each lady is getting what they wanted! Now that is sweet!!!!!! 

Thank you sweet ladies who came and signed up. I noticed that we made some new friends! You are all loved......a bunch by me.....but mostly Jesus!

I told you that I would show you what I was going to do with the Juniper greens and berries. I bought the main artificial evergreen wreath at Michaels. 

I made sure the wreath was all bushy before I started working on it! Then I cut the fresh Juniper green branch about 5-6" long and twisted the evergreens around each Juniper branch. 

As you can see by the picture I added as many as I thought looked good. I bought this red  homespun check ribbon at Michaels just a week ago. I made the bow and attached it to the wreath. 

It is hanging on the Potter's Shed door......I like it......a lot! I was going to hang it on the Girlies coop.......I will make another one for it! Thankful the Lord thought up Juniper trees with beautiful blue berries! He thinks of everything doesn't He?

I used a grapevine garland just like can buy one Here for $5.95 plus shipping. They are fun to work with.

I cut 10" long fresh Juniper greens with the berries..... 

then I took each branch and wrapped it with wire around the grapevine garland........making sure all the branches are facing the same side. 

I twined the garland around an old fence out by the Potter's Shed. 

Then I filled the front basket on my old bike with some clay pots and Juniper greens......added a bow......I like! 

I used an old galvanized bucket and filled it with more of the Juniper greens.......tied a bow around the handle......simple!

I have an old chair with this old coffee needed some decorating..........looks sweet and simple!

Gathered about 4 branches and tied a simple bow on the shown in picture. These are so easy to make! I'm thinking I need some more around the farm. 

It didn't take me much time to do this. The farm is looking like what I like.....Simply Country. I will do some more decorating this weekend. We are having company on Sunday. Some of the baseball players are going to church with us and also coming for dinner afterwards. My sweet man and I have prayed......and God has answered. We are excited! Praising the Lord big time! 

Well I want to get this post up tonight.......thanks for being a part of my really are gifts!



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decorating Has Begun on the Farm!!!!!

Good evening sweet ladies, 

I will let everyone know on Thursday who won the two 

Isn't this beautiful? I pinned this to my CHRISTmas decorations on my  Pinterest.......... I have all the pieces to make this up. Looks pretty simple to me. When I get home I work a few hours each afternoon to do a little decorating. As I have said before, winter and CHRISTmas........ are my very favorite thyme of year! One of our son's was born on CHRISTmas day......maybe that has something to do with it. I remember nursing him with the CHRISTmas lights.......a precious memory!  

I decorated this little scene on one of my shelves. My sheep reindeer have been a part of my winter decorating for many years. I found these sweet trees just a few weeks ago, I knew exactly where I was going to put them. Like the way it turned out! 

The other day I had been out by the Potter's Shed and noticed that the juniper trees were loaded with bright blue berries! I didn't have time to cut some of the branches....but I knew I would! 

So when I got home tonight.... with basket in hand...... I went straight out to the juniper trees and cut a bunch of the branches off. The berries seem to be more beautiful this year. Anytime I can use some of the natural items from the farm I use them!!!!!! 

I have plans for the greens and berries......tomorrow I will show you what I have done. 

I made up this jar last year and took it to the college........ 
I am taking it I'm taking a little Home there! 

Are you decorating yet......would love to know what you do special! 

I will draw the names for the soaps when I get home tomorrow (Thursday). I can't wait to see who wins!!!!!!

I was sharing with a precious friend the other day about a young man at the college who we care about and has never accepted the Lord. God had him working in the kitchen with our family for a reason and we prayed often for him. I would have to work by him at different times. His life style was different than ours......but we saw neat things in him and would tell him so. We would be very open with him about our faith in Christ...he would ask questions and we would answer. Any way he doesn't work there was hard for me to see him go without accepting what Christ had done for him. Before he left he told me that he listened to us and that we made a difference in his life. I said we would have something for him and would send it to him. Again I was sharing this with my friend and she wanted to be a part of what we were doing. We wanted to get him a Bible. My friend sent a check and it came in the mail today........she wanted to be a part of the blessing...God is good!  I will go to the college bookstore tomorrow and buy one. Would you please pray for this precious young man? I would tell him that we were praying that God would make Himself known to him....we will keep praying until our prayer is answered.....thank you so much if you join us!! 

Hugs to all you precious ladies!!!!!!!


P.S. Welcome to all the the new followers! I am so glad you are here! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Little Soap Party.....You Won't Want To Miss It!

Hello sweet ladies,

Today went by so fast at work. It was a sweet was really good to be back home though. When we were driving home we saw this big buck. He was out in a wheat field. Just beautiful. I was thankful I was able to get this picture of him. There was also another buck that was in the water way......with a doe we found out later. The second one was huge. 

I thought it would be fun to have a party for my sweet friend Judy, who has a wonderful blog called Cranberry Morning! We have followed each other's blog for some time.  You will be blessed if you go and become a part of her life...promise!!!!!! I have always admired her soaps. She has done well with her store called Homemade Soap'n'Such.  I asked if she would donate soap for a party, she said yes!!!!!! These are what she gave me for the party.......Olde Thyme CHRISTmas, Figgy Pudding, CHRISTmas Tea and CHRISTmas. SWEET!!!!!! Okay the party is simple. There will be two winners. Each will receive 2 bars of the soap..... they think they would like to try.

We will start the party now until 
November 29, this Thursday at noon
The comment will be......if you could have two of the soaps to try, which two would they be. The first winner will receive the ones they would like. The second winner will receive what is left.....sorry!

Vote 2
Leave Judy a comment and come back and let me know you did. Go here and leave your comment at Cranberry Morning!

So let the Party begin! 

If you don't have a blog....leave soap in the subject line and email me at prairie flower farm at g mail dot com. Thank you!!!!

By the way.....Judy has a "CHRISTmas Special" going on right now at her "store on line" until December 19. You buy 5 soaps and you get one free! I love looking at her pictures of her soaps. They are beautiful! Read the instructions on her store site to order...... if you like. Homemade Soap'n'Such.

Hugs and God bless you!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Day On The Farm!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

our farm is NEVER the same when our grandkids are here for Grammie and Poppa Camp! Memories are made that none of us will ever forget! After Thanksgiving dinner they stay for the weekend. We love having them. So far the boys have started to take the roof off off the front of the house..  It was damaged by a horrible ice storm years ago. The boys had so much fun giggling and chattering. They punched the roof with whatever they could find....... all boys!  

Our granddaughter Ellie made this dessert for us.  It was very very good......saving it for next fall. Here is the recipe Pumpkin better than.............cake.

In the morning we had Bible time....that chatter that goes on at this time is priceless! Then Vitaliy asked about satan. Poppa explained how he was created as an Angel and rebelled against God. Then we talked about the importance in reading the Word of God, so you would be able to stand against the temptations the enemy sends our way. We also talked about how when we don't read the Word we will get weak. It was precious to hear everything they had to say. Ian said that if we don't read the Word satan has an easier target.  Amazing......if we let them talk...and they have been in the Word......they have much to share also!
Here are the verses Poppa taught from.  

 The Son (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.  And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.  For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross. Collosians 1:15-20

Today the boys are working on their fort...digging holes for the poles...and putting up the floor........they are so excited!!!!!! Ellie and our girls are decorating and cleaning the house........thanking the Lord for all His gifts! 

Enjoying our last few days at has been the best vacation!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Grammie and Popppa Camp and We have a Winner!!!!

Hello all you sweet ladies,

Hope your time with family was special yesterday! We laughed so hard, sometimes we couldn't see! Much needed medicine for the soul for sure! 


After we eat grandkids stay for Grammie and Poppa Camp every year. We have done this ever since they were lets Momma's get things done at home and shopping done if they still having shopping to do. Gives us time to be with the grandkids one on one and for cousins to have fun on the farm together. Today we will be working on their fort. It is a bit cold, but that won't matter to them! Bon fire tonight (if there is no wind). We will be wrapped in lots of blankets!!!!!!  

Thank you to all who came and signed up for the 
"Decorated A Jar"!

We have a winner...........

Kim Covell-Campbell

She does not have a blog...follows on fb!!!!!! Kim please send me your mail address at my email addy. It is up at the right hand side corner of my blog. 

Hugs to your day!!!!!!!! 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks for YOU!

Good Day Sweet Ladies,

Thankful to God for all of you precious ladies. Life would not be the same without you.......He knew that! Giving much thanks today!

Trusting the Lord with your day.....I know some are going to have one less person at your table today and I want you to know that my family will be praying that the Lord's presence will be made known in a way you have never experienced before. Just know for sure that you are MAJORLY LOVED! For those who have their family with, may there be many memories made for each of you! 

Pies are baking.......turkey will soon be in the oven a roasting, mashed potatoes a boiling,  sweet potatoes and and brown sugar/butter cooking on the stove homemade whipped cream being whipped...........oh num. What a beautiful sunny day to be doing this all on the farm! Can only imagine what is going on at your HOME! Enjoy all the Lord has blessed you with!

Hugs to your day sweet ladies, 

Linda and family

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Decorated Mason Jar Tutorial and A Party Goin' ON!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Hope your day is sweet......been running around the house and outside.........soapy water in the sink soaking morning dishes......Girlies out of their chicks watered and fed.......Oakley (our daughter's new 10 week old lab) out for a little run, candles lit in the ready to do the Decorated A Jar Tutorial so you can make for your gift giving!!!!!!! You are not going to believe how easy this is to make......only need a few items  for each jar you make up.......

 one pint or qt. size mason jar ( I am using pint),

scraps of burlap at least 21/2" wide
scraps of fabric (choose your preference, muslin or homespun look  nice also)
small votive candle
8" white organza sheer ribbon with wire on both edges
12" x 3/8" check ribbon
old small button
glue gun
glue stick

 First you need to measure your jar and then add 1" (about 12" for pint size) this will be the measurement for  burlap, fabric and checked ribbon. 

Lay pieces on a table in this order with burlap first, fabric and then ribbon centered. 

Now to make the rose out of your organza ribbon. "Follow" each step closely........ 

 press one end of ribbon 1/4" ..........

be careful here, the goal is to get both ends of wire pushed gently out of ribbon, without losing one of the ends back into the ribbon. On the other end of the ribbon that has not been folded........carefully push out the wire. Watching that the other end of the wire does not move. Make sure you get at least 1" out and then bend wire back so it won't move while you fold back the folded side and get that wire out. 

Now you will have two wires. Gently keep pulling back the ribbon on each side. Now here is the fun part, tie each wires together into a knot, and pull. Tie two more times to secure. Pull wire to the backside and cut off with about 1/4" left.

See when it gathers up it makes a rose! Easy! You could even use this method with wider ribbon. Glue a old button in the center. 

The sky is the limit on making these. I will be making them for gifts. 

I will also make some jars with wires that has been wrapped with brown flower tape. I will cut a piece long enough to go around the top of the jar. Then I will make up another piece of wire long enough to make a hanger and attach to each side of the jar. Super sweet hanging from a peg! 

Now it is time to have a "Vacation Party"!

Someone will win one completed 

"Decorate a Jar"/ 
including the jar made up!

Vote 1
I thought for the comment it would be fun to hear a family holiday memory......scripture verse......or just anything you would like to say. 

Vote 2
Leave me a note at  Prairie Flower Facebook 
let me know if that gives you two votes! 


ends on

November 23

If you do not have a blog that is fine, please send me an email  at prairie flower farm at g mail dot com with "Vacation" in the subject line. I will count you in!!!!!! 

If you sign in as anonymous on my blog, you have to leave me an email so I can get a hold of you if you win. 

Decorate A Jar Kit
burlap, fabric, check ribbon, ribbon for rose, and vintage button
Kits available for $3.50 with $1.50 shipping, if you want more then one add 25 cents for each additional. 

I will also have a new design tomorrow that is homespun, if you are interested in that as a kit.

Send an email, if you want to pay with paypal and we will send out an invoice.

If by check or money order email me and I will send my address.

I sure have been enjoying my vacation!!!!!!!!

Hugs to your day and may the Lord bless YOU!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for YOU!

Hello sweet ladies, 

It has been a very sweet morning. This was my view out my front window towards the east........makes my heart smile that I am home.....all cozy this brisk morning! Didn't have to get up at 5 and get ready to head off to serve at the college......I got to get up at 6 instead.....

and went to let the chickens out at farm life. The sun was shining on the milk house.......on the door there is a sign that says simplicity......says it all in the morning on a farm before work starts. 

When I went to go check on Emma and Tilly....look who I found........Mr. Pippin! Silly cat.....he was inside the cage I have for the girls to go into to stay toasty warm. Pippin decided to take the space over....she didn't care.......she walked right inside and just stared at him.......this is the thing I miss most about leaving everyday and not being at home like I use to. When I do though it  makes me so much more grateful when I am HOME! God has been good to give us the job where we have breaks during the school year! Especially when I like can have some time to get ready for the holiday seasons! 

This morning I put up on my Prairie Flower Farm facebook the question......what is a favorite scripture verse? The precious part is the interaction that goes on between ladies. If you are not a part of my fb.... please join in we would love to have you! I can't believe the interaction that goes on between PFFgirls! It is a precious thing! 

Okay.....remember I said I would tell what went on at the Back to Basics that my daughter in love had at her home last Saturday. I have to say it was a time of "Sweetness"! We had ladies from the age of 13 to 60. The interaction that went on between all of us was a gift from the Lord. Tonya had her home decorated very beautiful. The theme was to use burlap, and fall colors. Pumpkins,  gourds, berries.....leaves, baskets....table runners made from strips of burlap and don't have to have expensive things. 

We had simple giveaways. You can find inexpensive gifts at Target in the dollar section or at the dollar store. Your gifts don't have to be expensive.......packaging makes the difference and ladies love to be pampered. Notepads/cards, room spray and candles. Easy! 

When the ladies started to arrive they were encouraged to have some snacks. Again very simple. Bowl full of grapes and strawberries. 

Tea and coffee.......look how she covered her thermos. CUTENESS! 

The snacks consisted of ritz crackers, cut cheese and sausage. 

Tonya and seen on Pinterest how to take a plain water bottle with the label taken off and replaced with decorated duck tape......isn't this cute? 

We went in the front room to listened to the Reclaiming God's Plan for Women. 
precious time is all I can say........there was lots of encouragement that went on through out the day. One thing for sure we have decided that we will do more of this in the future. As we do we will share with. Maybe you can start something like this fellowship in your home. Young and old were meant to work and learn together. 

 Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children,  to be sensible, pure,workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. Titus 2:3-5

Precious verse given to ladies from their Father!

I demonstrated how to make homemade applesauce,  how to grind wheat and how to dress up a plain mason jar to give as gifts during the holiday season. Great little housewarming gift! 

During lunch time we ate out of  little lunch boxes and we filled with homemade pita bread stuffed with leafy lettuce and chicken salad with chopped walnuts and cut purple grapes.  We also put a pickle, chips and a homemade Chocolate Chip cookie Dough cupcake courtesy of our daughters. OH NUM! I ripped a piece of cotton fabric into long strips 2" wide. Then I wrapped around each side and tied into a bow. I used old pieces of cardboard and cut into a rectangle. Cut the top edge to look like a tag, punched a hole and wrote the ladies name. Easy! my time has been getting away from me. I will be having the party tomorrow with the tutorial! I will make it fun~ 

Hugs to your day and thank you for being a part of PFF! 

New followers........YOU ARE SO WELCOME! You have been sooooo me!


CHRISTmas Soaps

Oh one more thing......I have a sweet friend named Judy....... who has a blog called Cranberry Morning, go here.......she is having a giveaway party! You must go over and see her soaps. They are truly the most beautiful ones I have seen. Love the way she presents them! If you go over......please tell her Prairie Flower sent you! Thanks!