Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hope you have a sweet DAY!!!

Good morning........

the sun is is going to be a windy day ahead of us. We will be having friends come out and help us with a water well out at our windmill. We are hoping we can reach water, it would help us a lot during the winter months in getting water to our horses......and it would help with our garden. 

I had hoped to get a post up......but time did not permit it again. I hope to have time this evening! This is just a little one! 

Here is a picture of my little fluffs! They are so precious and have brought me much joy as I sit by my sewing machine and them right beside me. 

Hugs to your Day!!!!!!



  1. Bless you for putting this post up..even when time is short! You are so sweet!


  2. You always have such a fun share! Your dedication here is amazing. My hubby is running about cleaning the house and I am here, miserable. I had to renew my drivers license today and even at 7 A.M. the line was getting long. My hip bothers me at night and that cold did not help me standing there. But my hubby was there and we talked to a young man and an older gentleman like us! It made the time go quickly. I think I got so cold waiting outside I am still feeling badly. Not being at work for me is a real blessing. It is such an unkind environment...but all in all grateful to have a job! Even with the stress! Hugs Anne


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