Sunday, November 4, 2012

Keeping our Eyes on JESUS!

Good Morning on this SONday precious ladies,

Read this verse this morning and thought how appropriate it was for such a time as this. So many hurting on the east coast, families without is hard for sure for so many families....young and old. I keep thinking....... if we help just one family in need, we could make a difference in their lives. Shining the LOVE of JESUS in a really hurting world is the key!!!!!

We had so much fun last hosting the college kids for a huge bonfire time! IT was huge and the kids loved it. The weather was wonderfulllllll!!!!! Not to cold... especially for November. Lots of possibilities came about last night for using the Refuge cabin for retreats and Bible studies. How precious is that? One kid said he would help us get the deck built. He knows how!!!!!! Ladies I prayed for 30 years for a Refuge cabin.....He gave it.....just in time! His Time! Can you see guys on a retreat.....sleeping on the deck under God's Heavens? They kept talking about the stars and how pretty they were......then the moon came up about an hour into the bonfire. Amazing beauty! Continue to pray as the Lord leads us as we love on the college kids. It is pretty precious to watch it unfold.

Well.......... I have to get ready for church......and then off to celebrate Tressa's birthday at a skating might ask...."are you skating Linda?" Yes I am!!!!!!! I will have 10 grandkids there to hold me up! Heehee! 

Hugs to your day and please take a little time to rest! 

Love you all,


Please continue to pray for the elections and for all who have been affected by Sandy.


  1. Oh sweet Linda, I hope you're having a wonderful time skating with your 10 grandchildren!
    Happy birthday Tressa!
    The bonfire is beautiful, you are really blessing the students and school!

  2. Hi Linda~~~Hope you are all having a fun day together! You are brave to skate:0). I used to a l~o~o~ong time ago. Skated till my toes were numb! Loved those childhood days. Praying with you for the storm victims & the elections. Thank you for sharing your heart.
    Love you, Linda Petersen
    Chino Valley, AZ.

  3. Dearest Linda,
    What a wonderful ministry God has given you and your family. Just seeing all those young people blesses my heart.
    You are truly making the most of every opportunity, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xoxo

  4. Linda,
    Continued prayers for you, your family and how God will use the refuge cabin.
    Also continuing to pray for Sandy victims. And hoping to find ways to help. So true if each of us do one thing? Makes a huge impact!
    Linda, read your fb post last night. I am sooo very sorry how the lovely day and Bday celebrations ended. I pray your son is able to get his truck back soon.

    Hope you were able to get some rest Last night

    Linda in Wichita

  5. Amen, I too am praying for all those in harms way of Sandy. Yep if we look to left or look to the right we will fall on our face, we must always look up, to Jesus where all our help comes from.

  6. Linda you are too cute for words! God Bless your beautiful family!


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