Thursday, November 29, 2012

We have Two Winners......and A Juniper tutorial

Hello sweet ladies,

I am so excited to tell who won the soaps. 

The first winner is 
She said, Good morning Linda! What a lovely give away! I would like CHRISTmas Morning and CHRISTmas Tea!

The second winner is
Nanny Rae
I need your address....please email me. 

She does not have a blog but she said, 
After reading the descriptions, I would like to have Christmas Thyme and Figgy Pudding, but any of the four would be a real treat. Thank you for having the party.

So it looks like each lady is getting what they wanted! Now that is sweet!!!!!! 

Thank you sweet ladies who came and signed up. I noticed that we made some new friends! You are all loved......a bunch by me.....but mostly Jesus!

I told you that I would show you what I was going to do with the Juniper greens and berries. I bought the main artificial evergreen wreath at Michaels. 

I made sure the wreath was all bushy before I started working on it! Then I cut the fresh Juniper green branch about 5-6" long and twisted the evergreens around each Juniper branch. 

As you can see by the picture I added as many as I thought looked good. I bought this red  homespun check ribbon at Michaels just a week ago. I made the bow and attached it to the wreath. 

It is hanging on the Potter's Shed door......I like it......a lot! I was going to hang it on the Girlies coop.......I will make another one for it! Thankful the Lord thought up Juniper trees with beautiful blue berries! He thinks of everything doesn't He?

I used a grapevine garland just like can buy one Here for $5.95 plus shipping. They are fun to work with.

I cut 10" long fresh Juniper greens with the berries..... 

then I took each branch and wrapped it with wire around the grapevine garland........making sure all the branches are facing the same side. 

I twined the garland around an old fence out by the Potter's Shed. 

Then I filled the front basket on my old bike with some clay pots and Juniper greens......added a bow......I like! 

I used an old galvanized bucket and filled it with more of the Juniper greens.......tied a bow around the handle......simple!

I have an old chair with this old coffee needed some decorating..........looks sweet and simple!

Gathered about 4 branches and tied a simple bow on the shown in picture. These are so easy to make! I'm thinking I need some more around the farm. 

It didn't take me much time to do this. The farm is looking like what I like.....Simply Country. I will do some more decorating this weekend. We are having company on Sunday. Some of the baseball players are going to church with us and also coming for dinner afterwards. My sweet man and I have prayed......and God has answered. We are excited! Praising the Lord big time! 

Well I want to get this post up tonight.......thanks for being a part of my really are gifts!




  1. Thank you Linda for sharing all your beautiful decorations with us. It's a joy just to spend a few minutes on your blog, seeing your sweet Facebook updates or browsing your Pinterest boards. Thanks for giving all the glory to God and for allowing Him to use you to encourage all of us! Hugs,Gail

  2. Oh my dear exciting! I can't thank you enough for this wonderful giveaway! And I'm so glad the second winner will be getting what she wanted! God is so good!

    Your farm looks so always you have decorated everything so pretty!! You are gifted!

    Thank you (and Judy) again!

    Blessings...and good night!

  3. Linda you are a talented little elf! I love all these wonderful projects you create. Congrats to the winners. Lucky ladies!

  4. Thnak you for idea ! very pretty !

  5. Congratulations to the Winners!! What a special blessing to you both.

    Linda, the farm is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your home.

    Have a blessed day, Regina

  6. Oh Linda,
    You have such a way with decorating. Just beautiful.

  7. Congratulations to Gert and Nanny Rae! Mmm! I can smell those soaps now! Linda your decorations are awesome, love those berries!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sorry I missed the drawing on the soap. Congrats to the two who won! I love your beautiful decorations. You are just the most talented lady! You can do so much with so little and make it look so good!!! ♥♥♥

  9. Congrats to the winners!Love what you did with the juniper berries! Sure have a magic touch when it comes to displays.Hugs,Jen


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