Friday, November 16, 2012

The Big Hunt! A Gift!

Hello sweet ladies,

This was a pic taken by our youngest son. He was sitting in a tree stand waiting for a buck......God showed Jarad His masterpiece! Nothing like being out in the open air early in the morning. The bird's sing and the sight and sounds are breathe taking.  I love how the trees are silhouetted in the background. 

Soon after 8 we got a phone call from our middle son Josh that he had shot a buck in another field. He was down at the lease and asked for us to hurry and come see. It is one of families favorite things to get to be a part of the boy's hunts.  

He was a beauty and huge. A good day for our son! 

Time to clean it! That's when I just went back to the house! 

I had things  I needed to work on for a party at my daughter in love's and son's home. She is calling it "Back to Basics". She will also be showing some Nancy Campbell Above Rubies, videos on Motherhood. Please be praying for the women that will be there. Thank you!!!!!!! 

Our first day of vacation was wonderful! I am so grateful for the time off. We would have missed out on Josh's big buck if we would have been at work. God was good to us! We appreciated it!

Hugs to your day! Just know that you are so so special.......
Jesus thinks do I!



  1. How neat you have the time off and saw your son's big buck and can help prepare for the women's gathering.

  2. How awesome to be there with your boy's,, God is way to awesome, his creation is beyond words......have a blessed vacation

  3. Wow!! My oldest grandson would love a buck like that. How many pointers??? Nice picture of the sunrise.

  4. Beautiful picture of the sunrise!
    Have a blessed week!

  5. I would love to be able to attend the Back to Basics get together. What a great idea! I don't have many women locally that I network with. It's always good to get ideas from other people. I save money by hardly ever using the clothes dryer (except sometimes for socks and towels). In the winter, I hang clothes in the house to dry. Enjoy your time.

  6. Your positive attitude and faith makes all of us drawn to you and your blog. You always have a thankful share. Love to you!


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