Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks for YOU!

Good Day Sweet Ladies,

Thankful to God for all of you precious ladies. Life would not be the same without you.......He knew that! Giving much thanks today!

Trusting the Lord with your day.....I know some are going to have one less person at your table today and I want you to know that my family will be praying that the Lord's presence will be made known in a way you have never experienced before. Just know for sure that you are MAJORLY LOVED! For those who have their family with, may there be many memories made for each of you! 

Pies are baking.......turkey will soon be in the oven a roasting, mashed potatoes a boiling,  sweet potatoes and and brown sugar/butter cooking on the stove homemade whipped cream being whipped...........oh num. What a beautiful sunny day to be doing this all on the farm! Can only imagine what is going on at your HOME! Enjoy all the Lord has blessed you with!

Hugs to your day sweet ladies, 

Linda and family


  1. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Linda. Sounds like everything's under control there. :-) My turkey is in the oven, the sinks are scrubbed, pies are ready, and I'm off to get a much-needed shower. lol

  2. Linda, I pray for a very special blessed Thanksgiving Day for you and your family, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do, your sweet spirit, and the way you lift us all up! I pray our Lord will bless you mightily!
    Our sweet daughter-in-love is cooking today, as I am sick with bronchitis that my grands had, littlest one is still coughing as well. d-i-l is going to bring our dinner up the drive way to us, so sweet! Sons are home for the week-end, such a blessing to all be close! Son's and husband watching football, I am resting.
    Hugs Linda!
    Carol J

  3. Our feast is over and I am a pooped woman. All is well though.

    I did get sad news from an email. A man that has been fighting cancer for a good while passed away this morning. He has a wife and small little boy. His name is Wesley Jordan. Please remember that family in PRAYER.

  4. Sounds like your thanksgiving was gonna be good. Ours was with family and then we went to see my mom in the nursing home...she was so happy to see us! No rain so my sis and family had no trouble coming from WA. I made flat apple pies yesterday and then one was barely eaten so I gave it to my son for his family. Then a bit later, my sis said we could have her pumpkin cheese for my other flat apple pie? Ok! Good trade! Have a good week and no.....not black friday shopping for me!

  5. A little late but the wishes are still the same ....Happy Thanksgiving. My daughtr-in-law cooked a 27 1/2 turkey toay. It was so deeelicious! Everything was perfect and it was very nice to be with our grandchildren. It was a wonderfu day. I sinerely hope that your day was all it could possible be!


  6. Oh Linda I hope you were so blessed! It was great being all together! It is going to be hard to say goodbye to Nick! His plane leaves at 7 A.A Sunday morning. But the school bus does not pick up til later in the afternoon. Sigh! He is smart though and I know he will be safe! Prayer please! Hugs Anne


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