Friday, November 23, 2012

Grammie and Popppa Camp and We have a Winner!!!!

Hello all you sweet ladies,

Hope your time with family was special yesterday! We laughed so hard, sometimes we couldn't see! Much needed medicine for the soul for sure! 


After we eat grandkids stay for Grammie and Poppa Camp every year. We have done this ever since they were lets Momma's get things done at home and shopping done if they still having shopping to do. Gives us time to be with the grandkids one on one and for cousins to have fun on the farm together. Today we will be working on their fort. It is a bit cold, but that won't matter to them! Bon fire tonight (if there is no wind). We will be wrapped in lots of blankets!!!!!!  

Thank you to all who came and signed up for the 
"Decorated A Jar"!

We have a winner...........

Kim Covell-Campbell

She does not have a blog...follows on fb!!!!!! Kim please send me your mail address at my email addy. It is up at the right hand side corner of my blog. 

Hugs to your day!!!!!!!! 



  1. Have Fun making precious memories with your Grands! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Lucky lady Kim! I am going to make some candle jars. I will send you a pic of my creation when it is done. Now off to find my burlap!

  3. Oh, I bet you are having a great Grammie and Poppa time! Congratulations to Kim! What a sweet jar from our sweet Linda!
    Enjoy your week-end everyone!

  4. I used to to this with my kids over summer vacation from school. I called it Mom and Dad Camp.

  5. I love those verses! They give us such hope in a world where so many are unhappy, grieving, lost, and feeling without hope.


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