Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello sweet ladies, 

Last night the wind blew furiously and at different times the rain came down very hard. I was thankful I had a warm house to be in.  I know must be cold for so many that were affected by Sandy....makes me so sad I can't be out there helping. Keep praying ladies......we can't forget them.

What a precious day we had yesterday. Our friends were coming out around noon to eat with us and he was going to work on the well. My girls and I cooked up a big pot of chili using my soup base that I can each summer and fall. I also still have onions in the garden so that was added. It comes in so handy just grabbing the soup base for all kinds of soups. I also made up two loaves of bread and she brought corn bread. It was such a windy day so the chili hit the spot. Crystal and I sat in the house and talked...about the Lord and what we were learning, it was a special day for sure. They have a young little boy about 3 so that made life even sweeter. 

He loved watching the baby chicks. They are all getting their wing feathers. Looks so cute! 

The men worked for about 4 hours on the well. We got water, but they will try again to get the pump down a little deeper. Hank has done this kind of work for 20 years..... so Phil and Vitaliy learned alot. God is good. I am amazed at how he provides our needs. 

Hope you are all enjoying your SONday! We are......we had to stay home this morning. We watched this video of Mark Driscoll on Esther click here we watched part one. We will watch the rest.....for such a time as this!  If you have time you might want to watch also. I think it has some wonderful helps for those who love the Lord.....and having to live in a culture that has turned it's back on the commandments of the Lord. We went to the Crisis Pregnancy dinner and learned that 53 million babies have been killed because of abortion. Why are so many babies gone.....that is unreal to me. I know that children are learning so much in the schools that is contradictory to the Word of God and it is having it's toll on our land and homes. It breaks my heart to see.....but I can put my trust in Him alone and not loose heart and still do what He has called me to do. I encourage you ladies to do the same. It does make a difference.

Hugs to your day!!!!!!!! I will work only 4 days this next week and then I get to be home for 10 days!!!!!!! Think we need a party!



  1. Oh, I bet the 3 yr old loved the little chicks and your farm! So nice you were able to visit with the wife, God talk, love it! So precious that He gives us moments like that! I just wish I was quicker to come up with the right verses! Hope they find more water for you next time.
    Enjoy your SONday!
    Hugs and blessings, and enjoy another short week and then holiday vacation!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh Linda..your day sounded so wonderful! And having a little one running around..just puts a smile on my face! I too worry about the way the country and schools are going...but trust in The Lord ...He will hear our pleas and prayers!

    Look forward to having you home!! PS Tom made chili Saturday too!! Good day for it!


    PS Do you have good corn muffin recipe?

  3. What a wonderful day! You were blessed. We have had weather ranging from cold to chilly. It is nice to see the sun out but am wary of the snow that will be lurking around the corner!
    Nick asked us to make him potato cheese soup and his dad's homemade Salsa when he comes home tomorrow. I am excited to see him. I have decided I can only pray regarding the state of our country. The school system is filled with corruption and it takes from the learning our children need. I am grateful my kids are older and I still pray because in college they really fill their minds with ungodly things. We just have to pray and then pray harder!


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