Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Daddy Is With Jesus

Dear Sweet Blogger Family,
I want the party to still go on, please. It is the one bright moment of my day, besides my walk with Jesus. Smile. So many of you have been so wonderful to my family in this last month. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I would come home from being in the hospital with my Dad and there in my inbox or on my bog would be emails or comments with wonderful prayers and just tons of sweet words. I know that you were sent by Jesus to be his words of encouragementto us. My sweet daughters have watched love being demonstrated by such precious ladies. I thank you all so much.
If you want to read all of our story please click here.

I have been getting some emails that are saying they can't get the story. I am not sure why this sometimes happen. Write me at my email, I will not have a problem sending it out to you!!!!! Honest!

For some of you who know my sister Shannon, she will be here tonight. Please pray for her also. Thank you again!

Trusting the Lord the with my days,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Prairie Flower Farm and Gooseberry Patch Drawing

Prairie Flower Farm Market Bag Drawing

Sweet Ladies,

I am trying to stay calm, because I have been keeping a secret and now I can’t wait to tell you what it is!!!! Jen with the Creative Team from Gooseberry Patch Blog contacted me the other day, asking if I would like to be on their Featured Fridays. I had to reread the email, because I could not believe what I was reading. Now when the Lord gives big gifts, He gives Big Gifts!!!!! I wanted to run around the farm, but you know me I am always so calm! Heehee! Jen sent me the questions for the post and I answered them. You will find the post about Prairie Flower Farm on the Gooseberry Patch Blog! I have always loved Gooseberry Patch and everything they have. Their store has the most adorable items for sale. They have been the ones that have kept country alive! So in their honor we are going to have a Party! Please join in. I thought that since our Prairie Flower Market Bag is one of the favorite buys on our Peace Creek Collections Store, that I would put it up for the drawing! SOOOOOO here is what we are going to do. The rules are so easy! YOu can get up to 5 votes.

We would love for you to join the PARTY!

The drawing will Start today, February 26th and we will close the drawing at central time on March 1Oth. I will announce the winner of the Market Bag on March II at 1:oo p.m.

1 vote, for leaving a comment on this post.

1 vote, if you sign up and become a follower of Prairie Flower and let me know

1 vote, if you post or put up my bag button on your blog

1 vote, if you subscribe to get our emails.


1 vote, if you leave a comment on my Featured Friday on the Gooseberry Patch Blog, about what you love about them. Please let me know you left a comment there.

Be sure you leave me an email address, if you don't have a blog.

Also, some can't leave comments, just email me with the info.

This drawing is open to International Ladies also!

Be sure to check out our Peace Creek Collections Store, incase you might need something!

Thank you so much for being a part of our Party!

I heart you all!

Blessings, Linda

Monday, February 22, 2010

This Tastes So Nummy........ When You Don't Feel Good!

You have to try this. My Tressy made it for me after we got home from the hospital last night. It is so easy and tastes so delish. Is that a word?

Strawberry Surprise Smoothie
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
1/2 a banana
1/2 cup crushed ice
1 Tb. of sugar or honey

We use our Magic Bullet. Add a little water as you need to help it blend.

Worked on the Miss Claris Apron Pattern this morning. It is sooooooo cute! Can I say that? Why would a person want to make something they think is ugly, right? It is definitely going to work for the kitchen, garden or when you are "craftin". Miss Claris said that you are not dressed if you don't have your apron on!! She is going to look so adorable in her new apron !!! Can't wait to show you. Here is a little sneak picture.

I need a little feed back. I want to put up the new apron pattern as an e-pattern and a paper pattern. The main part of the apron is to big, so if it is as an e-pattern you will have to tape the main piece together when you print the pattern off on paper. Is that a problem do you think? I haven't bought any e-patterns that have a big piece to it, but if I wanted the pattern bad enough it wouldn't bother me. Let me know if you think it would be a problem that someone would have to tape it together. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I really appreciate it!!

This morning Monday Feb. 22, I was working on this post. I went to click to post it and my internet was not working. Not good. I went in to see my Dad and he was talking. He is so weak, because they couldn't let him eat, because it was going into his lungs. He did get to eat today and for that we are so grateful!!!
After coming home, I still didn't have internet. I am in at my Dad's house watching a KU game and so I thought I would just go ahead and put it up in case I don't have internet tomorrow. I live in the country so sometimes we have problems with internet service. I know that some of you Country Girls know exactly what I am talking about.

I worked some more on the apron! I can't wait to get it done to show you. I showed it to my Farm Girlfriend Gail. She said she thinks it is very pretty. That's good enough for me!!!!! She and I like so many of the same things!

I am so grateful for all of your prayers during this time. You are so kind.

Blessings sweet ladies,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quilting And A Pin Keep For A Swap!

I am with a quilt group called A Dozen Quilters. I have never done anything like this before, but a friend Melissa from Lilac Lane invited me to be a part of this blog. Each month one of the ladies in A Dozen Quilters decides what kind of block and color she wants. I have really enjoyed it. Well, this block is for February. Iva who is part of the group put her wishes up on a post. I had never done a Wonky Log Cabin and thought it would be kind of fun to do it. It wasn't only fun it was a blast!!!!! I loved doing it. I think it turned out so fun. You need to go to A Dozen Quilters to her post and look up the sites. If you would like to do this kind of block you can find the different blocks available. I was so pleased and it "is" real easy!!!! Promise. Just wanted to show it to you. Just a little something that is going on in my life.

I signed up at Mary Jane Farm to do a Pink Keep Swap. It was so fun. I could decide what I wanted the pin keep to look like. I had been to a blog called Cottage In The Curve and saw this Martha Stewart Strawberry Pincushion. I loved the blog and the pincushion. I thought it would be fun to make the strawberry and put it in this adorable egg cup I found on sale for 35 cents. I enlarged the strawberry pattern and leaf. The lady I just swapped with just received it, so I wanted to show you what it looked like. If you ever want to sign up with the Mary Jane Farmhouse (go along the side of my blog and click on her blog button), you can get in on some swaps also. I don't get to do very many, but it has been fun to do when I have. I love how the pic turned out. It gives me a warm heart.



P.S. Please continue to keep my Dad in your prayers. I have been able to see him every day, but all that he can do is nod his head up and down. I am so very grateful for that. I can at least tell him he is loved. Mr. Phil is reading him the Word. It is precious to see. God is doing what He does best and I just have to rest. I was reminded this morning of the verse in Isaiah 49:16, "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hand......" Isn't that a comfort? To think, if you engrave something the dictionary said, "to be permanently fixed in". That does my heart good. Poppa is permanently fixed in to our Father's Hand. I can think on that and trust what my Heavenly Father is doing.

I got sick today and could not go see him. That was very hard, but we could call. All our older kids went to visit. That helped me know he was being encouraged. He is coming to the nursing home on Monday. Please pray for that transition. Thank you so much. I love you all bunches!

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Pattern! Prairie Flower Book or Craft Bag

Prairie Flower Book or Craft Bag EPattern


This is a PDF download pattern.

Prairie Flower Book or Craft Bag : This pattern can be made into a Library Book Bag or great for a craft or knitting bag. The pattern has a step by step tutorial with pictures to show you exactly how to put the bag together. Also included is a sewing idea for a Library Card Holder and a Flower pin shown in the picture above. Front pockets are for water bottle, library card and cell phone. A wonderful recipe has been included for tasty scones.

You will want to make this bag for a child's sleep over at Grandma's and Grandpa's House, using kid's fabric would be adorable. Ton's of possibilities!
©2010 Linda Stubbs

To buy simply go to this link

Hello everyone,

It has been so busy here caring for my Dad. He is really not doing well at this time. I am sad. Thank you so much for the wonderful emails. I appreciate you all very much. Life sure can be hard. I am sure you all have your stories in your own home. If you need prayer please let me know. I would love to pray for you.

This pattern was so fun to do. I took it with me many times to the hospital when we would sit and wait for my Dad to wake up. It gave me something to do and for that I was grateful Kind of like my therapy! Smile. Hope you all like the pattern. It really is full of fun things. Enjoy!

My special Farm Girl Friend Gail who lives close to my farm sang this song to me this morning on the phone. I asked her to send me the words. Here is what she wrote to me.

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect when I am weak
All that I cling to, I lay at your feet
Your grace is sufficient for me.
I will keep you and yours in prayer today!
Love you! Gail

I will rest at His feet. I definitely have some precious friends in my life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gift from my Sis!

You may not be able to read the little saying, but is says,

Dear One,
When it hurts to look back and you're scared to
look ahead, you can look beside you and your best
friend will be there.

Well, this morning my Tressy came to me and said, "Oh, I forgot to give this to you. Aunt Shanny told me to wait till she was gone and to give this lotion to you later." Hmmmm I am thinkin 3 months is later enough, what do you think? Smile. But you know I was thinking with this last week being a doozy, the gift was absolutely God's timing! I have been kind of worn out you could say and the lotion smells so nummy. Isn't it the little things that come along that give us that little boost? The gift was maybe a little late, but it ended up just at the right time! The lotion is called Planet Spa Himalayan Goji Berry Revitalizing Body Lotion from Avon.

I just want to tell you that after not talking to my Dad for days and thinking he was not going to make it this time, he talked to me yesterday. I came into ICU where he has been since last Friday and the first thing he said to me was, "I have been worried about you." Now isn't that a Daddy that loves you? He is not out of the woods yet, but he is stable and for that we are so grateful. My family thanks you so much for all the prayers and personal emails that so many of you have sent.

P.S. Shanny, when you read this post, thank you very much. I smell so lovely!!!! You are a sweetie. Jesus used you in a huge way this morning.

Father, thank you so much for answering my prayers. In Jesus Name, Amen

Blessings to you all,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Sweet Valentines!

As some of you who follow me know that my Dad just got moved into the nursing home a few weeks ago. He lived in his own home and Momma has lived in the nursing home a block away. They had not seen each other for along time, because his emphysema has kept him on oxygen 24/7. Anyway he has been there and been able to see his sweet Valentine. Here is a picture. I love this picture!
Yesterday I had just hung up my sheets on the line, set up the props for the new Prairie Flower Book & Craft Bag had the camera ready and the phone rang. My Dad was in real bad shape. He was not responding. Mr. Phil and I dropped everything and drove to the hospital 30 minutes away. While driving I didn't do very well. I know there will be the day, but not today!!!! 5 years ago on this very day my father in love died. When we got to the hospital he was still is pitiful shape. My heart was broken. I kept trying to keep my mind on the Lord and trusting He would get us through this. I remembered this scripture.

Isaiah 45:3 I will give you the treasures of darkness,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

I will hold on to this, when times get hard. Riches stored in secret places. Yesterday when we got to the hospital he was unconscious. He was still breathing, but they said he was in really, really bad shape. He has sepsis which means he has infection in his blood stream. Two of his Pastors were there to give encouragement. The doctor and nurses got him stabilized and into ICU. The "treasure in the darkness" was about to be revealed. His nurse was named Sherry. She was an absolute doll and a gift sent from the Lord! She let us know that she had worked in Kansas City in a hospital with patients who had sepsis for many years. We were so thankful the Lord put her with Poppa. We were able to talk and she was to be leaving for Haiti on Monday. That was really neat for us since we have such a heart for what is going on there. My Dad was not responding to us, so we left for home. We had our girls go home earlier in the evening, because this was already a hard day for them. Their other grandfather who they were very close with had died 5 years ago. When we got home I was just spent. I was so glad to get my girls in my arms. As I was sitting our oldest daughter came and took my shoes and socks off my feet. Then she laid a towel on the floor with a bowl of water with my favorite eucalyptus and mint foot salts. She placed my feet into the water. I about lost it. God has mercy when we need it the most. I don't want to miss what the Lord has for us at this time. Life is hard and sometimes it is real hard. I would appreciate any prayer, as today will be a big day and again if I can pray for you please, please let me know.

This was not quite the Valentine I had planed for my parents, but the last few weeks they were able to enjoy some very precious times. My Dad is in really bad shape, but like my youngest daughter and I had prayed last night was that God would give us a miracle. At 2 in the morning we received a call from Nurse Sherry, my Dad had awakened and was stabilizing. Praise the Lord!!!!! Thank you so much ladies for being a part of my life. I so enjoy your personal emails and comments on my blog. As I have said before, you are precious!

Happy Valentine's Day!


P.S. I have another treat for you all. I met a lady named Claris who in the nursing home where my parents are. She was coming down the hall walking with her walker with her apron on. I saw her and I said, "are you not just the cutest?!" She smiled, I also told her I loved her apron. She said, "Do you want it?" Of course I wouldn't take it, but I did want to copy the pattern. She had one that was very old, that she gave to me so I could make a pattern. She said that I could interview her for my blog. I didn't tell you, but she is 98 years young. She has a memory like you wouldn't believe. She is so adorable. She wears her hair up all sweet! and said, "You are not dressed, if you don't put your apron on when you get dressed for the day!" You will love the pattern. I will be changing it a bit, but you will like it a lot!!!!!!! You will just love Claris! Claris was ready when I came to her room. She had two quilts that she had made from scratch. She wanted me to look at all her aprons that were hung in order in her closet. She is going to teach us how to do a feather stitch. They are so perfectly done. She loves Jesus and I want to glean from her life. She was married to her sweetheart for almost 60 years. I want to be like here. She said her place was always filled with people eating from her plates. Oh, my heart was so encouraged. The apron was a very sweet valentine, even in the washed out state. I will treasure the apron that Claris wore forever. I almost forgot we are related to each other and like she said, we went for so long not knowing each other and now we are friends. I needed this in my life. I know you enjoy getting to know her.
Here is a picture of the pocket on the apron Claris gave me. If you click on the pic you will see her tiny little stitches. Her quilting is probably 10 stitches per inch. Like I could ever do that? I will ask her to teach me and then I will teach you.

I also had a Valentine dessert I wanted to put up. Not going to happen. I will put it up later though.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sweet Little Valentine Idea!

I hope you enjoy our Prairie Flower Fabric Pin! It is so easy to make. This is the flower I used on the Book Bag, which will be coming in pattern form real soon! I made this one in red and pink! I really like!!

For each leaf, large circle and small circle, you are going to need 1 piece of cotton (design fabric), 1 batting and 1 piece of muslin.

3”x6”” for leaf.

4”x4” large circle

3”x3” small circle

1 1/8” cover button kit. Small piece of matching fabric or a yoyo

One pin back with locking bar

Needle and heavy thread

Print the pattern for leaf, circles and yoyo pattern onto cardstock. Cut out each pattern before starting.

Press and spray each fabric piece with spray starch. Layer each piece as I have shown in picture with design fabric on top, batting in the middle and muslin on the bottom. You will keep the three layers together, as you will be sewing though all thicknesses as you sew up the flower.

Use a pencil or erasable pen, trace around each pattern piece onto the top design fabric.

1. Before you start sewing, set sewing machine with a very small zig-zag stitch. Sew through all the layers of the fabric together for leaf, and two circles for flowers, (design fabric on top, batting in the middle and muslin on bottom). Stitch on pencil line on the top side of the design fabric.

2. Using pinking shears cut 1/4" from stitching line . Do the same for each circle. Press with an iron.

3. Make a small tuck in the center of the leaf, secure by stitching back and forth.

4. All your pieces should look like this. Press with an iron. I love to use my iron!

5. Fold each circle in half. Cut a dime size circle out of the center of each circle .

6. With needle and heavy thread sew around the hole of each flower and pull thread. Tie off with a few knots to the backside.

7. Press each flower circle with an iron. Do Not Press Down Hard. Press just enough to make little pleats evenly around the each flower. Using a glue gun, glue small flower on top of large flower.

8. Glue leaf to backside of flower.

9. Glue pin back/locking bar to backside of pin.

10. Using the 1 1/8" cover button, follow the instructions on the package. If you would rather use a yoyo follow these instructions. Trace yoyo pattern onto fabric with a pencil. Cut yoyo circle out of fabric. Turn the edge of the yoyo just under 1/8”, with a continuous stitch, stitch all around the yoyo. Be sure to double your thread. Pull after you have gone all around the yoyo. Secure threads. I like to work the yoyo with my fingers, to make the shape look nice. Glue to the flower! You are finished!

Hope you enjoy this little flower pin!

This flower would be a sweet gift favor for any occasion. You could make a name tag and tuck it in between the large flower and leaf. You could pin the flower on the ladies as they came in or use it as a favor on the table as a name place. As you see I made it as a decoration by pinning it onto one of my heart tins. I thought a flower and heart garland would also be fun. Use a heart shape cookie cutter as a pattern. Make some hearts up as you did with the flower and pink the edges. Attach a heart, flower heart flower and so on. Tie ribbon bows on each side. I can just see it in my mind! Can you?

If you find fun ways of using this little pin flower, please email me your pictures or tell me how you used it. I am sure there are wonderful ideas out there. I would love to put them up on my blog.

©2010 Linda Stubbs Pattern for your personnel use. Thank you.

You are welcome to blog about this little Valentine tutorial, if you like. Leave a comment! I love comments! Then if you are new I can come see you!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Present For YOU From Me!!!!!!!

Valentine Tags and Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Tutorial

We have been buzzing around here at Prairie Flower Farm. We want to give everyone a Valentine from our family! You know when it snows you just stay in the house and have to find something to do. Well............ we have a present for all our FRIENDS!!!! I did a fabric line with red wing blackbirds and thought I could make up some tags for your Valentine giving using my little bird. As you all know spring is just around the corner, right? The red wing blackbirds will be coming back in full force. We still have some around, but there will be a lot more in the spring. They have the most beautiful red on their wings. For me it is very refreshing when they come. It is like seeing the first robin. I am just itching to get my hands in the dirt, are you? Until then, I will be content and enjoy the snow. smile

TO RECEIVE YOUR VALENTINE GO TO MY SIDE BAR. Look for the Valentine Tags and Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Under, is a pink box, enter your email address and you will receive a download for the tutorial.

One friend did not have the box (to enter her email) under the picture of the cake stand and cookies. Please let us know if there is a problem. We sooo want you to have your
Valentine from Prairie Flower Farm!!!!

The tutorial has instructions on how to make a cake stand, Chicago Chocolate Cookie recipe, Valentine gift idea and a sheet of tags you can print off. I hope you enjoy our gift to you!

If you like this tutorial, please leave us a comment!

My sweet friend Sharon from A Merry Heart Journal gave me the idea to make the cake stand. She also has the sweetest cinnamon hearts, that look just like velvet that you can make. You must go over and see. Her blog inspires me to live differently, like Jesus would want me to live.

Enjoy! I heart you allllll bunches!!!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

It Can Be A Fun Indoor Day with Playdough!

Play Dough Recipe

Click photo and print off. Personal use only please. Thank you!
Hello....... snow, snow, snow........ what can I say. I won't repeat it. Here is our family play dough recipe that we have used forever. We love it. This artwork was from when Tressa and I did the Grandma's House Book years ago. I so wish I had it to sell. It is out of print and would love to someday be taken up by someone to do another book. Tressa was about 9 or 10 when we did this. I was licensed with a company that did books and I showed them Tressa's artwork that she did as she sat next to me when I had art to do for licensing companies. The company accepted her and we had a lot of fun. The idea here of putting the play dough in layers in a wide mouth jar is really a sweet gift to give maybe to your kids or grandkids for Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy it.

Okay ladies. I just tried to make the click on the picture. Oh...... my...... it is to big. My techy girls are not here to help me. They will be back tomorrow, so I will see if they can help me then. I don't know what to do. I am just the mom and can't be computer geek too. I have to much in my head already. It has to stop somewhere. Right? Sorry!! Maybe drag it off to the desktop and then copy it off. Hahaha and I think I know what I am talking about?

Leave me a comment........ I loveeeeee comments. They make me feel like I have a family out there!!! Smile.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Clothesline

Waiting for spring............. I can't wait to hang my clothes on my clothesline and watch them fly in the Kansas wind to dry. Anyone out there relating? Not sure if there is more snow coming.......... but another storm in another week. Oh my, I pray the Lord will keep my heart in perfect peace. Smile! Thought you might enjoy this beautiful picture of my clothesline. It really is pretty don't you think. Enjoy your weekend. You are all in my prayers.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do You Have A Funny?

This is the first time I have ever seen this. Tooo funny! Enjoy!

I was just "blog hoppin" around for a "little for me time" this morning and found this funny funny video, it made my honey and I get a little medicine for the morning. It made me giggle and I thought, I know that some of my "precious blogger friends" could probably get a good laugh today. I can't imagine laughing like this in you're wedding, but could understand. Our daughter said, "Mom that would be you!" Now that is not funny. I always get the giggles in church for some reason. I can't help it and Mr. Phil will be sometimes be none to happy with me. I get that "look" and I tryyyyyy to get it under control, but you know how that goes. I always see the thing going on in my head another thousand times. I thought it would be fun, if you had a funny from me. If you have a "funny" please write in the comments. If you don't have a funny tell us what you might be doing special for Valentine or what is one of your most memorable gifts you got for Valentine's Day.

There is another storm here and coming all day. I think we need some more laughs. Smile!

My "funny" was one time our family was all in church together. Our son Joshua loves little ones, so he was holding his little nephew Ethan. It was time for communion and so Josh took the bread and not having a place for it he put it he put it in the empty "Cheerio" tupperware cup. We all bowed our heads as our Pastor prayed. Josh went to take the bread and Ethan was happily sitting there eating the bread. Now you can imagine Grammie at this point. Yep!! Couldn't get it under control....... but I do know that my Heavenly Father was enjoying the laugh. He was the one that thought up laughter in he first place, right?

A cheerful heart is "good medicine........." Proverbs 17:22


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Winner Of The Prairie Flower Book Bag and Cookbook! IS?

The Prairie Flower Book Bag has a pocket for your water bottle,
cell phone and library card.

I am so excited!!!!!!! The drawing has 15 more minutes before we draw a name! I thought I would start working on my post now, because it goes out by email today at 1:00 p.m. I have had so much fun with this drawing. Reading all the cookbooks that you all have in your cupboard has me so curious!!!!!! I do want to take some time and look them up. With my Dad and all being in the hospital this last week did not give me the time I wanted to do that. I really want you to know though you brought A LOT of SUNSHINE to my day. Reading about who you are and what you like makes me fill like I am so rich in your friendships. I do want you all to know that I do care about you and love you bunches!!!!!!

Here is the Prairie Flower Book Bag and Cookbook! The winner for this is

Judy C. from Black Cat Quilting

Judy said, Hi Linda,
First my wish is that your father has a speedy and uneventfull recovery.
second one of my favorite cookbooks is a Betty Crocker book
my mother gave to me years ago.
Have a joyfull day

Isn't that the sweetest? That is how all of you are so caring and I love you for it!

I also picked out 3 more winners for a small gift!

Lorus, (she doesn't have a blog)

Rhona (she also doesn't have a blog)
"I don't have a way to get a hold of you. Please email me."

I will be getting a hold of you all after I post this. Congratulations ladies and again thank you for all of you who entered. I know that all your comments were read by one another and probably some blog hopping was going on. That is one of my favorite things to do. I have so many blogs saved in my favorites. My girls cringe. It is so funny.
I know where you all are. Hee hee!
I will be doing a tutorial for this Flower Pin, which is on the top left hand
corner of the bag for free. That will go up this week sometime.

Okay, another thing. The Prairie Flower BookBag will be an e-pattern for $7.00 (had to change price to $7.50). If you are interested please leave a comment below with your email address or just email me. The pattern will be full of fun ideas and recipes. I will make it worth it for you to buy. Also, it doesn't have to be a Book Bag only. It could also be a kitting bag, craft bag, quilting bag, market bag, you name it. I will be working on the tutorial this week and it should be ready by the middle of next week. Pray things don't come up with my Dad. (smile)

ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? I had so wanted to have this all done for you today, but our parents come first, right?

Just a little note for who has been praying for our family and my Dad.
One more thing. Yesterday I had to go sign my Dad out of the hospital. The nursing home that my mom is in had room for him to come stay there. He has not been able to see my mom for probably about 3 years because he is on oxygen 24/7. My momma can't leave the home either. In the morning I had called the nursing home to find out what the arrangements were going to be as far as my dad coming and staying there until they can get him stronger. I also asked Teresa the head of nursing if they could make sure Momma looked sweet for my Dad. I walked in the door and Teresa said. We fixed your Momma up with pearls and a head band. Ha! Is that the sweetest thing you ever heard? My heart was dancing!!!!!!!! Just wanted to give you all a smile. On that note thank you all for praying for my family. You are the best!

GOD has blessed me so,
With You!