Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Present For YOU From Me!!!!!!!

Valentine Tags and Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Tutorial

We have been buzzing around here at Prairie Flower Farm. We want to give everyone a Valentine from our family! You know when it snows you just stay in the house and have to find something to do. Well............ we have a present for all our FRIENDS!!!! I did a fabric line with red wing blackbirds and thought I could make up some tags for your Valentine giving using my little bird. As you all know spring is just around the corner, right? The red wing blackbirds will be coming back in full force. We still have some around, but there will be a lot more in the spring. They have the most beautiful red on their wings. For me it is very refreshing when they come. It is like seeing the first robin. I am just itching to get my hands in the dirt, are you? Until then, I will be content and enjoy the snow. smile

TO RECEIVE YOUR VALENTINE GO TO MY SIDE BAR. Look for the Valentine Tags and Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Under, is a pink box, enter your email address and you will receive a download for the tutorial.

One friend did not have the box (to enter her email) under the picture of the cake stand and cookies. Please let us know if there is a problem. We sooo want you to have your
Valentine from Prairie Flower Farm!!!!

The tutorial has instructions on how to make a cake stand, Chicago Chocolate Cookie recipe, Valentine gift idea and a sheet of tags you can print off. I hope you enjoy our gift to you!

If you like this tutorial, please leave us a comment!

My sweet friend Sharon from A Merry Heart Journal gave me the idea to make the cake stand. She also has the sweetest cinnamon hearts, that look just like velvet that you can make. You must go over and see. Her blog inspires me to live differently, like Jesus would want me to live.

Enjoy! I heart you allllll bunches!!!!



  1. Sounds like wonderful recipe, but I cannot eat cookies or chocolate.
    When my kids were little, I would still cook goodies, but now it is too much to see and smell them;)


  2. I am so sorry you can't eat cookies and chocolate Debbie. That would be hard. Still download the tutorial. It really is fun and you could use the tags on something else besides the cookies. Thank you for leaving me a note! I love it when you write. Happy Valentine!!!!!!!!!!
    Blessings, Linda

  3. Those cookies sound yummy!
    I would love to use your tags & make some of those cookies for my big kids & grandkids' valentines. I try and make something for them every year instead of buying the boxed chocolates. Thank you!

  4. Hi Linda, I always look forward to your 'cheerful' 'blogs'....and your creative mind & hands........
    Thank U for the Valentine Tags.......
    your PA friend, Toni

  5. Thanks so much for the tags and the cookie recipe. Our church makes valentine gift baskets for the widows aned shut-ins. I think these would look really cute in them. Also thanks for the cake plate idea. I want to make this for my oldest daughter. I'm not familiar with the type of glue you use. Where can I purchase this? Enjoy your day and thanks again.

  6. Love visiting. Can't wait for the tags.

  7. I cant find where to send e-mail

  8. I have been abundantly blessed with your visits to my mailbox. Thank you for the sweet dose of joy!

  9. Hi Linda. Thank you for the sweet Valentine. I love it!

  10. Judy, I am glad I could help!!! The cookies are the best!!

    Toni, you are so welcome. You always bring a smile to my mailbox!!!!!
    Donna, You can get the glue at Hobby Lobby, Michaels probably at Home Depot. You are so welcome.

    Sandy, I hope I can help. Can you see a little box pinkish box under the picture of the cake stand with the cookies on the plate? One other friend did not have the box. If you do have it, that is where you have to put your name and email. It will then be sent to you. If there is not a box please email me and I will get it out to you. My email is at the top right hand side of my blog.

    Dawn, thank you for your sweet words!!! I am thankful that the Lord would use me to bless you!!!! I came over to your blog and was blessed! Want to try out your cookies.

    Brenda couldn't leave a comment so here it is:eft this comment:
    Thanks for this delightful Valentine’s Day treat. I will make these cookies tomorrow to take to my clown teacher who is 86 and is recovering from a recent trip to the hospital. This will be fun!

    Have you seen the Printable Vintage Valentines at tipnut.com? I used some of these this year. See 2010 selection at: http://tipnut.com/valentines-printables/. See 2009 selection at: http://tipnut.com/vintage-valentines/ . Thanks for all your good ideas. I love your blog and your sweet and generous spirit.

    A sister in Christ, named Brenda

    Hi Sivje, you are welcome and so glad you like!!!

  11. Oh, man I made a little mistake on Brenda's comment. I was to delete the "eft this comment". I don't want to take the whole comment off and have to put it back on, so please pretend it is not there. Thank you! SMILE!

  12. Oh boy, Oh boy! Thanks for the tags. Those birds are really cute. Take care,

  13. Thanks, Linda, for all the wonderful Valentine Goodness! You are always creating something fun! MMmmm! I can't wait for the Choc. Chip Cookie recipe and those tags look so cute!
    Isn't Sharon a sweetheart?! I just love her, too!
    Stay warm and...

  14. I saw this cake stand on Sharon's blog. Yours turned out great too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Valentine's day gift. I'll sign up right away.

  15. Linda,

    I can't even tell you what an encouragement you are to me! I found your blog a few weeks ago & am just so thankful for it. You have great ideas to share & it is so evident that you love Jesus. You are truly mentoring many through your blog:)

    I am a Kansas gal as well & told my daughters I want to go to a "craft camp" like your grandkids' "snowman camp".

    Also, I tried to sign up for your tutorial, but I haven't received an email yet. Maybe it just takes a while, but I am not sure if that's the case.

    Thanks for sharing your life!


  16. Good morning ladies, thank you each and everyone of you who have stopped by to say you liked! I love sharing what the Lord has given me and hope this tutorial gives you a little sunshine in your day!

    Patricia, You are so welcome. I am glad that you liked the little red wing black birds. I love them when they are out flying in our wheat fields in the spring.

    Lady Farmer, thank you for stopping by. The cookies are the best. You need to make sure you use butter. Makes them delicious! Yes, Sharon is a sweetie. Always pointing us to Jesus and I like that! I am trying to stay warm and it is not easy!!!

    Hi Marcia, You are welcome for the gift. Hope you like it! Love you rblog!

    Hi Kelli, Soooo nice to meet you. Came over to your blog and met your precious family!!! Enjoyed my stay. Thank you for your sweet words. I do love Jesus!! I can't imagine my life without Him. I live in the middle of Kansas. Do you live close? If so I would love to meet you sometime! It looked like your tutorial came through. Please contact me by email if it doesn't work. I can send you out one.

    Blessings ladies and thank you all again and encouraging me as I try to encourage you!

  17. Oh Linda,

    You are always finding ways to bless us! I love the tags and the recipe sounds wonderful :) Oh, and your cakestand came out really cute! I may need to try one in read now! :) Thank you for your sweet words!

    Have a glorious day in the Lord!

  18. Hi - we're getting out the ingredients to make these yummy-sounding cookies, but we're not sure whether to use quick-cooking oats or old-fashioned oats. In many recipes, it does seem to make a difference which type we use. What do you recommend? Thanks!

    ejm (at) truevine (dot) net

  19. Hi Sharon, I hope everyone comes to your blog. Your plate and the cookies are so pretty. So glad you can now leave me a message. It is so fun when I see you have been to my home (blog). smile.

    Julieanne, I just sent you an email. We use whatever we have on hand. I haven't ever tasted any difference. We used quick oats for this batch though. So glad you are making them. You will not be disappointed. They are so good!

    Blessings, Linda


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