Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Sweet Valentines!

As some of you who follow me know that my Dad just got moved into the nursing home a few weeks ago. He lived in his own home and Momma has lived in the nursing home a block away. They had not seen each other for along time, because his emphysema has kept him on oxygen 24/7. Anyway he has been there and been able to see his sweet Valentine. Here is a picture. I love this picture!
Yesterday I had just hung up my sheets on the line, set up the props for the new Prairie Flower Book & Craft Bag had the camera ready and the phone rang. My Dad was in real bad shape. He was not responding. Mr. Phil and I dropped everything and drove to the hospital 30 minutes away. While driving I didn't do very well. I know there will be the day, but not today!!!! 5 years ago on this very day my father in love died. When we got to the hospital he was still is pitiful shape. My heart was broken. I kept trying to keep my mind on the Lord and trusting He would get us through this. I remembered this scripture.

Isaiah 45:3 I will give you the treasures of darkness,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

I will hold on to this, when times get hard. Riches stored in secret places. Yesterday when we got to the hospital he was unconscious. He was still breathing, but they said he was in really, really bad shape. He has sepsis which means he has infection in his blood stream. Two of his Pastors were there to give encouragement. The doctor and nurses got him stabilized and into ICU. The "treasure in the darkness" was about to be revealed. His nurse was named Sherry. She was an absolute doll and a gift sent from the Lord! She let us know that she had worked in Kansas City in a hospital with patients who had sepsis for many years. We were so thankful the Lord put her with Poppa. We were able to talk and she was to be leaving for Haiti on Monday. That was really neat for us since we have such a heart for what is going on there. My Dad was not responding to us, so we left for home. We had our girls go home earlier in the evening, because this was already a hard day for them. Their other grandfather who they were very close with had died 5 years ago. When we got home I was just spent. I was so glad to get my girls in my arms. As I was sitting our oldest daughter came and took my shoes and socks off my feet. Then she laid a towel on the floor with a bowl of water with my favorite eucalyptus and mint foot salts. She placed my feet into the water. I about lost it. God has mercy when we need it the most. I don't want to miss what the Lord has for us at this time. Life is hard and sometimes it is real hard. I would appreciate any prayer, as today will be a big day and again if I can pray for you please, please let me know.

This was not quite the Valentine I had planed for my parents, but the last few weeks they were able to enjoy some very precious times. My Dad is in really bad shape, but like my youngest daughter and I had prayed last night was that God would give us a miracle. At 2 in the morning we received a call from Nurse Sherry, my Dad had awakened and was stabilizing. Praise the Lord!!!!! Thank you so much ladies for being a part of my life. I so enjoy your personal emails and comments on my blog. As I have said before, you are precious!

Happy Valentine's Day!


P.S. I have another treat for you all. I met a lady named Claris who in the nursing home where my parents are. She was coming down the hall walking with her walker with her apron on. I saw her and I said, "are you not just the cutest?!" She smiled, I also told her I loved her apron. She said, "Do you want it?" Of course I wouldn't take it, but I did want to copy the pattern. She had one that was very old, that she gave to me so I could make a pattern. She said that I could interview her for my blog. I didn't tell you, but she is 98 years young. She has a memory like you wouldn't believe. She is so adorable. She wears her hair up all sweet! and said, "You are not dressed, if you don't put your apron on when you get dressed for the day!" You will love the pattern. I will be changing it a bit, but you will like it a lot!!!!!!! You will just love Claris! Claris was ready when I came to her room. She had two quilts that she had made from scratch. She wanted me to look at all her aprons that were hung in order in her closet. She is going to teach us how to do a feather stitch. They are so perfectly done. She loves Jesus and I want to glean from her life. She was married to her sweetheart for almost 60 years. I want to be like here. She said her place was always filled with people eating from her plates. Oh, my heart was so encouraged. The apron was a very sweet valentine, even in the washed out state. I will treasure the apron that Claris wore forever. I almost forgot we are related to each other and like she said, we went for so long not knowing each other and now we are friends. I needed this in my life. I know you enjoy getting to know her.
Here is a picture of the pocket on the apron Claris gave me. If you click on the pic you will see her tiny little stitches. Her quilting is probably 10 stitches per inch. Like I could ever do that? I will ask her to teach me and then I will teach you.

I also had a Valentine dessert I wanted to put up. Not going to happen. I will put it up later though.


  1. What a heartfelt post. We sometimes forget that the elderly are and were an important part of our past and that they can teach us so much. My prayers are with you, i am getting ready to go to visit my parents who i havent seen in 6 years. God Bless and thank you for your post.

  2. I am so glad that your dad is doing ok. It is a tough ride to see our parents fail, but with the love of his family and the lord, he is very blessed. I cannot wait to see the apron and to hear about Claris. I recently read the book, The Purpose Driven Life and the gifts I have to share and the elderly is always something that has been close to my heart and my crafting, so that is what I want to do myself.


  3. Oh, Linda!
    I am so sad that your dear poppa is not doing well! I will be praying that he and your sweet mamma have a glorious Valentine's Day together, and your dear family as well.
    And isn't Claris just a sweetheart? My Grandparents raised me on their little farm, so I have a special love for the older generation! I am so excited to learn the Feather Stitch from you and her and see the wonderful apron pattern you create!
    Praying Peace for you for today.

  4. Prayers going up for your Poppa, and all of you. That is the sweetest picture of your parents! Blessings to all of you this Valentine's Day and always, Tammy

  5. Linda ~ thank you for sharing your treasures in the darkness with us! What blessing you received in this dark hour! I look forward to the apron pattern and seeing what you learn from Claris! Have a blessed St. Valentine's Day! Heather

  6. How precious that you have that lovely picture of your parents. How lovely that they are together these days! I will be praying for you dear friend!

    With Love,

  7. Linda I will keep your Dad and your whole family in my prayers.

  8. Linda I have all of you in my prayers. I think your folks are about as cute as you can get! I love the bible verse you shared. Gos is always in control and I know how hard I fight Him some days. Peace ti all of your family. Blessings from our home to your home!

  9. I am happy to hear they have been able to be together at last. With God, all things are possible and bearable I want to add. Looking forward to what you share with us from Claris; gleaning from another generation. What a legacy we can leave our loved ones if lived in and for the Lord!

  10. There are so many beautiful things in this post. The picture of your Mom and Dad, the beautiful lady with the apron, your daughter washing your feet. My prayer will be that as you go through this difficult time, the Good Lord that we serve will show you secret treasures every day. Look for them, expect them, trust Him to give them. I know it was a hard day for you, but as I read your post, I hear so much good, so much hope, so many blessings. I pray your Dad will continue to improve. God bless.

  11. I hope your Dad continues to improve!
    You can see the love they have for each other in the picture.
    What great joy you must have to have found a good friend as Claris! Will love to see what you have learned from her.

  12. Linda, I will pray for continued improvement for your father and for strength for you and your family.


  13. Linda, thank you for sharing this sad but special day with us..I love the picture of your mom and dad what sweethearts they are..I still have my parents, 82 and 80 years young, they are still doing ok but I know the day will come they will not be so well..
    Linda, you were kind enough to offer some special prayer for me a couple weeks ago, I was having a really rough day and I know your prayers got me through, so I am praying especially hard for your dad and mom, and YOU.
    hugs and kisses,

  14. I've only recently found your blog and I love it!
    So sorry to hear about your dad, but pleased to hear that he turned a corner. A prayer has been lifted up for all of you from my little corner here.
    What a blessing your sweet girls are!
    I lost my mom a few years ago and I was so blessed by my family at that time. God is good and faithful and knows exactly what we need. He cares about every single thing we are facing.
    Praying for a brighter tomorrow...Holly

  15. Dear Linda... so sorry to hear about your dad but thrilled for you that he has stabilized. Prayers for all of you!


  16. Oh LInda.. I am so sorry poppa is not doing well. What a lovely daughter you have to know just when you needed comforting the most. I pray the God's will be done, and that you are able to seek comfort in knowing he has a plan for us all. What a sweet woman you met, 98.. amazing. How kind, and what a treasure her friendship must be. Lovely apron.... a treasure in its own.

  17. I am excited for the Claris interview.

    Praise God for giving your father more itme with his bride.

  18. How precious...both that your pappa is has revived & the story about Claris' apron. I have my Bigmom's full coverage apron & a 1/2 apron. I wear them sparingly as I want to keep them & keep them looking nice as long as possible. She passed away when I was 18, in 1977, so these are not newer aprons. I have a full coverage apron that I wear - my DD#2 made it from bight, modern colors & - not that I don't appreciate the work of her hands & the gift from her heart - but I want one in a more antique looking pattern. So I keep my eyes open.

    God bless you & your pappa & mamma. What a sweet photo.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  19. Wow! Linda, I am praying for you! Your post brought tears to my already tear stained face. I love that verse and the Lord has been using it of late to encourage me. Life is so hard, but He is so faithful! Thank you for sharing this sweet post.

  20. I'm so glad your dad is stabilized. I'll be praying for you all. That was a wonderful little story about Claris.

  21. Thank you Linda for the lovely comment you left at my blog. I am so pleased I came across to visit your blog as I have a friend who loves to quilt and I believe your blog will be just what she needs.
    I do not quilt (yet!) but I need to learn how to. My neighbour who moved away last year gave me a beautiful quilt which needs binding and another quilt she had not finished. She is an older lady and her eyesight is failing her which means she had to give up her patchwork. This is one of her last quilts so I want to finish it! I will be checking out your blog for tips.
    I will be praying for your dad. I lost my own dad in 2001. He died suddenly after a short illness and I was unable to get a flight to the UK to be with him at the end. God did send along wonderful people in the hospital, neighbours who were not afraid to ask him if he had a relationship with Jesus and because of this couple who had chosen to befriend my mum and dad I know I will meet my dad again in heaven.
    I also loved the story of Claris. I love to hear of older people still in love with Jesus. The line about always having people in her home eating from her plates made me think - imagine how many people she has blessed over her lifetime and with your help God will continue to use her to bless others! Interviewing her for your blog is a wonderful idea!

  22. What a sweet pair they make!! Prayers coming your way!!! Hubby and I lost both of our Dads a couple of years ago, and it is rough. I hope he returns to good health so that they can spend some more time together. Sending love your way!

  23. That is such a sweet picture! I am glad to hear your dad is doing a little better! I'll be praying for him!


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