Friday, November 29, 2013

Snow Flake Ornament For SALE!

Hello all you sweet ladies,

Some of my creative desires  have been working in my brain this vacation time........look who is for sale! 

The snowflake piece is 4". 

If anyone would like one of these Snow Flake Ornaments they are available for order. "Snow Flake is $5.50 each, with $1.75 for shipping. For each additional snowflake you order for yourself add 25 cents to shipping. If you would like one sent to someone besides yourself, a friend, grandchild, your child, or a babies first ornament) I will send it to them. That will be $1.75 for each sent to a different address, but if you order more individually I always make the shipping the cost it would be and not $1.75 for each! I did that last year and it was received very well. I will also put a little card on the inside of whatever you would like to say if it is going to someone as a gift. Email me at (prairie flower farm at g mail dot com) and put in Snow Flake Ornament in the subject line). In the email you will need to give me each address. 
This ornament is available "forever". Just email me!

Each ornament will be snuggled into a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon. Easy gift to give......just tell me you want one sent and I will get it off! 

We take paypal, (we will send out an invoice when 
we receive your order). 
We also take checks or money order. 

Trust your Thanksgiving was a special time for you and yours. Taylor and Tyler came to the farm late Tuesday night.....peeked around the corner while Tressa and I were watching a CHRISTmas movie and said, "what you doing?" The time we had while they were here was precious. God has been so good to both of them. For her first months of being away from all she knows she has done very well. Her sweet man has truly blessed her and our family. 

She brought her Kitchen Aid mixer with her to bless us! Her coworkers bought it for her as a wedding gift. Oh my our time using that was wonderful. The meringue was beautiful! I am not sure if it was the mixer or what, but it was so full and fluffy. 

Some ladies on my facebook asked for the recipe for the thick meringue.....

Meringue for pies

To keep meringue from shrinking, always be sure it touches the edge of the pie crust. This will prevent it from pulling away from the crust. Also be sure the egg whites are at room temperature before beating. Use at least 3 egg whites for each pie. Add 3 level tablespoons of sugar for each egg white (9 tbl.), beating constantly. Add 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar and a dash of salt and beat slightly. The sugar will give it the desired height. Never put meringue on a pie until you have tested it to see if the sugar is completely dissolved. Check this by putting a little of the meringue in between two fingertips and rubbing them together. If the meringue feels gritty, the sugar is not dissolved. When the meringue is nearly as brown as you want, turn off the oven and open the door a little so the pie will cool slowly. Keep it away from drafts and your meringue should not split. Cut the meringue immediately upon removing from the oven with a knife dipped in water. Don't cut into the pie itself (this will prevent the meringue from falling.). 

Thank you to all who leave comments.......I love connecting with all you precious ladies! God has been so good to give us a sweet fellowship with one another. My blogging time has been limited, but I am hoping now that the wedding things have all been put away......I will have more time.

Hugs and God bless you all during the holidays, 


Monday, November 25, 2013

God Redeems!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies......

what a sweet vacation week I have been having and we received  some new pictures from our photographer. We are loving looking through them! 

I am going to show you a few since some of you sweet ladies have asked and I "must" show right?

Our wedding picture and our attire!

If you have followed Prairie Flower Farm for any time you know my sweet mans and my story. Here it is if you want to read (HERE)  a story of redemption, forgiveness from our Heavenly Father...a path He has made straight, because we chose HIM and He chose us! Everyone has a story. We embrace ours and use it for good, for His Glory!

A special thing I did after we were married was to have my flowers preserved and put in a dome. It is one of my fav things in our home......never would have I thought it would be used liked this......I cry! 

Tonya had us get in the pictures, we love our kids with all of our heart. Asking the Lord to bless them and use them!!!!! They have a precious story, praying they will share! 

Our wedding was in the 70's, those days as we look back hurt our country, the "free everything" cost much!

Our kids being silly!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures were done 2 weeks after the wedding. We had to wait for a day that didn't have snow, sleet or rain! Love how they turned out. 

We are waiting for wedding day pic's, can't wait to show you.

Courtney student's pic.

Here is the "big sister, love her bunches. We are all waiting.....together!!

This week I have off and I am lovin it!!!!!!!! God letting me live my hearts desire! We have some precious friends that are going to have sweet little girl twins any day now. The other night I got to fold little tiny baby girl heart was full. I miss those days so much, never will I not want a little one of my own, that is the way the Lord made me. I will be taking pics of the new precious babies. I have to get my bags packed : ), I will keep you posted!! 

Hugs to your day! 


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Her Work Gloves!

Hello precious ladies, 

This last Saturday morning was one of my most roughest days since my sweet girl left to live far away with her sweet new husband. It hit me and hit me hard that she would never ever live with us I thankful for her new life with her precious sweet man? Absolutely.....but it is still hard for me......I just can't help the "missing part"! Since she has left I have kept her work gloves in the kitchen on the window seal where she left them.....she was "always" leaving her "stuff" in the kitchen.......I would say, "Tay....please come and pick up your stuff and put it away! This is the first weekend we did not get to see them......we will have to wait until Thanksgiving. Do I ever miss them! But as I think about it......I have so many things to be grateful for. Our Tyler loves and adores our girl.....she is his now....and we can't be happier....but I have decided that I am getting the gloves!!!! I will trust the Lord with my missing her....He has to be my everything! I really do love these gloves now! 

I am learning to handle some change in my life. I am praying my way through this and God has been so faithul. Tonight we got to Skype with our son and was so wonderful. We had her dogs on our she could see them and they her. Years ago this could never happen. 

Please pray for them.....they are looking for a Bible teaching church in Leavenworth. We are asking that the Lord would make it clear for them!!!!

One more thing.......had to show you our first crop of baby wheat that is coming up beautifully!!!!!! We are so excited and continue to trust the Lord with the crop. You could add that to your prayer also if you would like. If you have any prayer requests for me......I would love to pray!!!!!!! 

Thank you so much!

Hugs to your day!!!!!!


I got Up The Sesame Wheat Braids Bread Recipe!!!!!!!!

Hi sweet have you all been? It is still busy here on the farm getting the animals all ready for the will soon be here. I have also been having lots of fun with my new camera capturing  days to remember. 

Here is one of the sky here in Kansas it has been so beautiful during sunset........and here.......

another I love of the windmill..... here on the farm and the weathervane on the top of the barn.........

I love you Momma!"

Now my sweet Birch has become very aggressive these days! He chased me around and around when I had the wheel barrow full of straw......naughty boy. I think he wants to be a Dad. I was getting a bale of straw to spread on the floor and nesting boxes in the big Hen house. He saw me and started chasing me. I kept myself inside the handles of the wheelbarrow......round and round we went. Finally I backed up to the summer kitchen and climbed up onto the platform. Then I snuck down when he wasn't looking and and he saw me and chased me into the chicken coop. I slammed the door, I think he has become a ram over night! Now I take a stick to bonk him on the hind end with me when he is out and about!! Seems to be working. 

Today I was back out in the coop......he knew I was in there. 
"Momma.....please can I come in there?"

I filled all the nesting boxes in the Big Hen House with new fresh Momma Lavender Guinea left me sweetness. Loved the sight! 

I have a pretty shelf in my front room......I took some of the roses we had used in Taylor's wedding and dried them....set them on the shelf....... love this pic! We like dried flowers as decorations in our home.

Remember my "Henny Penny"? She was the one who had the 6 little Cochin chicks. The one that I built a wooden cage for this last summer? Well this is one of her little chicks that I have called  "Little Girl".......and she is adorable. She really has taken to me. She lives in the big Hen House with the big girls. When I come in she runs to me......right around my she needs to be picked up. Well.....she did this all last week. Yesterday when I was laying new straw.....there she was again....I picked her up and tucked her into my sweatshirt. She LOVES it!!!!! So do mothering heart kick in. We walked around the farm putzzzzzing around.......she would tuck close into my chest and then ever so often....she would pop her head out to see what "we were doing"......she has an adorable personality.......I love her......a lot! God knows what my heart needs......nurturing. I have always been that way......I am thankful He has made me this way, but I am one that loves deep.....that means I hurt deep. Again.....God knows me and knows how to love me in this state! Good thing!

Yesterday we were invited to a young families home.......they have two children.......that call me Gramma.......I love it! A girl and a boy! I brought the homemade bread and salad. I put the pick up on fb and all the ladies wanted the anyone can make this......just follow the recipe and it never fails!!!!!!! Promise, it is so so easy! You just need a big bowl.

Sesame Wheat Braids
3 packages of active dry yeast (7 tea.)
2 1/4 cups warm water
1/3 cup sugar
1 tbl. vegetable oil
1 cup whole wheat flour 
2 eggs
1 tbl. water
1 tbl. salt
5 to 6 cups unbleached flour
2 tea. sesame seeds (opt)

I enjoy grinding fresh whole wheat when I need it for my recipes.......yesterday it was so relaxing in my farm kitchen.....not hectic like the caf. 

In a large mixing bowl, dissolve yeast in water. Add sugar and oil: mix well. Stir in whole wheat flour; let stand until the mixture bubbles about 5 minutes. 

Go to the hen house and gather two eggs.......really there were two in the nesting box......pure sweetness! 

In a small bowl, beat eggs and water. Remove 2 tablespoons to a cup or small bowl; cover and refrigerate. 

Add remaining egg mixture and salt to batter; mix until smooth. 

Add 4 cups unbleached flour and beat until smooth. Add enough remaining flour to form a soft dough. Turn onto a floured board and knead until smooth and elastic, about 6 to 8 minutes. 

Sorry I didn't get the braiding steps taken......on camera.

Place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease top. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 20 minutes. Punch dough down and divide in half. Divide each half into thirds. Shape each into a rope 15" long. Place three ropes on a greased baking sheet; braid. Pinch ends firmly and tuck under. Brush with the reserved egg mixture: sprinkle with sesame seeds. Repeat, placing second braid on the same baking sheet. Let rise until doubled, about 15-20 minutes. Bake at 350 degree for 20-25 minutes. Remove from baking sheet to cool on wire rack......num! 

Hugs to your day........
you are me and definitely Him!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Hope You Are Doing Well!

Hello sweet ladies,

How are you all doing? The weather is changing here....heard today that some that follow me on fb are already getting snow. Tonight it will be getting down in the teens.......hope the freeze kills all the bad bugs around the farm. It will make a difference in my garden next year.........talking about garden......I have been enjoying taking pic's as I have been finishing up picking the last of the veggies, 

love how these tomatoes looked.......

notice the little hairs on the tomato branch......God's detail!!!!!! Amazing work He does.......just for us!

I was thankful to find some peas growing........I had planted a fall garden.....but with the wedding and all I was not able to get everything done to it that I wanted. Kind of had to let it go. I had peas growing....what a nice surprise!!!! One of those special gifts!

Went to check the beans and I saw this pretty white feather......had to take a pic!!!!!

My onions did great......even though they grew in some weeds...I didn't get straw in between the rows, but the rain came at good times so they still grew.

My basil had gone to seed, so I saved as much as I would need for this next coming year. 

If you notice to the right of the pic......the green leaves.......that is my lemon verbena of my girls and my favorite herbs!!!!!! Little Missy Black Cochin came to be with! Love her! She followed me everywhere.......the Cochins seem to be really really friendly. 

When I went to harvest my lavender........I found another Guinea feather.....all nestled inside. Thought it was a beautiful sight! 
 Love it when I find things like little secret places. 

Well.......I hope you enjoyed my little tour......I so enjoyed the garden earlier this year....and was thankful the Lord just kept it growing for me so I could enjoy it off and in during the fall.

Went to gather the eggs tonight........Missy was waiting for me.......she lets me hold her and tuck her into my sweatshirt.......she is a sweet heart!

Hope you are all doing well. It is nice to be able to blog a little bit more......missed it! 

May the Lord bless you all! 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Camera!!!!!!!

Hi.......sweet's me.......who has been missing in action!!!!!! I can't believe how life just passes me by! I miss you all and I know I have said that.....but I do! I will get some kind of "normal" to my life one of these days. I get home from after being in the caf and I just have so many things that need to be done it seems outside. 

Here is what has been happening........last Saturday we took pic's of Tay and Tyler......remember how it rained...snowed.....and was freezing on their wedding day? Well our sweet photographer friend took some more pic's last week, since they missed out on the day of the wedding.........on ones we wanted. I saw Tay with her dressed pulled up and her boots.......adorableness.....this Momma thought! On the back of her little sweatshirt it said, "Bride". So like Tay......pure cowgirl! 

I have also been winterizing the farm a bit. Also letting the sheep run around the farm. Birch is his wooly face......he is getting a little big and a little on the pushy side! I have to watch myself all the time.....he likes to nudge me with his head. One day he might push me over! 

We just bought a new camera. It is a Canon Rebel T3i. Ask if I am having fun......yup! I love how this pic turned out of Olivia. The detail is what I have been wanting in a camera for a long time! 

Here is sweet Willow and those freckles that I love so much on her nose! Last night all the girls were running all around and hopping up on the hay mound. I wish I would have been able to get a video.......they were wired up!

I took this pic of some of my little white pumpkins. If you need a good camera that doesn't cost a lot......this is the one to buy!

Well, it is late, but I just had to stop and write a little to say hello to you all! Trust all is well with you and yours at your home.......I do pray for you all,

Hugs and God bless!!!!!!!