Sunday, November 17, 2013

Her Work Gloves!

Hello precious ladies, 

This last Saturday morning was one of my most roughest days since my sweet girl left to live far away with her sweet new husband. It hit me and hit me hard that she would never ever live with us I thankful for her new life with her precious sweet man? Absolutely.....but it is still hard for me......I just can't help the "missing part"! Since she has left I have kept her work gloves in the kitchen on the window seal where she left them.....she was "always" leaving her "stuff" in the kitchen.......I would say, "Tay....please come and pick up your stuff and put it away! This is the first weekend we did not get to see them......we will have to wait until Thanksgiving. Do I ever miss them! But as I think about it......I have so many things to be grateful for. Our Tyler loves and adores our girl.....she is his now....and we can't be happier....but I have decided that I am getting the gloves!!!! I will trust the Lord with my missing her....He has to be my everything! I really do love these gloves now! 

I am learning to handle some change in my life. I am praying my way through this and God has been so faithul. Tonight we got to Skype with our son and was so wonderful. We had her dogs on our she could see them and they her. Years ago this could never happen. 

Please pray for them.....they are looking for a Bible teaching church in Leavenworth. We are asking that the Lord would make it clear for them!!!!

One more thing.......had to show you our first crop of baby wheat that is coming up beautifully!!!!!! We are so excited and continue to trust the Lord with the crop. You could add that to your prayer also if you would like. If you have any prayer requests for me......I would love to pray!!!!!!! 

Thank you so much!

Hugs to your day!!!!!!



  1. I know how you miss your daughter. Been thru that a few times, now she's home awhile. Prayers for Megan to get a better job soon. She's applied for ome with more hours and pay. Thankful she's got a job! Hugs! Prayers!

  2. What a sweet, Momma's heart you have, Linda! I am sure you miss her like crazy~ yes, thank the Lord for Skype! Your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with all of us:)

  3. How far does she live from you? I know that is hard.


  4. I understand the need to embrace change. My dear friend and my mother-in-love have both moved to Heaven since November 1. It's been a month full of tears but also the assurance of their complete healing and happiness.


  5. Catching up! I thought I left comments but I must have zipped thru your posts on my e mail! Silly me! Always needing prayer. My work place is so unsettling. Need lots of prayer. I am going to be doomed into a broom closet size office with no computer and no phone line. So please pray. But on a bright note I have that big milestone birthday tomorrow. 6 0! My kids had an early surprise party for me Saturday night so Nick could be there! Rebekah had everyone write a letter to me! I received over 60 letters and cards from phamily and friends! I was so surprised and I laughed and cried all together! They had a three tier tea cake made for me. The tope layer was a HUGE purple teacup. I will never ever forget this birthday. Tomorrow I have my mammogram (pray) and then spend the day with my honey and maybe get lunch at Friday's where Endless Lunch is all the soup and salad you can eat! Beverage included! We are on such a tight budget until the end of January. Lots of things going on and always can use more prayer. Lots of prayer for Nick as he is taken so many tests this week and next! Then home on Dec 13 (big sis Noelle's birthday along with her hubby Roger). Pray he chooses the right school to finish his degree. He always use to say "I won't go to Kansas." Now he LOVES it. The friends he has made and the coaches are wonderful. All the instructors are terrific. Prayer is good for this country too. What a mess it is! I just turn my heart to the Lord and trust Him. Or I will lose my mind! He has all things under His control. Let's just pray. Love to you! Anne

    P.S. Come see the picture of my cake. It is on my blog post. Plus I have a giveaway til Dec 14. Hugs!

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