Friday, November 29, 2013

Snow Flake Ornament For SALE!

Hello all you sweet ladies,

Some of my creative desires  have been working in my brain this vacation time........look who is for sale! 

The snowflake piece is 4". 

If anyone would like one of these Snow Flake Ornaments they are available for order. "Snow Flake is $5.50 each, with $1.75 for shipping. For each additional snowflake you order for yourself add 25 cents to shipping. If you would like one sent to someone besides yourself, a friend, grandchild, your child, or a babies first ornament) I will send it to them. That will be $1.75 for each sent to a different address, but if you order more individually I always make the shipping the cost it would be and not $1.75 for each! I did that last year and it was received very well. I will also put a little card on the inside of whatever you would like to say if it is going to someone as a gift. Email me at (prairie flower farm at g mail dot com) and put in Snow Flake Ornament in the subject line). In the email you will need to give me each address. 
This ornament is available "forever". Just email me!

Each ornament will be snuggled into a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon. Easy gift to give......just tell me you want one sent and I will get it off! 

We take paypal, (we will send out an invoice when 
we receive your order). 
We also take checks or money order. 

Trust your Thanksgiving was a special time for you and yours. Taylor and Tyler came to the farm late Tuesday night.....peeked around the corner while Tressa and I were watching a CHRISTmas movie and said, "what you doing?" The time we had while they were here was precious. God has been so good to both of them. For her first months of being away from all she knows she has done very well. Her sweet man has truly blessed her and our family. 

She brought her Kitchen Aid mixer with her to bless us! Her coworkers bought it for her as a wedding gift. Oh my our time using that was wonderful. The meringue was beautiful! I am not sure if it was the mixer or what, but it was so full and fluffy. 

Some ladies on my facebook asked for the recipe for the thick meringue.....

Meringue for pies

To keep meringue from shrinking, always be sure it touches the edge of the pie crust. This will prevent it from pulling away from the crust. Also be sure the egg whites are at room temperature before beating. Use at least 3 egg whites for each pie. Add 3 level tablespoons of sugar for each egg white (9 tbl.), beating constantly. Add 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar and a dash of salt and beat slightly. The sugar will give it the desired height. Never put meringue on a pie until you have tested it to see if the sugar is completely dissolved. Check this by putting a little of the meringue in between two fingertips and rubbing them together. If the meringue feels gritty, the sugar is not dissolved. When the meringue is nearly as brown as you want, turn off the oven and open the door a little so the pie will cool slowly. Keep it away from drafts and your meringue should not split. Cut the meringue immediately upon removing from the oven with a knife dipped in water. Don't cut into the pie itself (this will prevent the meringue from falling.). 

Thank you to all who leave comments.......I love connecting with all you precious ladies! God has been so good to give us a sweet fellowship with one another. My blogging time has been limited, but I am hoping now that the wedding things have all been put away......I will have more time.

Hugs and God bless you all during the holidays, 



  1. Nice looking meringue. Good tips on how to do it too.

    So glad you were able to see your daughter and son in love.


  2. Precious ornaments, I'll be ordering some for sure!

    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. Cute snowman / snowflake! It is rather warm here in eastern Colorado today (60 at the moment) so I'm afraid his cousins would melt at my house! I even had to put on something cooler as I was cleaning. Now I've had a refreshing break and need to get back to work.♥♫

  4. Have the twins arrived yet? My daughter and son-in-law gave birth to a new baby boy 12-1-13. He was to be a Christmas baby but decided he didn't want to share his birthday.

  5. My niece Holly could make a wonderful meringue. She stayed with us while she was in college and got very ill. when she recuperated she made us a lemon meringue pie! Oh yum! Also my mother use to bake us Baked Alaska. I really need to try one! Your pie is so pretty. Hugs Anne


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