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Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm Party Going On!

Hello sweet ladies.........before we begin our party I must tell you that today and tomorrow only..... Gooseberry Patch is having their......

they have extended the sale until this Tuesday December 3rd.
Please go here to see what they have......prices are wonderful!

One of my favorite things to do is an...... 

Gooseberry Patch has another new cookbook! Prairie Flower Farm  and Gooseberry Patch will be having a Cookbook Party for one week!!!!!!! I will be sharing some recipes and crafty ideas for the holidays!

Our Party begins, 

Monday, December 2nd through until Sunday, December 8th

When I was asked what cookbooks I wanted to review I just had to pick the

A Hometown CHRISTmas Cookbook!

First prize will be one Hometown CHRISTmas Cookbook!

Contents inside and a few recipe titles:

Breakfast with Santa
Deep-Dish Breakfast 
PieCrunchy French Toast

Sledding Party Warmers
Fizzle Biscuits
Hearty Pizza Soup

Old Fashioned CHRISTmas Dinner
Grandma's Cranberry Salad
Sweetie's Dressing

Open House..You're Invited
Spinach Feta Puffs
3-Pepper Chichen Bites

Tree-Trimming Treats
Old Country Cake
Cherries in the Snow

Slow-Cooker Comfort Foods
Savory French Dip
Brown Sugar-Bacon Bites

Coming Home for CHRISTmas
This section has sweet CHRISTmas memories
from families.

CHRISTmas time is my absolute..... without a doubt... very favorite time of the year!!!!!

This cookbook is full of new wonderful recipes to incorporate into your CHRISTmas season baking. The recipes I will review will be easy and fast to cook up. Then more time can be spent with your family and all the festivities that fill your time. 

So many of you are getting ready for CHRISTmas and I am sure many of you have traditions.......I will do some reviews of some recipes that you might want to add!

Today I am back at the kitchen at the college. 

 I made up this wonderful coffee cake recipe. I tried it out on the college kids. They ate it up! That is proof that it is good! It is so moist and delicious! It doesn't take much time to whip it up either. 
If you try it let me know what you think!

I always like to add a little something to the party. Just finished designing this Snow Flake Ornament 
second prize is: 

3- Snow Flake Ornaments

Also ornaments are for sale here if you are interested. I will even send them to a "favorite someone" for you!

I am making it very simple for you to enter......I know this time of year is very busy!

Vote 1
Please tell us a CHRISTmas tradition.....or a memory you have that you would 

Vote 2
Go to Gooseberry Patch fb and leave a little 
encouragement for all the fun they bring into all of our lives. Come back and let me know you did!

Vote 3
Leave me a little note on my fb.....please. Come back and let me know you did!

That's it! Let the party begin. 
Check out Gooseberry Patches web sites if you like. I am sure you will like!

Please if be sure to leave me a email if you don't have a google account! 

Hugs and God bless your day!!!!!!!!!!!

You are welcome to share this party with your friends!



  1. A Christmas memory I have was the year1984, as a newly married couple with a baby we had run out of money and no tree. A tree was left standing on our city corner and after it remained there untouched for an hour or so we claimed it and brought the tree into our apt. What a blessing!! Linda Holly

  2. As a child, raised by a single Mom with 6 children, I remember Mom getting us all ready for Midnight Mass, once in the car she would have to run back in the house, because she wanted to make sure she turned off the iron, or some such excuse. I wasn't until many years later that I figured out this is when the gifts were placed under the tree and once home again Santa had been there. Thanks Mom for the memory.

  3. Hi Linda - left you a FB note, also commented on Gooseberry Patch FB page, and left you a Christmas memory. Thanks for the party. Blessings. Gail Telecky

  4. My Christmas memories is getting together with family and opening presents Christmas morning then having a big country breakfast.

    Also posted on FB and Gooseberry Patch FB page

  5. I love the memories I have of my mom decorating the house for Christmas. She would decorate every room and put lights in all the windows. This is the 5th Christmas we will be without her but still have the memories!

  6. Posted a note on your FB.

  7. A tradition we have is for my mom, sister and I to get together and do some baking and candy making. Thanks.

  8. I left a post on Gooseberry Patch's FB wall.

  9. I left a note on your FB. Thanks.

  10. As more and more grandchildren come, Christmas stockings have become our main tradition (that, and of course, the reading and sometimes dramatization of hte Christmas story.....).

  11. Since our children were small, we always made a big deal about decorating the tree as a family. My parents always come over and help too. Then when the tree is decorated, we take a family photo by the tree. Well, the years have gone by, our children are grown, married and we have a precious Granddaughter. It just keeps getting bigger and better. I am blessed.

    Thank you,

  12. One of our traditions has always been baking many kinds of Christmas cookies. One precious memory connected with this is the year my older daughter was in third grade. I had gone back to work as a teacher's aide in the local Christian school, and my days were long. I couldn't figure out how we would have time to bake all the different kinds of cookies we had made our traditional ones. My third-grader was a good reader and direction-follower, and she volunteered to make a batch of dough every day after school. She did that, we baked a batch of cookies each evening, and the tradition went on! That is one of my sweetest memories. Now the third-grader is all grown up and baking cookies with her own three little ones.

  13. The Christmas tradition that we have had in our family probably the longest has been the cutting of our Christmas tree and decorating our dog. It started back with my great great great grandmother, and they would walk out on our farm, find two white pines (which always grow in WV with a bad side) and tie them together with twine for their Christmas tree. Growing up, going out with my grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, brothers and myself, we would hike and hike and hike until we found two white pines that were roughly the same height, and cut them. Dad and Grandpa would drag them out of the woods, and we'd lash them together with twine. We were always careful to select our ornaments carefully because white pines aren't very strong, so the heavy ornaments would go at the back, and the lighter ones at the front. Of course, it didn't matter because every time the dog would go by the tree, the ornaments would end up on her tail. Sometimes, I think the dog was more decorated than the tree. I enjoy going out and picking our tree on our family farm every year with our children, and our dogs with their feathered tails find themselves decorated every year as well!

  14. My favorite Christmas memories include all the many years when my children were at home--each Christmas eve we would have a birthday party for Jesus, complete with a birthday cake and fancy finger foods, all eaten on the living room floor in front of the Christmas tree! For the children fancy finger foods were squares of pizza and pigs in blankets, but we always had an awesome cake! Christmas eve church, then early to bed for them to get up early to see what Jesus' friend, Santa, had left under the tree! Then we all enjoyed a huge breakfast including sticky buns and spent the day lounging in our new (always new for Christmas morning photos!) jammies.

  15. We always baked Charlie Brown cut-out cookies and decorated them the same night as mom would wrap all of the gifts along with Christmas music playing in the background. Over the's become a tradition to invite all of the kids in the family and extended family for an evening of baking and decorating cookies.

  16. Christmas memory - My 4 brothers and myself would always wake up early Christmas morning by 2 am and start looking at our gifts. It was always so much fun playing with toys for 5 kids! We had several breakfasts on those days since we got up so early! My poor parents! They never complained and just enjoyed us! Now they're in their late 80's and we still talk about these times.

  17. We have birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve before we head to church. This was started by my mother-in-law and we continue it with our grandchildren.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  18. Christmas breakfast with my family is a great tradition.

  19. We bake a birthday cake for Jesus and always have! Every year we decorate it differently. We also make a cake for Easter and use an egg shaped pan! Then we write He Is Risen on it! A favorite tradition. But CHRIST is the center of both of these holidays so I was raised that way and so was my hubby! Our kids still love it and they use to fight over decorating when they were small plus we always had to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus too! Hugs Anne

  20. Left a comment at your Face Book page.

  21. Left a comment for the Gooseberry Patch Face Book page too. Love their beautiful cookbooks! Always so much fun to visit them and their terrific recipes.

  22. Left a comment on Gooseberry Patch's Facebook page, I really enjoy their cookbooks.

  23. Left a comment on your FB page, looking forward to your review of this cookbook, the coffeecake looks good.

  24. I have two daughters, 11 yrs apart. Before they left home & got married, got a pickle ornamenent & started that tradition, who finds it get a extra little gift. Now those 2 & their hubbies, scramble to find it after all the gifts have been opened. The 4 grandsons like watching their parents try to find it. Happy memories.

  25. The coffee cake looks delicious! I left a message with Gooseberry on FB letting them know how much I've enjoyed their books.
    After my son passed away we started a new tradition. We bake our Christmas cookies on his birthday Dec. 22 and now my grandkids are helping too ;-)

  26. Grandma's special Christmas cookies! She stopped making them last year and Christmas just wasn't the same.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  27. Some of my best memories is of the delicious Christmas dinners and pretty decorated table my mom used to have.

  28. I commented on Gooseberry Patch's facebook page. (Connie Bolick Lee)

  29. I left a comment on your facebook page. (Connie Bolick Lee).

  30. I'm actually in this one with my Spicy Pantry Soup!
    I'd love to win a copy for my father.

    One of my favorite memories is of a few years ago when we had to deliver newspapers through the night for my husband while he was out of town. I had to take the children with me. So, we delivered papers and sang Christmas carols. It was terrible at the time, but we really made memories!

  31. Just left a message for you on your facebook.
    Bless you!!

  32. Growing up my Mom used to make all of our Christmas decorations, what a beautiful memory that is. I am so very thankful for photo's :)!

  33. Love the Snowflakes and I can almost smell the muffins.
    Merry Christmas Linda and Family.

  34. Dear Linda, Thank you for sharing this gift with us! We love to attend Christmas Eve service! (Beautiful!)


  35. Linda..I went over to GP 's Facebook page and left a comment.

  36. Linda..

    I left a comment on your FB page!

    Thank you,

  37. When my sister and I were young we would prepare lip syncing shows to the family with Christmas tunes....ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  38. I left a message on GP fb page....ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  39. I also left you a note on your fb page Linda!!! Godbless all .....ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  40. A Christmas tradition that we have is to go out to dinner followed by driving around looking at people's outdoor light displays. It seems like there are less displays than there used to be, but it is still fun!

  41. I left a note on the Gooseberry Patch fb page.

  42. I also left a note on your fb page. Thank you for the give-away!

  43. Hi, Linda - One of my favorite memories is that my Mom and I set aside one day early in December to just make candy - divinity, fudge, etc. - and of course, we had to "taste test" it right away with some coffee or hot chocolate!! Mom has been gone fir thirteen years, but I still treasure the memory!

  44. Linda, I have a recipe published in Hometown Christmas, page 138!!! One of our Christmas traditions is that we always have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast Christmas morning..
    Gloria Linburg


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