Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Good Day!

Hello Sweet ladies,

Is this the most precious pic?????? 

I heard from Regina. "Little Tenlee is off the the ECMO machine! Singing praises. She is still on the ventilator but that is the next step! Love you!" Regina

Praising the Lord for His goodness. What a precious gift they have received. A journey they will never forget. Thank you ladies for your kindness that you have shown to this precious family. You didn't even know them and you became such a huge part of their life! You are so so wonderful!

Please continue to ask the Lord to help that her lungs would get back to normal and she could also get off the ventilator!!!!!!

I found this on Pinterest........cute cute cute!!!!!!! I am making!

This craft is found on Simply Prim........she said it is easy peasy! I will let you know! I want them to hang on my kitchen cupboards. 
When I find something I like I like and this is it!!

Makes the bakery a little bit more like HOME!

It kind of helps me at work when I bring some of my things to put and use in the bakery. I brought this cup this last weekend and put some eggs in it while I was baking today.......cute!!!!!!! I thought I would take a pic of it so you could see! I also have 2 bowls that I am using out of the same design. Got them at Hobby Lobby 50% off. I love sales! It just makes my bakery just a little bit like home!

The salad girls were making a fresh fruit salad (apples, pears, fresh pineapple, bananas, tangerines) today and needed a dressing. I asked if I could make.......it turned out so good. Thought I would share.

Strawberry Dressing
1 cup Vanilla Yogurt
juice and zests form 1 lemon
2 T. honey
4 large strawberries
1/2 c.  of raspberries
1/2 tea. poppy seeds
Place ingr. in food processor. Pour and mix
over fruit.


When I came home tonight I immediately went outside. We are to get some rain and flurries maybe on Thursday so I need to make the most out of this beautiful weather!!!!!!

Kitty and Koko were together out in the corral tonight! I really like Koko's mane. It is kind of curly! Different then any of our other horses!

Then when I got home tonight I went down to let Whitey (the rooster that was wounded) out. He was doing so much better and thought he could be put back with the others...........wrong. He got in a fight with the Mottled Rooster. Picked him up put him back in his cage........ I will be fixing up a place for he and his wife. I will have to do that to all the other chickens that have mates. I would love to have chicks of their kind! Then I will be selling them at the Yoder Auction! Can't wait. This weekend I will get busy on fixing some cages up, if it isn't snowing!

Time for sleep!!!!!!!! It is Tues. night.

I did a fun thing today on fb. I asked the question If you could go anywhere for a day where would you go and what would you do? If you want to answer again and already did on fb feel free......but if you aren't a "like" on my fb........you can answer here!!!!!!!

Hugs sweeties.........you make my days special. May Jesus bless you!!!!!!!! He knows that you sure bless me! Love you sweet ladies,


Monday, January 30, 2012

A Sweet Day on SONday!

Hello  Sweet Ladies,

I did not hear anything from Regina yesterday so I knew that things must have been going the same. This morning she wrote,....

Tenlee's ECMO machine is set at 250.  That means Tenless's heart is doing most of the work.  I guess you could say she using her training wheels right now.  The PICU doctor changed this morning and a new one will be staying there for a while.  So, until this doctor feels that Tenlee is ready, they will not shut the ECMO off for Tenlee to take completely over.  They are not turning it off at all right now, just waiting and watching.  She's truly a "rockstar".  She is wiggling around so much.  To go from no movement at all to arms and legs flapping around in the air is pretty impressive.  I told Jack this morning that she must be ready to wake up and see what's happening. 
I'm sure I will hear from Jack if anything changes and will share with you right away.  Love you all, Regina

I will keep you posted when she writes again. They so appreciate our prayers!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! God has been so merciful! Continue to pray please.

Yesterday was a relaxed and wonderful day on the farm. Unusually warm here for this time of year.  I had to get outside in the afternoon, so I walked around the farm with camera in hand. Our little farm has very old buildings around and has lots of places that the buildings are falling down, but I love taking the pictures of them. . They all have stories that will be remembered for forever.

I bought the basket that was on sale at Hobby Lobby.......it is beautiful. I put it down in the little Milk House..........the little Banty Cochin Hens are laying eggs up a storm these days. Trusting that one of the Girls will use the basket nest by the time spring rolls around and fills it with her eggs..............

a Girlie used it yesterday....and left me an egg........not sure which one ......but she sure made this farm girl happy!!!!!!

 Walked out to see the horses........Tildy was enjoying her day scratching in the prairie hay. 

Then off to the milk barn.........I hadn't been up in the loft for some time. I knew there were old milk cans and milk buckets there and thought a picture would be nice.........turned out better than I thought! Wish I could show it to Grandpa Jack, he has been gone for some time.......they were his.....he was a dairy man. We won't move them.......so when the family comes back they will get to see them just the way they have been for years. 

I came upon the old chicken coop. It is very old and is falling down, but I love the old wood, windows, doors and hinges. We hope to get it torn down one of these days.....our son said he would help me........want to put my herb garden there. It will be wonderful  soil.

I like seeing  barbed wire hanging around. 

It was a nice day.........a day of rest.

Hope yours was as well.



Sunday, January 29, 2012

It is SONday.........Enjoy it! He Made It...For YOU!

Hello Sweet ladies,

"The nurses are getting Tenlee ready to do a trial run coming off the the ecmo machine.......the heart machine. the heart machine. They will stop and start it over and over to strengthen her heart. Tehy are looking at having her completely off within 24 hours she has been a wiggle worm. She's moving both arms and legs and her head. Dr. said sedate her some more so she will stop moving so much. I'll send a note after trial run starts.  She will remain on ventilator until lungs get stronger". from Grandma Regina

Tenlee and her precious Momma, Kisa.
This is an earlier picture right before the heart operation. 

This must be so hard on them all to watch their precious little one. So please continue to keep her tucked in you heart and before the King of Kings! He is hearing us and is faithful, even if it doesn't look like what we want it to look like! The family so appreciates that you are all standing in the gap on behalf of their family.

Also just heard from Charlotte's Grandma Francine, she said that she is doing much better. Her fever spiked to 105.9. Breaking into a rash on Friday night at the hospital. They feel like she started out with the flu and a couple weeks ago and it just never got better. Then it progressed into Adenovirus and bacterial pneumonia. Around 1:00 in the early Saturday morning hours, Grandma felt a peace come over her. Precious God we serve. Thank you all for the prayers.

Yesterday we ran into town to do a little shopping. While we were there we went out to one of our son's place. They just had a new baby boy cow and so I just had to see. Anything baby is right down my alley! Is he adorable or what? 

Baby was checking out one of the other steers.  Momma soon turned on the steer! 
Look at how full Momma cow is with milk! Wish I could get some of that.......she would kick me so I can't!!!!!!

I want one.......heehee......my sweet man will say no....... so I won't even ask. Good reason! With the horrible drought and all a Momma and baby would be to much to buy hay for. So I will just dream and wait.......until some day I can have one! Baby chicks don't cost that much! 

They went over the hill........so Momma could feed her baby in peace. 

Momma let us ooo and ahhh and then she said, "come on baby......I can only share you for so long! We need some quiet time! She is a good Momma Cow!

My sweet man did chores before church this morning.......Momma Duck has a make shift box I made for her this last week in a hurry, because she and another Momma were laying eggs allllll over the chicken yard. One of the Moms left this egg..........for me this morning. Trusting they will be laying more this spring and we will have some more baby ducklings. I lost my 9 young ducklings last year to the dogs. We are building the pen bigger this spring........with a picket fence around the wire painted white. With a gate........oooohhhh can't wait! One side will be for the ducks and the other for the Girlies! This afternoon I am going to find a wooden box and fill it with straw. I had this box filled to the top with straw.......think one of my "Girlie Hens" or two or three got in and took it all out. I make nice straw nests and they kick or scratch it out! Figure!

Have a precious day!!!!!!!

Father.......thank You so for a day of rest.......that we can come and sit at Your feet and glean from Your Word, so we will be stronger for the week that is set before us. You are so precious to us Father and we so need YOUR WORD. I can't imagine what my life would be if it wasn't for You. Even when I fall.......You are  there to pick me up....... when I are (I just reread this......I bet the Lord laughed at my "are" instead of am, hee) ready and confess. I bring little Tenlee and her precious family before You and thank You for all the provisions that You have made for her in this last week. Amazing! Please encourage the Doctors, Nurses and the Tech by using the Luther family. We are asking for healing, but trusting that You  have a perfect plan for Tenlee's life. If we need to be doing more then just praying please make that knows to us. We love and thank You for calling us Your children.........we so need a Shepherd in these days! 

In the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen

Because of the LORD'S Great love we are not consumed,
for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness. I say to myself, "The LORD is my portion;
therefore I will wait for Him."
The LORD is good to those whose HOPE is in Him,
to the one who seeks Him;
Lamentations 3:22-25

Ladies that is a promise.......for those who "SEEK" Him........we have such a precious Father "in Heaven"!  

Hugs from our farm!


You are so loved by Jesus........and me!

Oh, by the way.........we slept soooo good last night......mmmm the smell of fresh air on our pillow cases........thankful I can hang our clothes on the line!!!!!! Smells like a garden and I love gardens! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am Home..........can't wait for the Day!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies.........it is Saturday and it is cold outside!!!!! My mind is spinning......what should I do first.........hmmmm......I will read His Word.......I will tell Him I am thankful for His provisions. A quiet time just with my Father. Then I will pray......for YOU! 

This is a prayer from Praying God's Word by Beth Moore

Life was so full last week........the bakery was at a pace that I did not like. Not much peace........unless I put the ear bud in my ear and I escaped to the late 1800's. Our boss will let us use our ipods in the kitchen now, but we have to take them off when we go to the front lines in the cafe. It has been a huge blessing to me. At Home it was like our family was always learning during the day. With it just being the girls and my sweet man, we had on sermons, music, teaching tapes........and lots of chattering together. We still have talk at work, but we are on the move so much it isn't the same as when we get Home all day or working on the farm together. So we  are listening to books, sermons and also I found this wonderful site that is teaching me lots more about Preparedness on our farm. 

click on name and listen. 
I am loving it!!!!!!!!!! 
My favorite so far is 6-09-2011
Shoshanna owner of the Bulk Herb Store
I am gleaning so much!

Here is her blog site.

I am sure lots of you ladies already know about this......I am so slow on learning about some of the websites.......but I am learning!

Can't wait!!!!!!! Are you stating a Garden this year? Tell me........and ya know if you have never commented before.......
would you let me know who you are......if you have a blog......I would love to meet you!

The Lord protected us, but with the drought last year and not having the produce from our garden was a disappointment to me. We worked so hard to try to keep everything cared for!!!!!!! This year I am not going to take my planting time this spring for granted. I will be starting in February getting all my seeds started as usual, but watching very carefully as they grow. I will do my best on taking you on my journey. One area I will be really working on is my herb garden. Not much happening now, but I will be specific in what I grow and then we can use it for medicinal purposes. If I can get it growing it will be wonderful for my family and those the Lord puts in my path. Soooo, as I am at work in the kitchen I am still learning from what I am hearing on my downloads. It is making my time at work even more enjoyable.  I also have a friend at work, that I have known for 30 plus years and I fixed her up with mp3 player and she is learning with me!!!! Thanking Jesus! I have missed fellowship so much by being outside the HOME. I don't use my ipod all the time, because I still have my girls and our relationship to think about. It has been such a blessing though. I believe it is an answer to some of you ladies prayers......... that you have prayed for me. I so appreciate you all so much. 

I have my red with white flower sheets in the washer.......soon to be flapping in the Kansas wind.....it is so windy today and a bit on the chilly side. It is sun shining......... so I won't complain! I will be getting to use a rototiller from a friend. I want to get the 4 inches of straw worked into our garden so I will be ready.......I am so itchin for spring! I love growing and watching the little seed that the Lord provided for me grow. It is a miracle.........when you see it happen! 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

All In A Day! Tenlee really needs prayer.

Hi Sweet Ladies,

2nd email today from Tenlee's Grandma, at 4:49:

This is what we learned when we made it back to the hospital.   Tenlee had blood work done to test blood gas levels, a scan of her brain, chest xrays, and an echocardiogram.  Not sure if that is spelled correct.  Everything was great...no swelling of the brain, blood levels good, AND her heart has begun to work correctly!!!  So, right now they are saying no surgery.  It's that amazing.  Yesterday there was so much damage that it had to be done again and today the damage is gone.  Hummm, wonder who did that?!  Praise God!  The lungs are another story.  They said that on the xrays that the left lung is white which means it is still deflated.  The right is white at the very top and the very bottom.  But the right is beginning to function.  She was placed on a different type of ventilator that blows 340 puffs of air into her lungs each minute.  This is suppose to help open the left lung and help it stay open.  The doctor has started weaning her off the machines.  The machine that is doing the work of the heart goes by numbers.  It started at 650 which is doing everything for her heart.  A few minutes ago, it was at 440 and Tenlee's heart is doing more of the work.  As a matter of fact, she had a reaction to a med that she was receiving because her heart was also working and she needed less of the medication.  They are continuing to give less and less of the medication as her heart does more.  They are also trying to lessen her sedation.  When we play with her toes, she will wiggle them.  Also, one eye is trying to open.  Kisa touched her eyelid to close it and Tenlee quickly opened her eye.  It was almost as if she knew it was Mom.  I'm sure it was a reaction to the touch but it was still exciting to see her open her eye.  

NOW, don't think too much!  She still has a long way to go but they are hoping to have her completely off the heart machine tomorrow afternoon.  We will see.  And, it will depend on what the lungs do.  I will send another email as she makes IMPROVEMENTS.  Doesn't that sounds wonderful.  Until tomorrow, we love you all and appreciate all you are doing for our Tenlee.

Regina & Jack 

Also another Grandma wrote today and needs prayer for Charlotte her 2 year old grand-daughter. They were taking her to the hospital as she had been sick for 2 weeks and they didn't know what was causing it. She said thank you!

1st email It is 9:16 on Friday morning. Heard from Regina that little Tenlee went potty. That sounds funny she said, but for them it is wonderful. Keep praying. That was answered prayer!!!!!!!

If you would like you can put the button on your blog by using the code on my sidebar. We would appreciate it if you could put on your facebook or email your friends. If you want to put it on facebook or email it just save the above image to your computer. Tenlee had heart surgery on Monday January 25, everything went wonderful and all day she responded very well. On Tuesday Morning the respiratory tech went to give her a breathing treatment and the machine got reversed and sucked all the air from her lungs. This stopped her heart. They put her on life support and gave her 50-50 chance of surviving. Thank you ladies for praying. 

Thought you might like to see my accident today.

We had catering cooking today at the bakery........we were rushing around a lot trying to get everything out for lunch and dinner, plus getting Tiramisu ready for a catering on Saturday. Sometimes I forget to turn the mixer on low, when I put in the powdered sugar. This is what happens! A winter scene in the kitchen!!!!!!!!! You should have seen me!

When I got home today I went to check on Whitey. He is looking so much better don't ya think? It helps that he is living in a cage all by himself for now. When his comb heals just a little bit better, I will let him out. I brought him into the kitchen to put medicine on his head and face. Then I washed him down a bit with a washcloth. He will look lots better when his feathers dry. I am so glad he is okay.

Ater I took care of Whitey, I was off to the Potter's shed to check and see if any of my Girlies had laid some eggs.........beautimus to my eyes. I have put some straw in a old big box for the cats........the hens are taking it over! It is fine with me as long as I don't lose the eggs out in the woods. That is when it is hard when you have free range. 

Thank you sweet ladies. Regina can't believe that you are all taking your time to pray. Such a precious gift we can give to one another.

Hugs to your day!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No News Yet.......waiting.

Just got home very busy day and couldn't take time out to get this info out the way I wanted........caterings. Regina wrote and the news is good on Tenlee.......but don't quit praying as you will see by her email. Thank you!!!!!!!! I will be making a button so you can put Tenlee on your blog or facebook for prayer. Then you can have it come back to the post here. I will tell a story about the way the Lord worked in Ellianna's life and now Tenlee. God is sooooooo in the details!

Hugs, Linda

Good Morning,
The news this morning is better.  Tenlee was stable throughout the night.  Kisa and John actually left the hospital and slept!  Jack stayed with Tenlee and kissed her feet when he got to see her during the night.  The doctors are a 
little more optimistic.  They think that her body may be able to take over when they remove the machines.  That won't be done for another few days.  We are all feeling better this morning but realize that she has a long way to go.  Any improvement is a big step in the right direction.  We are singing praises this morning and thanking God for bringing her through the night.  As I hear more from Jack, I will send you an email.  Thank you all!!
Regina, Tenlee's grandmother

Hello sweet ladies,

Emotional day.......no news on Tenlee.......keep praying, can't imagine the heart ache for all involved. You are so precious ladies.........talk about standing together......lifting our request to the God of the UNIVERSE........and the fact that He listens and holds us all in the palm of His Hand.....is more than I can understand.....we serve an amazing God.

Wish I could post..........nothing in me......really drained. We can't give up though. I will write as soon as I have some news. 

Father we come before You lifting Your Name above all other names. Giving You the honor that is due to You only. We ask again that You would care for all the needs that Tenlee's family have.......finacial......spiritual......physical. That You would send the right people to minister to them. Thank You for the all the details that we can not even see that are being put into place. We love You and trust You with this whole situation! We ask all of this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Heart you all sweet ladies,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Good evening sweet ladies, 

1st email early this morning.

I know you are at school right now but needed to talk so I'm writing you.  Jack got home yesterday evening in time to help with chores and have supper.  At 4 this morning we got a call from one of our daughters that Tenlee was not doing well.  Jack immediately left for Lubbock.  When he got there he found out that a nurse was doing a breathing treatment on Tenlee and somehow the machine got reversed and suck all the air from her lungs.  This stopped her heart.  Tenlee is now on life support and drs. give her a 50-50 chance of surviving.  I don't even know how to pray right now but I know God is with them.  Thanks for listening.
Regina Tenlee's Grandma

2nd email at 11:40 pm
Jack just called.  He said the doctor came by and explained what happened.  It was a mistake by the resp. tech. that has made her lungs stop working.  Although she is on life support, her heart is still working.  He said he wasn't sure if the lungs would begin to work again.  Jack said he will not give any hope at all.  He keeps telling John and Kisa to be prepared in case she doesn't make it.  But, he still says a 50-50 chance.  So, as someone told me this morning, we need to pray and believe that God himself will breathe life back into Tenlee's lungs.  Kyle shared Zechariah 4:6 with me this morning that says, " not by our strength or power but by the Spirit of the Lord All-Powerful!

I can't imagine what this resp. tech must be going through.  Please pray for them also.

3rd email at 12:37 pm 
Well here I am again.  I just got a text from Jack.  The surgeon came by to talk with them.  During CPR this morning the heart surgery was damaged.  So the surgery will have to be done again.  I'm not sure when.  It will be after they see how Tenlee does and if her lungs begin to work again. 

Thank you ladies for praying.......their family appreciates it so much. Pray!!!!!!!!

I took this pic this last weekend........of Whitey looking pretty good!

If you follow me on facebook you know the story about my beautiful Bantam White Cochin Rooster............. when we drove up into the yard today he was being drug around by a big mean ol' Rhode Island Red Rooster. I couldn't get out of the van fast enough. I was running around after the big rooster who still had a hold of "Whitey" that wasn't his name, but it is now. I finally got them chased down and I swooped up Whitey who was not lookin' good!  

Poor Whitey looked a mess. He had blood all over.......poor guy! I brought him in the house and tried to wash him off a bit.......wasn't going to work........so I gave that up! My sweet man said to spray him with Vetericyn VF. It works great on animals for wounds and infection treatment. I was holding him in one arm and sprayed with the other hand..........not good! The bottle said it wouldn't sting.......wrong!!!!!!!! Whitey was a flappin his wings big time!!!!!!! Got him all calmed down and put him in a cage so he will be protected until he heals. Poor thing! Eventful night to say the least for both of us.

Thought I would leave you with this video that I also took this last weekend..........love the chicken chatter......hope you do also!You can notice Whitey in the back ground........the mean roosters is in the front.

God bless your day........know that you will be in my prayers!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Good nite!

Hello sweet ladies...........

Got home tonight and took my camera and took some pic's around the farm.........love this old door that is on an old house that Grandpa Percy brought to the farm and used as a chicken coop. It is all old and falling apart, but I love the old boards. I hope to rescue the door and a few windows this spring. 

Sat and stitched all evening on my Valentine Swap gift........left no time for posting........it was a relaxed evening though. I think because I sat......it made me more tired then usual!

Heard from Regina just a minute ago.......

Hi Linda,
I wanted to send one more update for today.  The ventilator was removed tonight and Tenlee is doing great.  The doctors are amazed at how well she is doing.  Thank you so much for praying for her and sharing so that so many others were also.  The prayers meant so much to all of us!  We serve an awesome God!
Thank you again,

Precious......."We praise your Lord Jesus.......thank you for hearing our cries on behalf of this precious little girl! You answered......we are forever grateful! Please continue to keep them protected during this time and please remind us throughout this week. In the precious name of Jesus.......Amen"!

I am off to bed............so so tired, thank you for all the prayers that you wrote their family.........Regina read them and is so thankful!! 

What a precious family Prairie Flower Farm girls have become here on the blog. You are so precious!!!!!!! Please, if you ever need prayer.......write me! Also if you ever are adopting a child...........I want to help! 



Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Girls Needs Prayer!

Hello sweet ladies,

So precious!

Okay...........it is time to pray for a little sweet pea! Is she adorable or what? I have been asked to have us pray from her grandmother Regina. She has asked for prayer for her youngest  grandchild, number 9 on Monday, January 25 (I am putting this post up the night before). She is 3 months old. She is scheduled for surgery at 7:30 in the morning, to have open heart surgery. It should last 5 hours. The surgeon will have to remove Tenlee's heart and go inside to make chambers. She was born without so right now she has both oxygenated and "un" oxygenated blood which is all pumping together. Once he builds the chambers, her heart will work great.

Tenlee's Momma, Kisa is having a real hard time. She has a strong faith in God and knows He holds the future. The family is asking that we would please pray for the surgeon. He has done this surgery many times and feels confident that it will be successful. Recovery time should be 10 days. 

I (Linda) will know more tomorrow later in the day and will let you all know also. If you would like to leave a prayer for Tenlee, her momma Kisa, Regina, and the rest of the family you can do so on my comments. 

She sooooo tiny to have such a big operation done! Thankful that she is being watched by the Lord! 

Heavenly Father, we thank you that there is knowledge for such an operation. Thank you for giving doctors the means to help families like Regina's. We ask Father that you would by your power work mightily with the doctors, nurses and all who need a covering. We ask for all to be alert and wise in the decisions that they make during the operation. We ask for hedge of protection  for Tenlee while she is under as they preform the operation. Please Lord give her parents peace during the hours that Tenlee will be in the operating room. May they come to know you more during this time of learning to trust you. We praise you Father that you have everything under control. WE love you Lord and help remind us to pray throughout the day! WE ask everything in the precious and mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Thank you ladies........you are always such wonderful prayer warriors for the little ones that come across our blog! 

Took this pic of Kate the cat.........thought she was so cute all curled up in the bottom of the lilac bush. I saw her when I was feeding the birds. Can you see the green shoots coming out of the ground and one on the branch........it is January........maybe the tree doesn't know that. 

Hope you have a good day! I will be making focaccia bread in the bakery! 

Hugs to your day! 


SONday...........hope you are having a Restful DAY!

Helo Sweet Ladies,

Thank you for all the comments yesterday! Loved reading them..........I wish we could all have a day here in the Refuge Cabin together!

Last night we had a wonderful time..........the fellowship was wonderful. The families that came each adopted their children from Russia........one a month ago and the other 2 years ago. It was so fun sharing stories. Adoption sure is a precious way to care for children that need homes. 

Around Kansas at this time of the year you will see Canadian Geese flying over our farm. They go out to feed in the fields and then go back to the marsh that is not far from our farm. The sound is wonderful. When I lived in Alaska we would have Trumpet Swans that we would see fly onto the lakes that were not far from our homestead. What a precious memory.

verb [ intrans. ]
( hunger after/for) have a strong desire or craving 

verb [ intrans. archaic thirst for/after)  have a strong desire for something

This is my prayer for all of us.........definitely for myself that I would have a strong desire and craving for my Jesus. 
Then my soul will be satisfied.

Today is my last day of my weekend, I am enjoying it........to the max. 

It is SONday and may He be your place of refuge and 
"your strong desire! 


P.S.  love seeing a "Girlie in her nest..........she is busy giving me an egg..............

 that is a gift! So thankful God thought it up!

This morning little kitty was resting in between the two hens.....nice and warm!