Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Girls Needs Prayer!

Hello sweet ladies,

So precious! is time to pray for a little sweet pea! Is she adorable or what? I have been asked to have us pray from her grandmother Regina. She has asked for prayer for her youngest  grandchild, number 9 on Monday, January 25 (I am putting this post up the night before). She is 3 months old. She is scheduled for surgery at 7:30 in the morning, to have open heart surgery. It should last 5 hours. The surgeon will have to remove Tenlee's heart and go inside to make chambers. She was born without so right now she has both oxygenated and "un" oxygenated blood which is all pumping together. Once he builds the chambers, her heart will work great.

Tenlee's Momma, Kisa is having a real hard time. She has a strong faith in God and knows He holds the future. The family is asking that we would please pray for the surgeon. He has done this surgery many times and feels confident that it will be successful. Recovery time should be 10 days. 

I (Linda) will know more tomorrow later in the day and will let you all know also. If you would like to leave a prayer for Tenlee, her momma Kisa, Regina, and the rest of the family you can do so on my comments. 

She sooooo tiny to have such a big operation done! Thankful that she is being watched by the Lord! 

Heavenly Father, we thank you that there is knowledge for such an operation. Thank you for giving doctors the means to help families like Regina's. We ask Father that you would by your power work mightily with the doctors, nurses and all who need a covering. We ask for all to be alert and wise in the decisions that they make during the operation. We ask for hedge of protection  for Tenlee while she is under as they preform the operation. Please Lord give her parents peace during the hours that Tenlee will be in the operating room. May they come to know you more during this time of learning to trust you. We praise you Father that you have everything under control. WE love you Lord and help remind us to pray throughout the day! WE ask everything in the precious and mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Thank you are always such wonderful prayer warriors for the little ones that come across our blog! 

Took this pic of Kate the cat.........thought she was so cute all curled up in the bottom of the lilac bush. I saw her when I was feeding the birds. Can you see the green shoots coming out of the ground and one on the is January........maybe the tree doesn't know that. 

Hope you have a good day! I will be making focaccia bread in the bakery! 

Hugs to your day! 



  1. Dear Lord this Precious Baby needs a special touch of your hand, as you already know what her needs are. Keep your hand upon this beautiful little child of yours and be with her and her family!

  2. Lord, you created this precious gift and I pray that you will allow her body to be restored to a perfect body. Hold this baby in your strong hands. Comfort her and wash your peace over her and her family. I pray for steady hands that will create within her and wisdom for all decisions. Let your glory shine upon this situation and may you be glorified in the outcome.

  3. Oh Linda,
    I'm so sorry to hear about Tenlee. It is so good of you to get prayers for her. I will definitely be praying. What a sweet little darling child of God's. Knowing I'm getting a baby granddaughter in a few weeks makes my heart ache for this family. I'm sure they are hurting. God will watch over them and certainly baby Tenlee. Please keep us posted.
    In Jesus name all will be prayed,

  4. Your prayer for this little girl was so beautiful. I am joining you and her family in prayers for this precious baby girl. We all are depending on the Great Physician and pray he is with them tomorrow and in the days of recovery to come.

  5. Oh Linda...I'm sorry to hear this news about Tenlee. She is certainly in my prayers as they go though this difficult time..

    Blessings and have a good week..

  6. Tenlee is adorable and precious! She and her family are in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

  7. I am in agreement with yours and the other ladies' prayers for the baby, Linda. She is so precious.

  8. Father God, thank you that these ladies are willing to seek You in our time of need. Bless them and their families and they walk in Your path. Father, be with our precious Tenlee as her big day begins and for our sweet Kisa as she gives her baby to the nurses. Please, Father, wrap Your arms around them so tightly that they feel Your LOVE and PROTECTION throughout the day. We love you so very much.
    In Your Precious Son's Name we pray, AMEN

    Ladies, I will send an email to Linda this morning when the surgery is finished and will post to let you all know. Thank you again.

  9. Praying Praying Praying!!
    Nothing is too difficult for Thee..
    Liftng Tenlee ,Family and doctor in prayer!
    Blessings Trace

  10. Lifting prayers for God to provide his healing hand upon the sweet little baby, to calm and comfort the nerves of the family and to guide the hand of the surgeon and the other medical staff involved. Will continue to pray and send thought their way through out my day.

  11. Hi Linda... You are right, that you can count on your blogging friends... All my Prayers and Hugs goes to the presious Tenlee... The good Lord will be with her in the operating room... He will send all his angel to watch over the doctors, and guied there hands ... I send my prayers to the parents as well... Hugs and prayers to all involved

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  13. Amen...My cousin's granddaughter had to have open heart surgery days after she was born. The surgeons have a gift from God to be able to perform these miracles. A few months ago Addison celebrated her first birthday and is doing very well. May God hold all these dear people in His arms, bless them, and give them peace.♥♫

  14. I agree! Lord let it be done. My heart hurts for the momma and grandmomma. I know God is in control. Thank you for posting and keep us updated. Blessings!

  15. HI Linda,
    I'll definitely pray for little Tenlee...She's such a cutie pie, so tiny and precious ;) :) In fact, I'll share the request on my Facebook page, too!!!

    Your cat is cute, and I LOVE lilacs... :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  16. Sweet Winter Blessings to you!
    Praying for this lil one and family.

  17. Dear Lord, be with this family and their little one and the medical team. Wrap Your arms of love around them and let them know Your presence without a shadow of a doubt. Please work out Your good, pleasing and perfect will and may You receive all the glory. In Jesus' name, Amen.

  18. Praying for this little sweet pea! Amen to your beautiful pray. xox

  19. Hi ladies this is Linda, wanted to put up all the ladies who sent prayers via email. Thank you so much and I know that Regina and family are so thankful!

    Hi Linda, I’m praying for precious little Tenlee and her family. The Lord knows and hears our cries, and He loves this little one more than anyone. Thanks for bringing this before the Lord and all your friends. There is power in prayer! Sending love and prayers to Tenlee and her family! What a beautiful little girl she is !
    love and prayers,

    My prayers are with baby Tenlee, Grandma Regina & Mom Lisa & families. Our granddaughter was also born with a single ventricle & hole in between the two so the blood was also mixing together. She also had several other heart defects. Her first closed heart surgery was at 1 month only where they banded a huge aortic artery & opened up another that was closing. She made it through fine & was scheduled for a Fontan procedure when she got stronger-about 3-4 months, but went till 1 year of age & they decided at Seattle Childrens Hospital to do only half & the other half in 6 months or so. They did half & rerouted her blood supply & she went till age 3 before they finished the other half. They called her the "quick one" at Childrens because she healed so well & did so well. It ws very scary for us grandparents, our son & her Mom & the families to know we almost lost her. She is now 22 years old, takes a BP med & baby aspirin every day & has an echocardiogram once a year & had a very healthy baby, vaginally instead of C-section & our great granddaughter is now 2 years old. God does work in mysterious ways & the power of prayer is with all of us & especially for that dear family at this time. They do have suppport groups as Childrens hospitals for famlies of children with serious illness like this-that may help too. God Bless them all & prayer does help. Sindie in WA state ( grandma & great grandma by prayer!)

    I am praying for Tenlee's recovery and healing process. We believe in a God who is bigger than all of His creations, and we lift Tenlee's precious, sweet self in prayer to our Almighty Father who cares for the lowliest sparrow, so how much more will He care for this little girl!! I am praying for Kisa and Regina, God's supernatural peace that passes all understanding and that it will rule in their hearts and that of their entire family. We praise you God for holding this precious little one in your arms and will be with her always to carry her through every storm. Amen! <3

    Linda, can you pls. post this prayer for me?

    My prayer for little Tenlee:

    Dear Father - we are so glad to call you Father and to know that you hear and listen to our prayers,
    especially for little Tenlee and her Mommie and Daddie and Grammie who all love her so much.
    Pls. let this surgery be very successful and then heal her little body and make her strong and ever so
    healthy. Pls. give lots of grace and peace to her parents and grandparents and give them a strong
    faith and lots of patience and allow them to see You work in this little precious live. Bless this little
    girl's life and make her a wonderful follower of Yours. Now pls. let them know your promise,
    "I love the LORD because He hears and answers my prayers. Because He bends down and listens,
    I will pray as long as I have breath! " Psalm 116:1-2

    Sherry Johnson

    I pray that all went well during and after the tiny baby's surgery and that her entire family is relieved that she is now on the mend. Soooo tiny to have such big problems
    Judy Neller

    What a sweet precious little baby girl! Will pray and am praying for her and grandma and mommy and whole family! I know just exactly how they feel right now. Though I hope for a better outcome for this little one. Still don't have a dr. or hospital for Delainey yet. She's waking up, gotta go. Thanks for sharing this prayer request. God is good! Sue

  20. Heavenl Father we ask that you would put your loving arms around Tenlee and her family. We know that you have this precious baby in the palm of your hands, Guide and direct the doctors, nurses, and staff tomorrow and perform a miracle through them. Be with Tenlees mom and dad and grandparents, offer them the peace that can only come from you. In Jesus name I pray these things. I will share on my facebook as well.

  21. Hello sweet ladies, Regina wrote with this information!

    The surgery is complete. Everything is working as it should and better. The doctor's original plan was to leave Tenlee's chest open in case there were complications but when the heart was reconnected, it worked so well that he closed her up. she is in recovery now and will be moved to NICU soon. Once she is moved, Mom, Dad and Pawpaw will be able to see her. Thank you Lord, for answered prayers! Regina

    This is wonderful news and when I hear more news I will let you all know! Hugs, Linda

  22. Here is another prayer.........

    I will be praying for this little girl and her mommie. She is so tiny. God has HIS eye on her. We will trust in God Almighty for the outcome.

  23. Will be praying for this beautiful baby and her family.

  24. linda, we thank the Lord for the great news of Tenlee's surgery...we thank the Lord for watching over her family during this time of great anxiety...we thank the Lord for listening to all of our prayers...Thank You, Lord!

  25. So thankful for the good news about Tenlee's surgery. Funny that Ellianna's picture lines up right next to where I'm posting... reminds me that God is in the little stuff (including little people!) We know He is faithful. I will be praying for Tenlee, for complete healing and for no complications as she recovers. For her family as well, that they would feel peace and assurance as they care for such a tiny blessing.


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