Monday, January 9, 2012

Today and Yesterday Was A Special Day!

Peace Creek is not far from our farm........Tressa went down to sit on the bridge for some quiet time. Such a peaceful place, I think she captured it well on our camera. This scripture has helped me, hope it encourages you.

Hello sweet ladies, 

Today was a precious day at work at the bakery, a true gift from Jesus! I have been praying and I know that many of you have also prayed that the Lord would use our family there. Today was one of those days. I have one word. "Amazing". I want to be careful about what I share, but let me say, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, the Holy Spirit has been working in the heart of one of the people we work with. I was almost giddy (silently) as I was witnessing a precious moment! It seemed to make my time at work pleasurable today. That in it's self was a miracle for me! You know that I would so rather be at home, but I know that God is working in my heart also. I would not want to leave this person now. I thank the Lord for the peace He has put in my heart as I work outside the home! Sweet ladies, thank you for praying for us, we so appreciate it! 

Our grand daughter received a horse for her CHRISTmas gift, from her family. Our whole family was able to be a part of the her seeing her gift for the first time. 

I was able to go in with Ellie.........a treasured time for sure!

Lady and Ellie were introduced............nothing like a little girl and a new horse. We have found in our home that it is a precious relationship. Ellie lost her first horse Sugar this last summer. She had her for only 3 years and the death was very hard on our Ellie. Her Momma and Daddy were so excited about this gift!  

We have always encouraged the kids to go very slow in getting to know their new horses. Sitting on a bucket and letting the horse come to you over a period of time is a wonderful way to do that! 

Vitaliy joined Ellie and they sat and sat and sat!!!!!!!! 
V loves Lady also! 

Yesterday Ellie was out on the farm again. It was a very special time had between Ellie and Lady. Lady is responding to her very well! It will take some working to get Lady to trust Ellie. Looks like every time they meet she does much better. 

Thought some of you ladies who love chickens would like to see my sweet "Miss Milly. She is a Black Mottled Cochin. I think she is so pretty. Just love her feathers, she is now laying eggs. Can't wait until spring to see if she will be a good setter. 

Want to thank each one of you who have come and signed up for the Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm Party! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading  all the comments about whether you live in town or in the country and if you were going to grow a garden. Some told me what you are planting. I will in the future be talking about how we plant our garden. When I will be starting my seeds and how I do it. So so so enjoyed reading your comments!!!!!!!! Thank you for making the party so delightful! 

If you haven't signed up yet for the party, we would love to have you! Scroll to last post and at the end of the post you can click on comment and sign up . If you don't have a blog, please send me an email with Fresh from the Farmstand in the subject line! 

Blessings and God bless you! 



  1. Oh Linda...what an "amazing" post... God is present in I love visiting with you each day!! I LOVE your Ellie's new horse...she is so pretty! And your chicken is also so pretty... I know why you love your Farm life!!!!

    Blessings dear friend,

  2. A girl and her horse, I see a lot of fun and bonding ahead. You are right, your hen has fancy feathers.

  3. What a great post! I love watching God work in people's lives, too:)) The horse pictures are beautiful! Looks like one happy young lady!

  4. Thanks for your post today Linda! It contains two of my favourite things ... horses & chickens!! Ellies horse is so beautiful - two gentle souls coming together to start their journey!

    My little flock of chickens is now down to one lonely girl, so my kind friend has loaned me two "girls" to keep her company until I can get a couple more layers next month!

    Willow xx

  5. Hello linda-
    What a wonderful Post!
    Lady is a Beautiful horse, Ellie is a Lucky girl!
    And "Miss Milly" is adorable!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Miss Milly IS gorgeous! Their feathers are a real work of art... I used to collect chickens (not live ones!) and I even have one from Mexico and 1 from Ethiopia!

  7. Oh this post touched my heart! It made me smile B I G ! What a beautiful family you have and you have been so blessed. GOd Bless each and everyone at your farm! Anne

  8. thanku for this scripture today!! I have been "troubled" over the cancer diagnosis of a good christian friend. I will share this with her as well today to encourage.


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