Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day Back.........He Blessed Me!

Hi Sweet Ladies,

Today went well. We got up at 5 and I turned on Daily Audio Bible. It was good to have the Word going through our Home before we left. It helps to think what is pure, good and right. We were ready to leave the house.......it was very dark outside........I decided to cock a doodling to the roosters, I am pretty good at it, but I didn't think they would talk back........they did. Thank you Jesus! I needed that. I know it is silly, but it is just something I really love about having chickens......the boys bidding the morning HELLO! 

We got in the car.......my sweet man took off his hat......I knew he would lead us in prayer......for the day......for us.......the students, our boss and his family......friends (you)........our children......that Chartwell the company we work for would be blessed and many would come to know the Lord.......the President (his family) at the college.....that truth would reign at the college.

We drove and got to the edge of our little town.......the CHRISTmas tree lights were still up........again, thank you Jesus.......simple.......but a gift for me.  It made this heart smile!

Hannah, Ellieanna's Momma, Daddy and brother and sister came to the college before leaving for their home. We got to see them for about a half an hour! Talk about a blessing. Life continues on for them. The miss their little girl. Here is Hannah's blog, if you would like to read. 

Thank you for going over to Our Crazy Farm........Terry has also experienced  sorrow in their family. Their teenage son was killed February 18th, 2011, in a horrible skiing accident. Her walk has been an encouragement to me as I have read about her faith. Along Terri's side bar she has written a book called, How My Savior Leads Me, if you are interested in buying one. 

As soon as we got into the kitchen we started getting ready for lunch........Taylor made these adorable cupcakes. Simple, your favorite chocolate cake recipe made into cupcakes. Buttercream frosting with blue food coloring in it. 

For the chocolate pieces, melt 1/2 c. chocolate chips and 1 tea. of butter until melted and creamy.  Lay parchment paper on a cookie sheet and spread the melted chocolate thin. Place in the fridge until it becomes hard. Frost cupcakes. Look at picture, swirl around the top of the frosted cupcake. We use a tip that is called Long teeth. We like how it makes the swirls on the top. Break the chocolate and stick randomly around the frosting.

I help serve at lunch time on one of the lines . The girls stay in the bakery and bake. At first I didn't like serving. I don't like to be on the front lines to much. Any way the kids started coming to my line this morning. I always try to do small talk........a young man (who is a dorm parent with his wife) and I started talking. He has a precious little baby girl. I love it when he brings her, because truly if I could still have children..........yup I would.......probably lots! Can't help it. Anyway I knew his wife was a teacher at the grade school and I said that it was nice they both had vacation together. He said yes, but this would be the last year that she would work outside the Home. I have prayed the for young couples that are on campus.....with little ones. I started to tear up!!!!!!!! I told him how important it was for his wife to be with their little one.  Ladies, it was kind of funny, because I told him if they ever needed money we would help........now I have to say.....we don't make a whole lot ourselves, but enough! Remember when I talked about adopting a an unwed Momma the other day, so she could stay home with her child? Well, why don't we do that with young families? Again......I was so thankful that the Lord had us at the college........for such a time as this. The precious part of the conversation was when he said, "could my wife and I meet with you and your husband so you could share with us how you did it? Eeeeeeckkkkk!!!!!!!! God you are sooooooo amazing! YES, YES, YES! We will........we are going to meet them........real soon! We will have them out to the refuge cabin........can't wait. I walked away from the college bakery today.......with my heart full. I have felt bad since we started working at the college last year. I felt that my example of working outside the home, would steer woman away from their home. It would really break my heart if anyone thought that. But here the Lord was using us to encourage a younger couple in their decision for her to come home. Just when I needed a hug from God, He gave it!!!!! It was a good day, PRAISING OUR FATHER......who knows my heart. I can trust EVERYTHING to HIS CARE. 

I can't see the sunrise on the weekdays.........but He gave me this tonight, it was beautiful! 

If you want to pray for something, please pray for our sleep. I didn't get much last night. It was not cool!!!!!

Thank you for the orders for the kits!!!!!! Much appreciated~

Hugs from my farm sweet ladies, thank you for all the prayers and encouragement today.......you are so so special,



  1. Oh Linda...you are do sweet! God knows who to use and when. Bless you !!

    xoxo Gert

  2. So very precious Linda, you are right where God NEEDS you!! We are all missionaries for Him, no matter where we are... whether we stay home or work outside the home. What an awesome calling that is, too! Thanks for sharing your sweet story!

  3. I pray for a deep, lovely slumber for you tonight!

  4. Oh miss Linda! Bless your little heart! Here I am tonight not able to get sleep, but alas, I will pray for you to get some throughout tonight. (let's see, it should be almost 2:30 a.m. your time) I'm also going to thank our Lord for letting you be at the right place at the right time for not only that young couple, but the others ones that I'm sure you encourage along the way!
    Good night...and happy new year!

  5. Precious Linda, I love this post! I am so thankful that God is using you in such a mighty way on that campus. You took lemons and turned it into lemonade! What an example you are to those needy young folks. I just can't wait to hear more! You are loved, and thank that sweet hubby of yours for being an example, also, as he prays with his family. Blessings abound!

  6. Good Morning Linda, Praying you had a great nights rest last night. I will be praying for you today as you Minister at the College. The Lord is using you in such a sweet way. I am so looking forward to "the rest of the story" of that young couple.
    Praying for you as you minister today :)!
    Hugs to you and your sweet family!

  7. Hi Linda! I love reading about the start to your day and the way that you give your day to the Lord each morning. I don't comment as often as I should, and wanted to let you know what an encouragement your blog is to so many!

  8. Hi Linda! Your posts are always for encouraging and such a blessing :D God is so good to us!!

  9. Hi Linda,

    The story you told about the young married couple is really, really cool :) :) I'm going to pray that God will bless the mom's decision to stay home!!! I know that you and your hubby will be a blessing to them as well, because you've walked the marriage road for along time now ;) :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  10. I'm so glad you are making a difference there at the college. I pray that some day God will bring you home again, but for now follow your husband and tell others how precious it is to be at home.

  11. Hello Linda,

    I love when God speaks a word into my life like that. He tells me He needs me to be right where I am, as if there was no doubt in my mind. I am always blessed as well. I didn't realize you were listening to Daily Audio Bible in the morning. I just love that family and the Word Brian literally speaks into my heart. They are not far from me here in Nashville, maybe 45 miles. It is a small world. I got my tea in the mail, thank you for suggesting the tea party idea. I love it. Well, hopping off here, supposed to be working. :) Have a great day.

  12. Happy New Year Linda! I enjoy reading your newsletters everyday...you write such encouraging words. I went over to visit Our Crazy Farm...my prayers go out to this family...I know God has his plan for each and everyone of us but I can not imagine loosing a child or one of our grandchildren. God Bless You and your family!

  13. What a beautiful post! You should be a writer! I feel so warm and cozy when you write. I loved hearing about praying before you left sweet Phil, I love hearing about your kitchen work, I love to hear how you touch people's lives. God places you in the right place at the right time. You are such a bright light for others. Your example is contagious. You make me want to do better! Thank you!
    And Tay....those cupcakes are out of this world...I've got to try them!

  14. What a great post! I loved being a stay home Mom to our two sons now grown. Your posts always touch my heart. You truly are blooming where the Lord has planted you! I have some sunset pictures from my deck off our bedroom that look exactly like this! Our deck faces west and I too have thanked the Lord for the beauty he shares with us daily if we just notice.


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