Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Have A Winner For The Fresh From The Farmstand Cookbook!

Good evening Sweet ladies,

We have a is 
Cathy Beaman! 
Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Thank you for signing up! 
Cathy does not have a blog. I like it that ladies can still 
sign up even if they have a blog.

We had exactly 200 enteries!!!!!!! 

Thank you to all who signed up for the party!!!!!!!! I am truly so thankful. It feels to me like we really are having a special time together. You are all so friendly! 

I just found out tonight that  the Peach Melba Crisp recipe that we made a the bakery, was a Prairie Flower Farm girl's recipes in the Fresh from the Farmstand Cookbook! If you would like to order click here . The other fun thing is that she lives in Argentina and was one of the sweet ladies that signed up for the Tea Party Across the Miles. Amazing isn't it, small world! Thank you Janet for telling me!  

What a fun day we had on the farm today! Real relaxed, filled with older son's and their families! That means grandkids........and that means lots of running in and out of the house, needing food, like every half hour and lots of hugs. Smile! It really was so nice just to have a calm sunny day! 

I spent some time moving the little chickens down to the milk barn which was a very relaxing thing to do. They were not quite sure whether they liked it down there or not. I put two lights over the and a blanket to make sure they are toasty warm.

They kind of hovered to the bottom of the cage. Not sure about all of the space! They will get used to their new surrounds. 

Ellie and I went out to be with her horse.........look what we found in the Potter's Shed........a nest.......some girls have been busy laying in a comfy place. 

Some of you sweeties asked for the soup here it is. 

Our Family Chicken Soup

Chicken pieces or a whole chicken
10 cups of water
3 chicken bouillon cubes
4 cut up whole carrots 
2 cut stalks of celery with leaves
2 or more cups of rice
2 tea. salt
1 tea pepper
1 tea. celery seeds

Boil chicken and bouillon cubes in water in a large soup pot until it is cooked. Cut chicken in small pieces. Add back to broth. Add carrots, celery, rice salt (to your taste), pepper and celery seeds. Cook until veggies and rice are done. This is the easiest recipe and very very good! We always make homemade bread and fix sandwiches when we make this. It is an easy dinner for when you have company. We can chicken so I always have it to take off the shelf for my soup. I also can lots of broth so I use that and add water. 

We have a little book that we put in the Refuge Cabin for when the first set of girls came to the cabin. Later today I went out to the cabin to pick things up after all the girls left. I sat.........and read in the little book.......and wept. Then I started thanking the Lord for his mercy and grace in our lives to allow us to love these girls, in His Name. Last night I had prayed over the girls before we left them to eat their dinner. I had asked the Lord if He would to give them a time of peace with Him on their retreat. As I read each note, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, to my Heavenly Father........who has strategically placed us at the college. It isn't the way I would have liked it, but ladies, I am a missionary........with my sweet family......on a huge mission field!  I have been reading Kisses from Katie and the sacrifice she has made so that families in Uganda can know the Truth, has encouraged me in my walk.  I don't have to leave my country to do that. God has used her to share Jesus!  Well, He is using me and He can use you.......right were we are? Especially mommies raising and training their children for the Glory of God! I get to see hundreds of young people each day.......getting to serve them, asking how I can pray for them, how their classes are going......when do they have a on and so on. I don't want to miss what the Lord has for our family. What a treasure that He has allowed us to do it all together. Now that is a gift!

Hugs to you precious ladies who the Lord has so graciously given to love for Him. I hope you know that! Thank you for making my days smile! I also thank you to all who pray for our family each day! What a precious gift you have given us. 

Tonight the family was watching the Broncos and Patriots game.......this came on and it caught my attention!  I was working on this post when it came will like! The end is so precious! 

Have a wonderful SONday! 



  1. Congratulations, Cathy!

    Linda, I was watching the game last night and saw that ad, also. I was absolutely shocked to see something like that on NATIONAL tv! I have re-watched it many times on You Tube since last night and every time it brings tears to my eyes and makes me laugh out loud at the very end! What a beautiful presentation of the gospel by Focus on the Family!

    1. Thank you for writing. That little girl was precious!!!!!! Hugs to your day!

  2. Thank you Linda, for the support on my spinning. It is coming along, just rather slowly. I made chicken soup yesterday for lunch. It tasted so good on such a cold day. It was 6 degrees the last 2 mornings. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I am "unplugged" on Sundays (no computer) Just something between the Lord and I. Hope you have a wonderful week. P.S. the hen is back on the roost tonight. Who knows where she was. Hugs from West Virginia, Becky

    1. You are so welcome. I am sure you are having so much fun! I could eat chicken soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Glad your hen is back! Yesterday one of my beauties was wounded by some dogs. She is in a safe place and I am trusting the Lord for His help. Makes me so sad when the dogs get on our farm!

  3. Congrats to Cathy on winning the cookbook :) :)
    Oh that video with the kids quoting John 3:16 is just cute...adorable-ness in the extreme :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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