Monday, January 23, 2012

Good nite!

Hello sweet ladies...........

Got home tonight and took my camera and took some pic's around the this old door that is on an old house that Grandpa Percy brought to the farm and used as a chicken coop. It is all old and falling apart, but I love the old boards. I hope to rescue the door and a few windows this spring. 

Sat and stitched all evening on my Valentine Swap gift........left no time for was a relaxed evening though. I think because I made me more tired then usual!

Heard from Regina just a minute ago.......

Hi Linda,
I wanted to send one more update for today.  The ventilator was removed tonight and Tenlee is doing great.  The doctors are amazed at how well she is doing.  Thank you so much for praying for her and sharing so that so many others were also.  The prayers meant so much to all of us!  We serve an awesome God!
Thank you again,

Precious......."We praise your Lord Jesus.......thank you for hearing our cries on behalf of this precious little girl! You answered......we are forever grateful! Please continue to keep them protected during this time and please remind us throughout this week. In the precious name of Jesus.......Amen"!

I am off to so tired, thank you for all the prayers that you wrote their family.........Regina read them and is so thankful!! 

What a precious family Prairie Flower Farm girls have become here on the blog. You are so precious!!!!!!! Please, if you ever need prayer.......write me! Also if you ever are adopting a child...........I want to help! 




  1. What a wonderful answer to prayer. Will continue to keep Tenlee and her family in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful day, Linda!

  2. Thank you for the update Linda! I've had Tenlee and family in my prayers and will continue to pray for this darling little girl. Praise God.

  3. HI Linda,
    thanks for the update on precious Baby Tenlee. I shared the link to this blog post on my Facebook page :) :)

    Today is a lazy day for me. I'm watching this new series on PBS called "Downton Abbey"...and it's currently on season 2 on PBS...but Season 1 is on Netflix. So I'll grab myself some knitting and have a lovely time watching the series :) :)

    I hope you can rescue the door and windows to that old house. That would be really sweet...and I know you could repurupose it for something wonderful :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, heather :)

  4. So glad that sweet Tenlee is doing great! Thank you Jesus!!! I am new to your blog but look forward to the daily updates. Thank you for bringing some sunshine into my life each day! God bless!!!

  5. So glad that sweet baby girl is doing well. God is good! I love the old wood and the door. You could really do some neat decorating with those. Blessings!

  6. So glad to hear the baby is doing well. Wonderful news!


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