Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If You Want To!

Good evening ladies, it is Wednesday night and I am sooooooo tired! Slept a little bit better last night so thank you to all who prayed. I sooooooo appreciate you!  We are up in numbers at work for interterm. Makes us happy, because that is good for the kitchen workers. Thanking Jesus! We did lots of baking today and that put us in good shape for the rest of the week. Getting into the routine again! My feet hurt........we walk 5000 steps a day.......walk 1 mile a day......good for the body! heehee! 

I have been doing something kind of fun during serving time.  Sometimes I have to just stand there and for me to just stand and not do anything is torture for me!!!!!!! So I decided to take cookbooks, magazines, articles and read during those times that the kids are not has made all the difference for me. Just gives me a little something to look forward to during the down time. 

Lately I have been pinning Valentine ideas to my Pinterest board........cute things.........well........
yesterday a sweet lady who has a blog called Nanalulu's Musings, left me a comment on my post about a Valentine Swap. I thought it sounded interesting, so I went over to look. A "Valentine Swap" now why didn't I think of that? She did though and she invited anyone who would like to join in to come to her blog and sign up. I signed up. Dead line is January 13th to sign up.  This swap is a little more detailed than my tea party was, but I think it will be fun. Go here to Nanalulu's Musings.......and on the left hand side of her blog, go to her "About Me" and there will be her email addy. She has asked that only those who are really interested to follow thru should sign up.  

There is not a blog site for this. Easy to make though!

Write a Valentine letter to your child, husband, grandchild, friend every year. That sounds precious!!!!!!!!!

This pin did not have a blog, but here is a recipe for Fluffy Marshmallows.......just add red or pink food coloring. 

This envelope is just so sweet! I have to try!

Here are all of my finds that I  pinned on my 
If you have any good ones, please let me know~

Don't forget to go to Nanalulus if you would like to sign up for the Valentine Party.

Miss Delainey! Preciousness!!!!!!!

Here is a picture that will make you smile........remember our little Delainey that we prayed for and the doctor said no on the new heart? Well her momma, daddy, grammie and Grandpa are not giving up. Grammie wrote and said that she smiles, giggles and is the sweetest baby on EARTH! They are pursuing other avenues for her medical care. She is gaining weight, but she still needs lots of prayer ladies! 

Hugs sweetie ladies.........remember I am praying for you all!



  1. What cute ideas! Love the 'letter a year' idea.

  2. What a beautiful, peaceful place you have created here, Linda:)) I enjoyed having coffee with you this morning:)) And the kids enjoyed the snowflakes!! So many cute craft ideas to add to the list!

    And . . . I was introduced to little Delainey this past week~ praying for her, too. God knows His plans for His children~ good plans.

    Your readers blessed me this past week~ thanks again for sharing about the giveaway. I look forward to reading lots of new blogs!

  3. Do you have the recipe for making marshmallows?
    They look so cute for Valentines. Love reading your blog. However I am so unlike you in the working part. I worked over 40 years in an office and did not like retirement one iota, so went back to work. Now that I am in my 80's I stay at home and enjoy it but would still work if I was able. Just the difference in the way our Lord programs us????

  4. Hi Linda, Love all your encouraging emails that I read....your posts. I want to say Happy and Healthy and Blessed New Year to you and yours. I am so grateful for your prayers for me and my departed father. It has been very tough but made it through Christmas and all the wonderful times with children. In my faith we celebrate a 40 day prayer service for deceased, I am Greek Orthodox, afterwords, my husband and children will have a luncheon for the faithful. I will remember to pray for all my special friends who were so kind to me.We have had only one visitor and my blog friends have helped me deal with this difficult time and reality. May God Bless your good works and kindness to me a stranger with a prayer requests that you did for me. Hugs, Emelia.

  5. Hi ladies, it is bed time, but I just wanted you to all know I read your comments and they blessed me. Thank you so much. Tonight I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!! Only one more day and I will have 2 wonderful days at the farm. Can't wait! Dorothy, the marshmallows have the recipe on the word fluffy marshmallows. Click on the word and it will take you right to the recipe. Add some red food coloring though!

    Hugs to you Cranberry, Terri, Dorothy and Emelia! You are such sweeties!!!!!!! Linda


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