Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Good evening sweet ladies, 

1st email early this morning.

I know you are at school right now but needed to talk so I'm writing you.  Jack got home yesterday evening in time to help with chores and have supper.  At 4 this morning we got a call from one of our daughters that Tenlee was not doing well.  Jack immediately left for Lubbock.  When he got there he found out that a nurse was doing a breathing treatment on Tenlee and somehow the machine got reversed and suck all the air from her lungs.  This stopped her heart.  Tenlee is now on life support and drs. give her a 50-50 chance of surviving.  I don't even know how to pray right now but I know God is with them.  Thanks for listening.
Regina Tenlee's Grandma

2nd email at 11:40 pm
Jack just called.  He said the doctor came by and explained what happened.  It was a mistake by the resp. tech. that has made her lungs stop working.  Although she is on life support, her heart is still working.  He said he wasn't sure if the lungs would begin to work again.  Jack said he will not give any hope at all.  He keeps telling John and Kisa to be prepared in case she doesn't make it.  But, he still says a 50-50 chance.  So, as someone told me this morning, we need to pray and believe that God himself will breathe life back into Tenlee's lungs.  Kyle shared Zechariah 4:6 with me this morning that says, " not by our strength or power but by the Spirit of the Lord All-Powerful!

I can't imagine what this resp. tech must be going through.  Please pray for them also.

3rd email at 12:37 pm 
Well here I am again.  I just got a text from Jack.  The surgeon came by to talk with them.  During CPR this morning the heart surgery was damaged.  So the surgery will have to be done again.  I'm not sure when.  It will be after they see how Tenlee does and if her lungs begin to work again. 

Thank you ladies for praying.......their family appreciates it so much. Pray!!!!!!!!

I took this pic this last weekend........of Whitey looking pretty good!

If you follow me on facebook you know the story about my beautiful Bantam White Cochin Rooster............. when we drove up into the yard today he was being drug around by a big mean ol' Rhode Island Red Rooster. I couldn't get out of the van fast enough. I was running around after the big rooster who still had a hold of "Whitey" that wasn't his name, but it is now. I finally got them chased down and I swooped up Whitey who was not lookin' good!  

Poor Whitey looked a mess. He had blood all over.......poor guy! I brought him in the house and tried to wash him off a bit.......wasn't going to work........so I gave that up! My sweet man said to spray him with Vetericyn VF. It works great on animals for wounds and infection treatment. I was holding him in one arm and sprayed with the other hand..........not good! The bottle said it wouldn't sting.......wrong!!!!!!!! Whitey was a flappin his wings big time!!!!!!! Got him all calmed down and put him in a cage so he will be protected until he heals. Poor thing! Eventful night to say the least for both of us.

Thought I would leave you with this video that I also took this last weekend..........love the chicken chatter......hope you do also!You can notice Whitey in the back ground........the mean roosters is in the front.

God bless your day........know that you will be in my prayers!



  1. Oh the poor guy,I understand how you feel about him. My chicks mean the same to me. Hope he gets well soon.

  2. Goodness ~ please keep us posted on little Tenlee's progress ~ & I'm praying for progress!

    Poor little (chicken)man. Bullies are everywhere! lol

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. Ouch. My heart hurts. Pleading on Tenlee's behalf.

  4. First, I am so sorry to hear about Tenlee's situation. It is just so sad that someone could make a mistake that could take breath (life) away. I will be praying for her.
    I love chickens! I have always wanted to raise chickens. How complicated is it. I have around an acre of land. I would love to begin with a few. What would be your suggestions. Could you post on how you got started and a few tips. I believe I would enjoy them. So glad Whitey is doing better. Thanks and blessings!

  5. Oh gosh, I feel so bad. I will be praying for Tenlee. And gosh, I feel so bad for Whitey. I just lost a chicken a couple days ago. You might enjoy reading a post I did a couple months back about my beloved chicken Ethel and her bullying problem. It is called Farewell Ethel. She is the sweetest thing. It is amazing how animals can touch our hearts! I'm crossing my fingers and praying for both.

  6. Praying for Tenlee and her family. What a difficult thing. And yet we know that God allows these mistakes (as we call them) and even promises to bring something good out of them.

  7. My heart literally aches for Tenlee and her family. Will continue to pray for all of them, including the nurse.
    Absolutely love the chicken video :) It is so relaxing to just sit and watch them scratch around and listen to them :)

    Love and hugs,

    Susan Montgomery

  8. Praying for Tenlee and her family. God is a healer and we call her healed in Jesus name !!!!!!!!!!!

    Terry at Nana257851@yahoo.com

  9. God Bless this little girl and her family. Someone commented that God gives us these mistakes and we can only pray that Tenlee's family has full faith in God and will rely on Him.

  10. Praing for them, I love the chickens i grow up on a farm an i miss it so but with my hubbie in the marines, with us moveing so much an the housing we get not enough room for chickens. i dont think my neighbors would real enjoy the song of a rooster waking them up in the morning. so for the mean time i will enjoy yours.

  11. Thinking of you and your family. Stay strong and faithful.

  12. Praying for Tenlee and family!!

    Poor Whitey! That's horrible :(

  13. Praying for Tenlee and her family....how horrible!

    Poor, poor Whitey.... hope you can stop over for a visit.

  14. Please know that I'm praying for Tenlee right now and will keep on doing so. Thanks for keeping everyone posted. The Lord has that little one in the palm of His hand. Praying for everyone involved.

  15. linda,
    i'm so sorry to hear about Tenlee's unfortunate treatment at the hospital...i will keep her in my prayers...thank you for the updates...and i hope your whitey recovers quickly.

  16. I'm praying for little Tenlee, and her family members, whom have been so terribly tested. I can't imagine how devastated they must be feeling. May they trust in God and know that he will be with them.

  17. Sending up prayers for Tenlee now....

  18. Linda I just got your e-mail and tried again and here I am! It must be your prayers coming my way! Thank you! I sure am praying for Tenlee and her family, I will pass it on to my pastor as well. I can't imagine how hard it must be on them. And yes, we need to pray for the tech, also can't imagine how awful he/she feels! Bless all their hearts and especially Tenlee, I pray for Gods hands to mold you back together, He loves you, Heal her Father, in Jesus precious name, amen! Thanks Linda

  19. Praying for little Tenlee - hoping for a good report!

    Loved your video - wonder what they were all saying to each other?! Such a sweet little group!


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