Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi.........It Is Saturday And Beautiful Outside!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

OOPS............I forgot a few steps on the Peach Melba Crisp. Sorry for the troubles I caused. Had time to change it for you!

Thank you Gooseberry Patch for another wonderful cookbook. We 

Just want you to know I am working on the Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm Giveaway today!!!!!! We had so many wonderful entries and I will be tallying them all up so they can be put into It works so well to do it that way!  I will let you all know later today or tomorrow! Thank you! thank you! thank you, to each one of you who took the time to enter. I learn just a little bit more about each of you and love it. Your gardens sound wonderful. I wish we could have a Prairie Flower Farm Day on the farm. Sit and drink pink lemonaid and share all day long about our gardens. Dreamin.......but dreams do come true you know. I am telling Jesus about my dream........He loves to make those true for His children.

He painted the sky........the girls enjoyed!

My girls and I had so much fun getting the cabin and food ready for the girls who had a retreat in the cabin last night. When they arrived the sun was just going down. My sweet man had a fire going and we had built a long couch out of bales of straw. It was so fun to see their faces when they got out of their van. Precious. I have served all of them at the college, but didn't know what girls would be coming. One girl grabbled me and hugggggggeeeeeddddd me forever! Thank you Jesus for hugs!! 

We served our family recipe of Chicken Rice Soup. 

I put the ingredients  for Honey Sandwich Buns in to my bread machine, after I got home and had them ready by 5:30, love that bread maker. I only do it on the dough setting, then cook what ever I am making in the oven. EASY and very fast! Made a plate with sandwich meats and cheese.......another plate with veggies to go on their sandwiches. It was simple, but that makes it fun for me to entertain! 

We made a chocolate single layer cake in a round pan. Cut it into 8ths and served a wedge, spooned strawberries/sugar and the syrup, whipped fresh cream and ganache over the top. YUM! They said they liked it.........a lot! It was super easy to make also. 

They donated money to the refuge cabin!!!!!!! Talk about sweet! Hope we can get some insulation on the inside of the cabin now. God provides........I was not expecting that! 

Well, I am off to work on the party! Hugs to you all and trust you are having a sweet Saturday! I am, later in the day I am moving the baby chicks out. They are not welcome in the house anymore! 

Thank you again for being a part of our party!!!!!!!!! YOU are the best part of having one! You make it so special and that is a blessing to me!

Hugs from the farm, 


  1. Hi, Linda - Just wanted to say that what you are doing in inviting the college kids out to the Refuge Cabin is just wonderful! It must be like a little "hug from home" to so many of them. When I was in college, a place like that to take a break for a weekend would have been heavenly! Would love to visit you there someday - chatting over Pink Lemonade sounds great! Enjoy your sunny weekend - we're lovin' the warm sunshine up here in northern Kansas, too!

  2. Hi Linda..
    I always enjoy my visit here...Girl, you seem to have
    so much energy! I'm guessing a lot of it is God inspired energy for the work that you are doing in the lives of people..Bless you for this..

  3. Linda, it always makes me happy to hear about your days on the farm.
    I made the peach melba crisp and it is so delicious. It will be a family favorite I'm sure.

  4. Your chicken rice soup looks so yummy..... care to share the recipe? :-)

  5. What a beautiful blog and a beautiful heart you have! Overwhelming Grace be your today :)

  6. Your food looks wonderful and I noticed the gorgeous sunset we had yesterday. God surely blesses us day by day. So happy to hear your party went well and what a bonus that the girls shared financially and hope it helps a lot toward insulation for the refuge cabin. Love your blog & so glad you stopped by to visit mine and even leave a comment. I went & got the bread recipe. Thx for the link. Donna

  7. Oh Linda you and your family are so wonderful! What a blessing you all are! Those girls were so fortunate to be able to spend time in your Refuge Cabin and for them to donate some funds is amazing! Yes, God is good!!


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