Sunday, January 22, 2012

SONday...........hope you are having a Restful DAY!

Helo Sweet Ladies,

Thank you for all the comments yesterday! Loved reading them..........I wish we could all have a day here in the Refuge Cabin together!

Last night we had a wonderful time..........the fellowship was wonderful. The families that came each adopted their children from a month ago and the other 2 years ago. It was so fun sharing stories. Adoption sure is a precious way to care for children that need homes. 

Around Kansas at this time of the year you will see Canadian Geese flying over our farm. They go out to feed in the fields and then go back to the marsh that is not far from our farm. The sound is wonderful. When I lived in Alaska we would have Trumpet Swans that we would see fly onto the lakes that were not far from our homestead. What a precious memory.

verb [ intrans. ]
( hunger after/for) have a strong desire or craving 

verb [ intrans. archaic thirst for/after)  have a strong desire for something

This is my prayer for all of us.........definitely for myself that I would have a strong desire and craving for my Jesus. 
Then my soul will be satisfied.

Today is my last day of my weekend, I am enjoying the max. 

It is SONday and may He be your place of refuge and 
"your strong desire! 


P.S.  love seeing a "Girlie in her nest..........she is busy giving me an egg..............

 that is a gift! So thankful God thought it up!

This morning little kitty was resting in between the two hens.....nice and warm!


  1. Linda,
    We have lots of Canadian geese flying around here, too. Since there is a lot of military in my city as well, I often hear them referred to as "the Canadian air force" :) :) :) It's really cute :) :)

    Your hens are just so cute and fluffy..and I'm glad that they give you eggs..and that sweet little kitty knows a great napping place ;) :)

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Linda,

    Love your photos...I too always love to hear the sounds of the geese. What a blessing to have them fly over your farm! I just knew you would have fun last night! So glad you had some nice fellowship with your friends!

    Love your chickens and precious!


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