Thursday, January 26, 2012

All In A Day! Tenlee really needs prayer.

Hi Sweet Ladies,

2nd email today from Tenlee's Grandma, at 4:49:

This is what we learned when we made it back to the hospital.   Tenlee had blood work done to test blood gas levels, a scan of her brain, chest xrays, and an echocardiogram.  Not sure if that is spelled correct.  Everything was swelling of the brain, blood levels good, AND her heart has begun to work correctly!!!  So, right now they are saying no surgery.  It's that amazing.  Yesterday there was so much damage that it had to be done again and today the damage is gone.  Hummm, wonder who did that?!  Praise God!  The lungs are another story.  They said that on the xrays that the left lung is white which means it is still deflated.  The right is white at the very top and the very bottom.  But the right is beginning to function.  She was placed on a different type of ventilator that blows 340 puffs of air into her lungs each minute.  This is suppose to help open the left lung and help it stay open.  The doctor has started weaning her off the machines.  The machine that is doing the work of the heart goes by numbers.  It started at 650 which is doing everything for her heart.  A few minutes ago, it was at 440 and Tenlee's heart is doing more of the work.  As a matter of fact, she had a reaction to a med that she was receiving because her heart was also working and she needed less of the medication.  They are continuing to give less and less of the medication as her heart does more.  They are also trying to lessen her sedation.  When we play with her toes, she will wiggle them.  Also, one eye is trying to open.  Kisa touched her eyelid to close it and Tenlee quickly opened her eye.  It was almost as if she knew it was Mom.  I'm sure it was a reaction to the touch but it was still exciting to see her open her eye.  

NOW, don't think too much!  She still has a long way to go but they are hoping to have her completely off the heart machine tomorrow afternoon.  We will see.  And, it will depend on what the lungs do.  I will send another email as she makes IMPROVEMENTS.  Doesn't that sounds wonderful.  Until tomorrow, we love you all and appreciate all you are doing for our Tenlee.

Regina & Jack 

Also another Grandma wrote today and needs prayer for Charlotte her 2 year old grand-daughter. They were taking her to the hospital as she had been sick for 2 weeks and they didn't know what was causing it. She said thank you!

1st email It is 9:16 on Friday morning. Heard from Regina that little Tenlee went potty. That sounds funny she said, but for them it is wonderful. Keep praying. That was answered prayer!!!!!!!

If you would like you can put the button on your blog by using the code on my sidebar. We would appreciate it if you could put on your facebook or email your friends. If you want to put it on facebook or email it just save the above image to your computer. Tenlee had heart surgery on Monday January 25, everything went wonderful and all day she responded very well. On Tuesday Morning the respiratory tech went to give her a breathing treatment and the machine got reversed and sucked all the air from her lungs. This stopped her heart. They put her on life support and gave her 50-50 chance of surviving. Thank you ladies for praying. 

Thought you might like to see my accident today.

We had catering cooking today at the bakery........we were rushing around a lot trying to get everything out for lunch and dinner, plus getting Tiramisu ready for a catering on Saturday. Sometimes I forget to turn the mixer on low, when I put in the powdered sugar. This is what happens! A winter scene in the kitchen!!!!!!!!! You should have seen me!

When I got home today I went to check on Whitey. He is looking so much better don't ya think? It helps that he is living in a cage all by himself for now. When his comb heals just a little bit better, I will let him out. I brought him into the kitchen to put medicine on his head and face. Then I washed him down a bit with a washcloth. He will look lots better when his feathers dry. I am so glad he is okay.

Ater I took care of Whitey, I was off to the Potter's shed to check and see if any of my Girlies had laid some eggs.........beautimus to my eyes. I have put some straw in a old big box for the cats........the hens are taking it over! It is fine with me as long as I don't lose the eggs out in the woods. That is when it is hard when you have free range. 

Thank you sweet ladies. Regina can't believe that you are all taking your time to pray. Such a precious gift we can give to one another.

Hugs to your day!



  1. How precious and adorable Tenlee is! Such a sweet picture :) I will continue to pray for her, her family, and the hospital staff working with her.

    Glad that Whitey is looking/feeling better :) So fun to get to see your chickens and hear about gathering the eggs :)


    Susan Montgomery

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for praying. Isn't she the most adorable little girl? He is looking better, hope he can be with the others real soon. Love gathering those eggs. Highlight of my day! Hugs, me

  2. Praying Praying Praying!
    And believing Nothing Nothing is too difficult for Thee!
    In His Love

  3. Praying a lot for Tenlee and he family.

  4. This is Tenlee's mom Kisa. She's doing good today and we are celebrating our small victories. She had an echo this morning and her heart looked good so the doctors are starting to wean down the machines, yay!! Please continue to pray for divine healing and wisdom in the doctors. She's so brave and we call her our little rockstar:) Thank you all so very much for coming together and lifting us up in prayer in such a time as this. It hasn't been an easy road but has been one I wouldn't change for anything in the world. God is good and given us his peace, a peace that passes all understanding . Though we may never meet all of you, you guys hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks so much, love!!

    1. Kisa we are honored that you would leave a comment for us! The ladies that come to Prairie Flower are the most precious women! We will pray and thank you for specifics on how to pray. She is a brave little girls! We are praying for you and your family also. Keep us posted when you can. She is getting kind of famous, smile!

      Hugs, Linda

  5. Praying for all of you....such a sweet little girl.

    1. She is a sweet little girl. Love her purple flower on the sweet little head! Hugs, me

  6. Kisa,

    Thank you for the update! That is awesome news! What a great witness to all...the peace that only God can give at a time such as this.

    Susan Montgomery

  7. I came over from a friends blog. She had mentioned Tenlee for prayer the other day. So happy to hear a good update and we will continue to pray for this little one.

    1. Thank you for coming by. We need all the prayers we can get. Came to your blog......precious children and so excited about the new one! Enjoy a little snuggle for me, when the baby comes. I soooooo miss baby Motherhood! Hugs, Me

  8. Thanks for the update on Baby Tenlee. I'll continue to pray!!!! It is really wonderful to see so many people praying for this precious little girl :)

    Oh, I hope you were able to clean up all of that powdered sugar in the kitchen.

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. So welcome Heather. Thanks for praying. It was a mess........everywhere! Love you to Heather! Have a wonderful weekend! I WILL! Hugs, me

  10. Up date........precious news! 4:49 today!

  11. Linda thanks for the updates, all on my list have been wanting to know, just sent out my e-mails to all and also shared updates on facebook. My sweet Husband has sent out news as well. Good talking to you last night, and now I feel like I can breath again, waiting for the good news! Power in #'s!!!!!
    It was sweet of Kisa to reply to us on your blog, they are all in our prayers.
    What a beautiful snow of powdered sugar! Glad Whitey is doing better!
    Love ya

  12. Continuing in prayer for precious little Tenlee & her family. God is good - all the time! He has a plan for that little girl - just look at all the people who have been led to prayer because of His plan. I really enjoy your site and visit it daily through Facebook. I grew up on a small farm with a little bit of everything on it and am reliving my younger days, vicariously, through you :)
    God bless you & yours, Diane from Cariboo Country in British Columbia

  13. Oh Linda...what a glad Tenlee is doing better. My prayers are still with her and her family. I put your button up on my blog, however the link didn't work, so I changed it and linked it to this page. I hope that was okay.

    What a precious lady you are!



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