Monday, March 9, 2015

Farm Life..........Almost Spring Thyme!

Hello sweet ladies! 

I miss seems like my time is taken up with lots of new things. I find it hard to find time in my busy day to get all I want to get done...anyone feel the same? I think of you all every day and miss the time I used to have when I could blog more! The coffeehouse has so many parts to it. The people we serve each day are precious to us. But I so miss the farm.......checking in on my animals and chickens......baking in my kitchen.....crafting and you! Maybe in the summer it will be a little different when we don't have the college kids in town.

I did bring a little country into the shop the other day when I started my tomato seeds. They are life and I enjoy watching them grow each day, especially when it is snowing outside and you want Spring to happen!

I have them up in front of the floral area. I was gone over the weekend and when I came back they were about 2" tall. I had put them in a dark place, because seeds don't need light to start......they just need warmth. Love watching them grow. I will never tire of life that grows!

Bittersweet and Myrtle are growing and running and playing with each other more. We got their tails docked. My farm friend who is a Shepherdess helps us each time we get new babies. They need shots and looked over and 
Cheryl helps me.......every year I learn more. I love watching her love my babies! She loves them as much as I do!

Bittersweet is just plain adorable!!!!!! When it is really icy and such outside we keep him and Myrtle inside the pen. He is ready to get out when the sun is shining. Love his little pink nose.......looks so much like Birch did.

Notice his pink ears?  Sweetness!

I was taking pic's of Daddy Cardinal.......look what happened next!

Momma Cardinal was hitting up against the window again. She had been doing it the day before, but I didn't get my camera in time. Right when I was going to take a pic of her, Daddy C. came and fed her. Courting time......Spring is happening!

All clean......needs some more work done to it this summer. This is my little Milk House. It works great to house my Momma Cochins and their babies.  Cleaned the laying fresh straw. Filled the nesting boxes also.  Makes me feel better and the Girls will be scratching and eating the wheat heads for days! 

Love seeing my little greens popping out of the ground!

Today I have been weeding out in my rhubarb patch. Will lay paper and straw to keep back the weeds. They look like they are going to do well. Transplanted them last year.  Can't wait for Rhubarb and Strawberry Jam.....what do you make? 

Here is a little post to keep you posted on what is happening here at Prairie Flower Farm..........sorry.......I do miss you all and if you want to keep up with what is going on...... I do post on my Facebook. Hope life slows down.......some day right? 

Hugs to you and may the Lord bless and keep you. It seems to be getting rather crazy out there in the world. Hold onto everything the Word of God tells is important to do the right thing even if you stand alone! He says He won't leave us or forsake us....we may lose all here on earth......but not our souls. That is Truth. We need His guidance like never before. Pray for the persecuted whenever you think of it. Watching so many things going on. What was always wrong is now much against what He has said in His Word for All of our protection. Looking for Jesus to return to get His Church. Please be ready.