Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Very Busy Day

Hello sweet ladies.............

I have been so busy alllllll day. When I got home I had lots to do, but I will tell you about that later......... first I have to tell you about Ellianna. She is now back at the first hospital. \ 

Hannah said that Ellianna means........."God answered". Now does that bless your heart or what? Sure does mine. She also said this when I told her that I would be sending all the prayers that you all have been praying on my blog. Hannah said..............

Thank you! How special that will be to look back on. I have been reading them! He blesses us in ways that bring us to our knees!

She also said, that Ellianna is back at the "home" NICU. Started feeds again and getting another blood transfusion shortly. Thank you for praying us through a vey difficult week God has been good to us. 

Ladies..........hard times come and sometimes it is unbearable. Been there.........but God is faithful to teach us things through the hard times if we will only trust Him. Not fun........not easy..........but He will get us to the other side. He is always working for our good. What a wonderful thing to think on.

I have been waiting a long time for a prayer to be answered. I have a little barn building that I have wanted to use as a refuge cabin for a long time. I have had this barn for at least 25 years and use it for storage when we had lots of patterns. When we moved over to the family farm we moved the barn with. When we were at a friends house up in Lawrence last October for Late Night.......... before we left her house she said, "You don't need a big window do you".......... ARE YOU KIDDING? Because that is exactly what I needed. I have asked the Lord for help to get this little barn ready for people. I have prayed that we could fix it up for families that are in need......or maybe just need a little break. They would  be able to come and see what it was like to stay on a farm for a weekend. So when Suzanne said, "do you need a window".......well you know why I was so happy. This little barn will be very rustic.........but with a whole lot of stitching going on in it. I can use a sewing machine. 

Tonight a friend came over and helped us put the window in. Mr. Farmer and I don't know how to do such things, but we wish we could. Today after work we learned how. 

Look at the view when they cut the window out.

Now I think we could do it on our own.  My prayer is getting answered..........and it is very exciting. The window is in. Still needs trim and paint, but it is beautiful. Thank you Mr. Mike. You blessed this farm girl big time.

The first company we will be having are 6 college girls they are coming for a bachelorette  party. Now this little barn doesn't have electricity in it (we will use an extension cord) bathroom, no running water (got that covered).......not even a sink, but it does have lots of charm, a door and now a window. They are going to love it........well hope they will love it.  I am starting to giggle now.......... I will bless them with food. I think that will work. 

My Taylor and I sat on a little wicker couch and saw this...out our new window. The window looks out to the West.......going to be a beautiful site every evening. Kansas does have beautiful sunsets. 

Thank you Suzanne...........God used you big time.............and Mr. taught us a valuable we will go and  help someone else.

Our horse Echo is really having some changes. Tonight she was really different in behavior. Looks like we will have a baby soon. Layed fresh straw down in the stall. Makes me feel better..........don't know that she cares. Praying for a safe delivery.

Thank you again for all the prayers for Ellianna and also for Vitaliy. It is moving slow on our little guy. Waiting on a call from him. Josh and Tonya are still doing lots of things to get ready . It takes so long, but we knew that it would. Just wish we could talk to him more often. 

One more day and we will know little ducks name. It looks like Penelope right now. It will be fun to see what you have named it.

One more day and then I will be home. My granddaughter and I started on a window for the barn. She and I will finish sewing it this weekend. Can't wait to get it up.

Hugs and may the Lord bless you precious ladies. 

Oh and welcome new have been noticed by me!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Good news. The doctor took off the breathing machine off of Ellianna and she is breathing on her own. We are rejoicing on what the Lord has done for this precious family. Don't quit praying please and thank you for your prayers. You truly are such sweeties. Sure was a scary time for all. Baby Ellianna is not out of the woods yet, so please keep praying. I will keep you posted when I hear something. 

Heavenly Father, We give you heard our cry and you answered..........we thank you..........In Jesus Name, Amen

Now on a lighter note. Miss Echo our horse that is pregnant is showing some really definite signs of delivering in the next week. Her udder is getting very full. We have never had a pregnant horse here on our farm before so this is all new to us. If any of you have had a pregnant horse.........please give us some pointers. It is so exciting. I will try to get pic's tomorrow of Echo. She is so round and dropping. WE CAN'T WAIT. Baby duck, baby chickens, baby kittens (I will get pic's of them also) and now a baby foal. Spring is truly in the air here at Prairie Flower Farm.

Tonight I got home and cleaned out the baby chick cage and the duck cage. They are on the side porch with lights still on them because it is still cold here in Kansas.  I had read a blog about taking a water jug and making a drinking container for your baby I cut about a 2 1/2" circle, you will see why I had to recut a 2" circle instead. I think this will make you smile!!!!!!!!!!!

Little duck decides that it is going to jump inside the hole. I thought I had it small enough.........wrong.

Little duck loved this new idea. The problem was I going to get it out?

Right then Forrest decides to jump in. I grabbed him  before he could. 

Little duck just loved his new swimming pool and Forrest was content to stay out once I caught him.

Sweet ducks. 

It is so fun to watch them clean their little feathers. They really entertain us as you can see.

Today is my 2nd year anniversary of having Prairie Flower Farm and our store.............can't believe it. You all have made it so special and I thank you so much. 

I will do something  fun to celebrate soon.............I received the new Gooseberry Cookbook in the mail yesterday to review and give one away. With Ellianna and all I just wasn't in the mood to do anything. I will real soon though. I know you are going to like!!!!! I will keep the cookbook a surprise..........can't wait to show you!

Hugs from my very very productive your HOME,


P.S. Welcome new have been me.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pray Please

Good is 9:30. We received word that little Ellianna had her surgery and there have been some complications. She is on life support right now and Hannah and Mark have asked for us to continue to pray. It is serious. Thank you so much for all of you who have put the button about Ellianna on your blogs and all of you who have been praying. You are such precious ladies and families. I will keep you posted as to what is going on..... when I hear something. 

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the MOST HIGH 
will REST in the shadow of the ALMIGHTY. I will
 say of the LORD, "He is my (Our) Refuge and 
my (OUR) fortress, my God, in whom I (we) Trust." 
                        Psalm 91 1-2

Blessings, Linda

P.S. If you have a message or prayer for Mark and Hannah, please leave it in the comments. They will read it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pitter Patter In Our Farm House Makes Us Laugh

Hello Sweet Ladies, 

I want to thank those of you who have commented and left words of encouragement and prayers on the last post I did on Ellianna. You are the most thoughtful, caring ladies I have ever met and I thank you so much and so does Hannah and Mark. I have a little button for Ellianna on my side bar, that you can put on your sidebar to let others know to pray. If you want to direct it back to the last post you are welcome, so people can see what to pray for. Tomorrow she will be having a shunt put in her head at 12 mountain time. Please pray for the hands of the doctor and for her Momma and Daddy. You ladies are soooooo precious and I heart you bunches!!!!!

Today  Homestead Revival is having their 6th Barn Hop. I just love her place (blog). She has a ton of  informational posts that are a must if you want to learn some wonderful things on homestead living, gardening, canning, organizing your home......... and lots of wonderful things. Go and visit all the other ladies that have signed up. Lots of great things you can learn about. 

I thought I would put up this  funny video for everyone today. It's what happens on our farm when we have little ducks. I think you will like. 

Our daughter set the camera on the floor so she could get the little ducks running behind her and the sounds of our little ducks. She is also trying to get them to follow her cat who's name is Casey. As some of you know when you incubate or buy little ducks they imprint to humans as their parents. It is the funniest thing because they will follow you everywhere and I mean everywhere. It blesses us and I thought it might do the same for you. Enjoy

Did you notice that Jemima is winning.......2 more days to vote.

Blessings and may the Lord bless you so....... for all your love you have shown this little family.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swimming.........makes me smile and please pray!

Hello sweet ladies,

You know I never knew that after I could not have children I would love anything little so much. These little ducks and the baby chicks are bring me a ton of JOY! They are so funny to watch. This afternoon I filled a bucket for Forrest (I spelt it wrong) and little duck  to take a swim. It looks so funny that they can float. It's all about DETAIL...........GOD'S Detail. Love it............ya know the Lord thinks about EVERYTHING! I am so thankful that He does. The little ducks are such good friends. 

Hope you enjoy the video.........they are a HOOT! 

This morning we received word that a family we love dearly their  little baby girl that was born majorly premature was not doing well. She has had ups and downs since she was born 3 weeks ago. Our little church body started praying this morning big time. We have asked the Lord for His intervention. I thought since you ladies were such prayer warriors, I would ask you to please go on Ellianna's  behalf. She has blood clots in her little head and she has not been able to digest her food. She weighs only 3lbs. 9 oz.   Her precious momma needs peace. I can't imagine the heartache to her mother heart. Their family had a very good day today, tomorrow will could be harder.....because little Ellianna will have to have a shunt put into her head. Please ladies pray for them this next week. Pray that the Lord who is the healer of life will grant our prayers to be answered. I would ask that if you wouldn't mind leaving your prayers on the comments or email them to me, so I can compile them for this precious family. It will bless them so............... God has the answers for them. 
 Momma and baby....... sometimes we are called to hard things........I am glad her Momma has the Lord to lean on. Her Momma is one precious lady.........I love her lots. She is a precious jewel.

Is this the most precious picture you have ever seen? 
Thank you Lord for hearing us. 

Thank you ladies for being so precious to me!!!!!! 
I love you much!!!!!!


We have two new......babies and some baby kitties

Hello..........sweet ladies,

Today was such a busy day. I didn't get everything I wanted done........but it was so fun and very relaxing. I was able to go down to Grandma Yoders for just a little visit.........I have spoke of the two sister's that care for their elderly Momma. They are such sweeties and when I walk in the door it is pamper time!!!! I have to say I love it. They gave me canned soup...........tomato sauce......and homemade granola. Also Rosa took me out to the garden and gave me starts of lettuce...........I came Home a rich lady. Love it.......Grandma is about 95.........I love her very much just like she was my own. Grandpa Yoder is in heaven waiting for her.........she loves him so.  If you ask her how she is doing she will tell you, "the Lord has been good"...........I love to sit at her table and here her "sweet talk". 

Tressy's Momma Kitty had 5 baby kittens. I will get pictures later tomorrow. They are so precious. The grandchildren will flip!

I also went to the Stutzman Greenhouse. Bought my Lemon Verbena herb plant. I can't wait to get it in the ground. It is a little I will just baby it until it is time to plant.

Oh and the best thing that happened was the "little  duck" (on the right) was born this morning (look at post below).......I knew that if he didn't have a friend that he would be very very lonely and peep alllll the time. So the girls had to go to town and I had them pick up another  BABY DUCK. It's name is Forest until we find out if it is a girl......then we will have to change it a little. Since the girls went to the farm store to buy it.......they thought they should name it. It is named after Forest Phog Allen..........he was the Father of Basketball Coaching.......our family are true KU people. So that is the little yellow duckies name! Now for the other little duck that is the one that needs the name. Today I opened it up for you ladies to come up with some names. I have them all listed on the side bar for you all to vote on a name. We don't know if they are girls or boys..........but whatever name you all pick we can change it a little to match what it is. 

It was a very nice Saturday.......kind of a dreary day.......misty rain off and on, but I didn't care. It was so nice to be HOME. The weather man says snow and rain on Sunday and isn't he just so funny?

I have been letting the chickie girls run around the we found a nest with about 12 eggs  under a board............those silly girls. 

May the Lord bless you....... and think on this verse.

Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you..........this blesses my heart big time...........hope it does yours. 

Have a very blessed SONday,


Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Second Duck That Was Rescued!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooooo Sweet Ladies,

Good morning from Prairie Flower is Saturday as you all know and it is so wonderful to wake up and not have to leave my HOME. I woke this morning to two roosters out our bedroom window. Wish I could have taken you a picture. It was like they were my own personal alarm clock.........singing......"Good morning goodmorning goodmorning it's time to rise and shine" you remember that song from a children's tape called Bullfrogs and Butterflies...........(it brings many memories from when we would sing it to our kids to get them up in the mornings). The roosters were music to my ears...... greeting this farm girls with such sweet music. Anyway I hopped out of bed, because last night I did something.........but God stepped in and helped me not to make a huge MISTAKE. Let me take you back...........GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had to work and leave my grandchildren with one of our girls. It was so hard to wake up and see the boys all sprawled out on the floor and have to leave them, but I knew that they would be coming into the cafeteria in a few hours to eat lunch with us. It was so fun to have them see what Poppa, Grammie and the girls did during the day............ they loved it. We tell them that we are there to serve the young adults and love on them for Jesus. I want them to know though that I think it is best if a Momma can stay at Home with their children, but God has been so faithful to our family that HE has kept us all together to serve the missionaries. We do feel like missionaries in a foreign land. This pic is for the kids to see themselves on the blog. 

They came back to the farm and started working on the first hole for the fort and measure out the telephone poles.  When we got HOME they had one hole dug 4 ft. deep. That might not sound like much, but it was a lot of digging with a post hole digger and they were so proud of what they had were we.  They were starting on the second hole......when we got home. 

We got Home and got out of our silly uniforms............ugh! Smiling. Then I went to go check the eggs in the incubator. Nothing. The little duck was 3 days late and I thought that it must not be a good egg. So I started to gather up the old chick eggs in a tin pail to discard them.......and the duck egg that I thought were bad........ I THOUGHT........I got in the kitchen and noticed that the little duck egg had a very very tiny little peep hole and it started to chirp at me. I was SOOOOO EXCITED..........YOU CAN'T IMAGINE. Well maybe you can imagine.......... if you have followed this farm girl for any length of time!!!!!!!!! So I hurried and put the baby duck egg back in the incubator. When I got up this morning he still wasn't out of the egg so I went to this really good site.  

It is a wonderful place to give you all the info you need for hatching ducks. It said......

Should You Help Your Hatchlings?

Many people want to help their ducklings hatch. It is best to allow them to do the hatching themselves. The only time you want to help them is when they make a hole and then cannot progress because they are stuck in that spot. If an actual hole is made, and you can see the duckling, but no progress is made for 12 hours, you can gingerly help the duckling. If blood appears where you break pieces off the shell, stop and wait several hours. If the duckling gets stuck after it has started to break a circle around the egg, it can usually be helped without a problem. But if they are progressing on their own, let them be.

So I very carefully started opening the of my mistakes was to not have enough moisture in the incubator..........they need water to keep them moist as they are incubating. Some might not find this picture appealing, but it is part of farm life and you get used to it. 

This duck egg was from my farm girlfriend Gail, she says it is a "Holstein Duck". The daddy is a Swedish Blue (very pretty duck and the momma is either a Peking or a Kaki Campbell Duck. Whatever it is going to look's going to be wonderful and I love it!!!!!!!! 

They are not the cutest as you will see when they just come out of the egg. 

 The little duck doesn't look like a fluffy sweet little duck when it is first hatched. Our new little one is getting a little fluffier as I am putting up the post. 

Our little one is getting really cute as I am putting up this post. He is peeping all the time. Precious!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful day today (ours is with some rain great for getting the garden ready for planting). Mine will be consumed with caring for the baby chicks (I will take a pic for tomorrow) cleaning and  finishing an order. Almost like heaven in my book. Of course HEAVEN will be more wonderful. 

The girls are going to the farm store today and I will be having them pick up...............(????????).......... I will tell you what it is tomorrow. Then they will be going by Stutzman's Greenhouse to get me some Lemon Verbena herb. 

Here is my favorite recipe using it. 

If you have a name for the little baby duck please let me know and we can vote on a name.......don't feel like you have's just for fun, if you would  like. 

Welcome new have been me!

God bless YOU ALL!


Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello sweet ladies,

I am on break at work.............waiting for my grandchildren to come and eat with us at the college........can't wait. Bringing a little Home to the college. They came out last night and we had the most precious time. Love it when they come in and plop up on the bed before going to sleep. They all sit on the end of the bed and they just chatter. We had the same thing with their parents. Memories tucked in this Momma's heart and now I can do it with their children. God is so amazing to let families continue to grow together......... even if you don't live close. I encourage you to send boxes to them filled with treats and fun little gifts. Kind of like sending a little of you to their HOMES. 

Well, hope your weekend is a blessing. We will be working on the tree fort and my Ellie and I will be working on her apron............I am so thankful for weekends.

Hugs and God bless you,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Beautiful Day on the FARM

I loved how this picture turned out. I thought you might like to see what it can look like on a farm when the girls are on the loose! I am really hoping that one of the girls will set on some eggs for me and hatch some babies. 

Hello sweet ladies,

I was walking around the farm this afternoon. I saw this Momma Chickie sitting on eggs by the Potter's Shed. I am letting the girls run around the farm before I get my garden going.  Anyway I ran back to the house to get the camera. I thought she was sitting on eggs and I was thrilled. Well.........I came back and she was off and gone. If she was sitting she would not get off. The eggs were what I found. The girls must be sharing this nesting place, you can see the different colored eggs after she got off. Sometimes they do that. If you followed last year do you remember my Miss Americana Chicken and Mrs. Puddle Duck (when they started laying in the same nest)? They are both gone now. The mean dogs and then the mean old bobcat!!!! It's hard on a farm sometimes. 

Here is a  pic of the dish clothes that I made after I found the pattern on Miss Abagail's Blog.  I did make mine a little different, but hers are beautiful. I am addicted to making these dish clothes. Two of these are for my girl's hope chests. They are so fast and easy to make.  The colors  from Sugar'n Cream yarn are wonderful as you can see. There are tons of colors to pick from. If you go over to get the dishcloth please let her know you have been there. She  really did a nice tutorial for us to learn from. You will like.......very easy.

Hope you all had a wonderful day. The weather here has been so beautiful. We are thawing out from winter. Feels so good.  

Thank you so much............ for all who left me a comment. It was so nice of you!!!!! If you posted about something today........ let us all know and we will come and visit!

Welcome new have been me!

Hugs and may the Lord bless you,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A lot going on today.....lots of blessings.

Tonight I walked around the farm. 

This picture makes me very very know why? Because it means fresh 


I noticed the other day that I had some little nubs coming up and today I noticed all over the patch the baby rhubarbs are coming up....... everywhere. Our family just loves this jam with scones. I have posted the scones and recipe before, but I will do it again for some of you who are new. 

Click and you will get the printable recipe.

I found the Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam recipe here on this blog sometime back.  It is our favorite jam. 

You are going to start seeing rhubarb at the Farmer's Markets in the next few months. This really is a nummy jam so be sure to pick some up. Also it is very easy to grow if you want to try it. 

My Mother in love always made the best whipped cream! Instead of using granulated sugar........ she used powder sugar instead. You will never go back to the other once you try it. 

Here is an idea for a gift....I posted about last year....thought I would do it again, because I have more ladies following. 

 You can print out the Coffeehouse Scone recipe and make a tag. It is so nice to take a little gift, if you have been invited somewhere and this one is real easy to make.

Sift dry ingredients using a sifter.

Sift onto waxed paper.

Put dry ingredients into a cellophane bag and tie with twine. This will slip perfectly into your little bag. If you give this as a gift, you will need to tell them that they will have to add 1/2 cup butter, 2/3 cup buttermilk. 

Cut a piece of fabric 15" wide x 11" tall.

Make a double seam at the top of fabric and sew across the full 15".

Fold fabric from side to side. Sew sides and bottom.

Box the corners of both sides of bag. Draw a 1" line from point. Sew across corners.

Using pinking shears cut off excess. Turn the bag inside out. Place mixture inside and tie with a ribbon.

Cut a 7 1/2" circle of coordinating fabric for the cap of the jam, pink the edges. Place over 
jam and tie in place with a ribbon.

Simple but a sweet gift.

I thought I would also show how I planted the snow peas and sweet peas together it is so very simple to do. 

 The snow pea will have a white flower, but the sweet peas will have lots of pretty colors. As you watch me garden you will see that I also like to put flowers all through out my garden. I love color! 

Snow Peas and Sweet Peas 

Plant 2" deep and 2" apart. 

Here are the panels that I use for our peas, bush beans and tomatoes. A friend gave them to us free and they have been very useful on our farm for gardening. I also use these for our cucumber (pickle) plants. They work great. Notice the paper on the ground. That is from last year. When we go to work the ground the straw and the paper will deteriorate and make the ground better each year. 

Well hope you had a nice day.......mine was busy working on an order this evening. Calms me.

Hugs and thank you for stopping by today.

Click the pic. 

This is a baby Ameraucana. They have little feathers by their cheeks......even when they are brand new like this little one. Amazing!!!!!!!!!
Do you see the little egg tooth. The other eggs in the incubator didn't do anything. I am waiting on the duck. Maybe tomorrow or thursday.   I will try some more eggs in a few weeks. 

click the pic.

WELCOME NEW have been noticed by me.

May the Lord bless you!

For everything there is a season and a time for every
purpose under Heaven........Ecclesiastes 2:1

We have a new season coming.

Blessings, Linda